10/31/2020– For the average American, Halloween is a commercialized social event where being terrified is fun. It clearly has a deep history before it was adopted into American popular culture, and you can read the full history by Alex Newman here; however, for secular Americans, this may just be the scariest Halloween they have ever experienced.

Halloween Tricks

Normally, we are kept in fear by corporate media stories of children finding razor blades in their candy, masked teens causing chaos, and PREDATORS EVERYWHERE. This year has an entirely new level of fear introduced; HUMAN INTERACTION! If we take our children to social gatherings, we may just be spreading a deadly pathogen! We could LITERALLY be killing our neighbors so that our children can SELFISHLY have social interaction. Despite child abuse, depression, and suicide spiking in children since the lockdown began, many Americans have bought into this propaganda, and they will turn against any neighbor who does not COMPLY. Currently, there are over 900,000 Americans committed to “keeping public health rules” by telling on neighbors they consider “rule breakers”. This is through John Hopkin’s new Contact Tracing Certification that is FREE (which should make you skeptical).

Halloween Economics

According to the media, we must not take the Halloween risk of being SUPER SPREADERS, or we are risking our own livelihoods. The longer the virus stays in our cities, our business will continue to close, and we may never go back to work, according to journalists. This raw government power has been shown with new lockdown measures going in all over the world. While this does not affect many of us, there are businesses that literally only open once per year to generate Halloween revenue. From haunted houses, hayrides, and farms, local businesses everywhere are being asked to give up their revenues against their better judgement by government force. Those businesses that do not comply will risk immediate, FORCED shutdown, and if they DO COMPLY and stay closed, they risk the exact same shutdown due to financial hardship. This is a lose-lose proposition.

While retail niche businesses disappearing after decades does not seem like a problem for most Americans, even Christians who disagree with the premise of Halloween, these entrepreneurs have families, children, and charities that are at risk of malnutrition, depression, and poverty. If each businesses could make their own logical decisions, it would be different than the threat of force that our government uses to keep them closed. If one business owner opens during a serious pandemic, an educated citizenry would not show up anyway.

Halloween Brainwashing

Even though we have lost touch with the history of Halloween, and it has turned into a corporate holiday, we are learning a new trick this Halloween. Government knows best. This cannot be repeated on TV enough because we all know that is the best way to brainwash people. While we will follow up on this idea, this might be the SCARIEST part of this Halloween. The city, state, and federal government has made it their mission to protect us from… ourselves by threat of force or theft.

Halloween Facts

While every liberty-loving human since the founding of this country has warned us against ANYONE promising us safety in exchange for liberty, we have thrown that history away. We now accept that our government’s job is to protect us from our own intelligence and ingenuity. Those governments and their propagandists want us to know that we are not educated enough to make sane decisions if they were to just give us unbiased, researched information. We accept that this as our “new normal” every time we do not speak out against injustices, lies, and the efforts to steal our liberty.

Honest reporting used to be how a cohesive, FREE society made decisions. Now, we are SOLD that WE are the enemy if we do not listen to “experts’, and it is all our fault that our children cannot Trick-or-Treat. According to “the new normal” in reporting, it is our fault that we refuse to comply, while our “investigative journalists” do not ask any questions about the bio-medical, security state that is forming around us. It is now our job. They have clearly change which side they are on. If the last four years of politics has done nothing, it has shown us how weaponized propaganda, disguised as news, can tear families, communities, and social norms apart.

We need to say NO. While there are tons of things to fear on Halloween, we can not turn on our neighbors and participate in the harm of others. While it is a full moon, witches will be casting literal hexes, and there are genuine everyday threats of taking your children outside at night, we cannot let fear rule or control us anymore. We need to share information, debate issues honestly, and support those people who tell the truth. We can make our own decisions as free humans if we are provided with the proper information.

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