NEW EPISODE: “The Great Reset, From Lockdown to Marxism”

After 20 weeks of pushing the idea of “The Great Reset” into mainstream vocabulary, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson dig back in to the World Economic Forum. The censorship has escalated as it gets closer, and we are thankful to have so much support.

The CCP is at the forefront of the discussion on what a “Great Reset” looks like, but this will truly overhaul the US economically, socially, and morally. We discuss governments role in this process, and what you can do as an individual.

While the WEF recently posted an article about the glamour of humans eating “weeds” in the future, we hope you share these episodes and download them.

YouTube is now deleting videos after weeks of them being posted. After combing through “democracy”, Christianity, small businesses, and the UN for an hour, we have an announcement for those loyal supporters who have helped keep this show alive.

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UPDATE 12/3/2020- As Alex Newman and Sean Jackson, of Liberty Sentinel, have been putting out episodes on the “Great Reset” for 20 weeks, YouTube has now started to remove them. To combat this, please join us live, share the live links, download our free Podcasts, and look for coming updates.

Originally, YouTube gave us a warning for daring to mention the issue of “Warp Speed”, defending your intelligence and ability to make your own informed medical decisions. This was slapped as “medical disinformation” under the YouTube guidelines, who are being advised by the World Health Organization.

We need your help.

Our response was easy. We commentate on news from a Christian, liberty, and freedom-based perspective. We do not give medical advice. We simply ask questions of powerful people that our community is interested in. Then, we report it.

They responded in less than 12 hours that the “warning” would remain on our videos, and we could face permanent removal in the future. Please subscribe while you still can. Bookmark this page for all of our great writers, and we will keep you up-to-date on how to find all UTN/Liberty Sentinel shows in the future by clicking here.

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Chris Marcus is Our Guest Tonight!

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