PODCAST “Recall Gavin Newsom” and Open Up California with Mike Netter

Mike Netter of joins us today. They have gotten over 1 million signatures to recall Gavin Newsom as the governor of California. They still need about 600k in 6 more weeks to get it on the ballot. Even if you do not live in California, you want to download this episode and share it. We discuss the path forward for most of those people who feel left out by the outcome of federal elections.

While cable news would have us focus on Presidential politics, and the trauma that has caused for everyone, we explain why it is important to worry about your own neighborhood and state. Most people do not know their state Constitution or where to start in their own states. We want our readers in 2021 to know where to start.

Everyone should know who their representative is and how their state works. This is where it becomes easy to start the process of being active when it comes to YOUR life, family, and children. Please consider supporting our cause through Stripe or read the articles on as we continue to expand with your support. We are accountable to you, and we will keep it that way. 



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