What is Q / QAnon? Is It Legit? Dustin Nemos Answers

QAnon, sometimes called Q for short, is being talked about all over the place.

“Trust the plan,” supporters are told.

The media says it’s a ridiculous “conspiracy theory.” Some observers say it’s an incredibly elaborate hoax or even a massive psyop. Q followers — tippy top types — insist it is an individual or group close to President Trump, and Q and company are working to save America from evil Deep State criminals who have hijacked the government.

But what is Q really? Is Q even real? If so, how close to Trump is he or she (or they)?

Q analyst and author Dustin Nemos, who helped put together the best-selling book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening, talks with Alex Newman of Liberty Sentinel Media about it.

Watch the interview:

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