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From Target to Bud Light, companies across America have abandoned customers to peddle woke ideology. Now more than ever, it is crucial to vote with your dollars and support companies, brands, and products that do not hate your values.

By purchasing the products below from our partners using a referral code or affiliate link, not only are you getting a great deal, but you are supporting the cause of freedom.

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We prepare for everything – from food shortages to natural disasters. But what about preparing for financial uncertainties? That’s where Genesis Gold Group and their Gold IRA options come into play. By investing in gold, you’re not just preparing; you’re setting up a legacy of stability and security for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s take our preparedness to the next level.

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To prepare Americans and freedom-loving people everywhere for our current global wartime reality that few understand, here comes The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (CG5GW) series by Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired) Michael T. Flynn and Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired) Boone Cutler.

General Flynn rose to the highest levels of the intelligence community and served as the National Security Advisor to the 45th POTUS. Sergeant Boone Cutler ran the ground game as a wartime Psychological Operations Team Sergeant in the United States Army. Together, these two combat veterans put their combined experience and expertise into an illuminating fifth-generation-warfare information series called The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare. How to Fight Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the second session of the multipart series. The series, complete with easy-to-understand diagrams, is written for every freedom-loving country.

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You need to be prepared for ANYTHING to happen at a moment’s notice. You won’t get a warning. This isn’t a movie. 

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Woke corporations are waging war on our country, our families, our churches, and our values. That is why Alex Newman and Liberty Sentinel are proud to support Patriot Mobile, which provides better services at better prices without the woke ideology that is destroying everything we hold dear.

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Remember the pre-COVID days?

Vaccinated or not, taking your health seriously has never been more important.

The Wellness Company, founded by Dr. Peter McCullough, has a revolutionary Spike Support Formula is the only product that contains nattokinase and dandelion root – ingredients researched for their efficacy.  

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Already making summer travel plans for next year? Consider the Until He Comes Prophecy Cruise!

Take your travel beyond the trivial and set off to sea to hear great speakers and experience the Caribbean firsthand.

Speakers include Pastor Tom Hughes, Dr. David Reagan, Jeff Kinley, Bill Koenig, and yours truly. During the Prophecy Cruise, you will be able to hear speakers share timeless truths and interact in engaging Q&A sessions. Additionally, there will be plenty of time to unwind, enjoy wonderful meals, and experience Port Canaveral, FL., Puerto Plana, Dominican Republic, Labadee, Haiti, and Coco Cay. Visit and mention NEWMAN at checkout.

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