TLS Highlights

Alex has a lot of highlights. Take a look at what he’s up to & what people are saying about him;

“This hour we have the terrific Alex Newman, one of the journalists I respect the most, there’s only a few journalists I would ever say that about, because he’s worth his salt. When he does a story, I listen, and I read it, because I want to know what Alex is up to.” “One of the best investigative journalists.”

“He is really renowned as one of the best investigative journalists in America.”

“He is the best print journalist in the world, bar none.”

Dave Janda, Radio host
Operation Freedom.

Alex is “one of the top conservative journalists in the United States.”

Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore, founder.
Frontline Ministries

“You are the best print journalist my friend and an honour to know you.”

Mark Sutherland

“Alex is our next George Washington.”

Dan Happel, Radio Host
County Commissioner

“Alex Newman has the Georgi Markov award for humanity – a great friend of Bulgaria and the first top world journalist who revealed the truth about Bokova.”

“Alex Newman is the best most honest journalist you will ever find.”

Karen Bracken
County Commissioner