Macy’s Goes ALL IN on the “New Normal” in Thanksgiving Day Parade

They are literally running in the streets naked.

11/27/2020– There was a lot of arguing around whether or not New York City should host the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. The iconic parade, which has been around since 1924, was about to fall victim to CCP Virus mandates in NYC this year. While some people argued it would become a “superspreader event,” others argued that lockdowns were being used as a political weapon to bring in a new “woke” history, and that America must keep its traditions alive.

At the end of the day, the city of New York caved to pressure, and the parade was allowed, but it was not a typical display of corporate power and marketing. It is still unclear whether this was a “superspreader event”, but it was definitely not the norm. It did not just push consumerism on our families through pageantry per usual. There was a social agenda behind this parade that was not so subtle, and it left an odd feeling that this celebration will never be the same for the millions of families that this event draws yearly.

If you were one of the unfortunate people to watch this year’s display of floats, performers, and Hollywood stars, something seemed very different. It was hyper-political and not as family-friendly as it has been in the past, and maybe, it is a sign of what to expect in the future.

First, the parade was hosted in a city that has the most draconian CCP Virus measures, New York City. People have been fleeing New York all year out of fear of bankruptcy, persecution, and government overreach. The streets were empty, businesses looked shuttered, and there were no visible spectators. It did represent the reality of the “reimagined” New York City, once a symbol of economic power that now is in economic free fall. It was an odd spectacle.

Then, there was no live music due to the “science” that claims singing, playing music, and physical activity might exacerbate the spread of the elusive China Virus. Backtracks and voiceovers played out-of-sync with the performers, who prepared all year to participate at the event despite the lockdowns. It is unclear whether they played background music over the bands, or if all of the bands were just acting. Either way, it was unsettling.

Ross Matthews, judge on RuPauls “Drag Race”, where men are judged for their ability to dress up as women, was the main color commentator who walked your family through an inside look at the floats. While Matthews is better-known for his role on Jay Leno, he has been bringing “drag culture” mainstream over the last few years. If your children want to know more about the man from the Macy’s parade, they will come across the world of drag while using a search engine to check out more content.

There were performances from The Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps, which was founded after the Stonewall uprising. There were also digital rainbows everywhere, which was confusing to Christians who hold the rainbow as a sign of God’s promise to never flood the earth again, not an identifier of sexuality.

To confuse the audience more, Verizon decided to use its influence to promote their new 5G technology and ability to “augment reality”. They constantly displayed images on screen that did not actually exist. Some of it seemed indistinguishable from the event, and if the viewer was not openly told it was fake, it may have confused spectators.

None of the above floats are real.

Another nod to the political left was open nudity. While America used to agree that we did not insert nudity into our family television events, there has been large efforts to thwart those rules by a new brand of activism that claims that if we are force-fed more nudity, it will somehow stop the sexualization of women. While fake dolphins floated over a mermaid performance, one prominent woman was in see-through clothing and a thong for all families to see. At 49:50, you will be able to go double-check this. While there is nothing wrong with human anatomy, there was no warning for the parents of the children watching that there would be any sexuality involved prior.

In short, with a decimated city, draconian laws, and politics at the forefront, you may want to use caution when showing your children 2020’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A beautiful city has been destroyed “for the greater good”. All races, genders, and groups of people are losing their jobs and small businesses at alarming rates. Children were introduced to the idea of drag. Nudity was on the table without any warning to parents. 5G was rolled out to show its amazing power to distort “reality”, and the “new normal” was on full display for three hours.

We may be witnessing an introduction to the “new normal” in America where we no longer have shared values when it comes to family television or basic norms.

Let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Macy’s Goes ALL IN on the “New Normal” in Thanksgiving Day Parade

  1. We stopped watching these parades. We liked the bands, the floats and the balloons, but all they’ve shown for years are live street commercials for Broadway musicals and endless banter from people we had no interest in listening to. They’ve even given up the effort of playing it on off-network channels so we could simply watch the parades without the endless main viewer choice cameras. They stopped being entertaining.

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