Orlean Koehle

ORLEAN KOEHLE, State President of Eagle Forum of California - biography Orlean and her husband, Kurt Koehle, are the parents of five sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren. Orlean grew up on a farm in rural Idaho, attended Idaho Falls High School, was selected to serve as Miss Idaho Falls, graduated from Brigham Young University and taught school in speech, drama, and Journalism at a Junior High in Idaho Falls. After a long leave of absence to raise her six children, she returned to her love of teaching in Sonoma County, California, which she has done from 1992 until 2010 when she retired to have more time to write and speak about her books. Her husband is an administrator at Sonoma State University, and they live on acreage outside of Santa Rosa. Orlean has served as a leader in several state and national organizations: such as Boy Scouts of America, President of Concerned Citizens of Sonoma County, Parents Involved in Education, and Sonoma County Eagle Forum. She is a past Vice President of Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated and editor of their newsletter. Since 2002, she has been serving as the State President for Eagle Forum of California. She was honored by Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute as their 2004 “Faith and Community” recipient for her many years in public service. In 2006, Orlean started Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition, to fight the attack on rural property rights she and her husband were facing. It was then that she became totally aware of where this attack was really coming from – UN Agenda 21. She has been researching and writing about it ever since.