2020: The Year of Narrative Warfare


From Iran to Masked Riots, 2020 is full of conflicting narratives.

As more people “wake up” less free, the narrative quickly shifts to distract all Americans from working together.


2020 has become the year of dangerous, shifting narratives that threaten liberty worldwide. It started with an armed, unmanned drone launching a missile that killed Iran’s top general Quassim Suleimani on Jan 3, 2020. There was a series of escalations in the Straight of Hormuz prior to the attack, but before Americans could ask the question, “Are we OK with unmanned robotic warfare?” or “Can government just kill whoever they want?“, the narrative quickly shifted to the Wuhan Coronavirus, and there have been very few follow up stories to this day. In fact, unless you follow “all-things Iran”, you may forget the brutal Iranian regime even exists.


The Wuhan Coronavirus, or CCP Virus, seriously jumped into American media January 31st when President Donald Trump shut down flights from China. The fear propaganda came hard and fast. There was a “NEW NORMAL” we all heard echoed on every news channel. We had an “INVISIBLE ENEMY” we MUST go to war with. Everyone was asked to stay in their homes for 2 weeks to curb the spread. This quickly turned into FOUR MONTHS and counting. Everywhere you turned, there were flashing red screens, death tolls, and misinformation. Depending on where you got your news, you may still believe different things about the CCP virus. First, closing the border was racist. Then, the WHO became more of an authority than the US Government when making American policy. We were told there was no human to human transmission. Masks were no help. The only thing the media agreed on was that nothing would go back to normal until there was a vaccine developed.


Microsoft’s Bill Gates was quickly thrust into the spotlight and billed as the hero with his vaccine initiative. Other than China, he may be the second largest funder of the WHO, and he makes no apologies for it. Virologists, vaccine manufacturers, and venture capitalists, tied to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, found their way into our everyday lives through media and high positions in the government. All of which never dissented from the accepted narrative of the day, which was always changing. We need to stay home, collapse small business, wear masks, and above all else, BE AFRAID. At least, until there is a vaccine. Then, we need to accept that vaccine at face value if we ever want to be safe again. No questions allowed. In fact, asking questions makes us so unsafe, tech giants like YouTube had to ban legitimate doctors for opposing the lockdown in viral videos. Not allowing temperature checks, contact tracing, or opposing masks may get you fired from your job. Protests at Amazon factories proved that. Whole Foods workers tried to organize but were quickly fired. John Hopkins started giving out fake degrees for “contact tracers’ if you could sit through the 30 minutes of encouraged tattling. WE MUST PROTECT THE PEOPLE BY SNITCHING OUT OF FEAR. STOP BEING CURIOUS!


Now, in America, people have been brave enough to leave their homes and do not see mass death everywhere. The WHO has been widely discredited. Small business owners are furious. The fear wore off, and the people finally added 2+2. If big box stores can have thousands of people in them, why can’t a small business with a few dozen customers, and more control, operate? If major food service businesses can do curbside pickup, why can’t a local restaurant? Local professionals from food service, barbers, and gyms started protesting their local mayor’s orders. They were mainly peaceful. Even the open-carry protests in Michigan happened without a single shot being fired. This was the tipping point. This is when the narrative changed again. It had to. Too many people were waking up.


With governors, oligarchs, and big tech censors looking to avoid explaining why they just collapsed the middle class, magically, the “lockdown protests” were replaced by racially fueled riots. George Floyd was killed on May 25th, 2020 by an aggressive officer suffocating him by kneeling on his neck.In Minneapolis, about 10 unarmed people were killed by police in the last 20 years. This is NO justification, but that is one every 2 years. This brutality has now led to a new media narrative that allows violence, looting, and excused riots. The White House has spoken out against the riots while some governors welcomed them initially. The anger seems justified, but the outbreaks of violence do not seem organic. There is Hollywood and big corporate money behind the new narrative with celebrities like Seth Rogan, Chrissy Tiegen, and even Joe Biden’s camp encouraging the protests by paying the bail for anyone arrested. In the next article, we will cover the statements from “big tech” who are all donating money, or making statements, to encourage future violence.


This new “racial narrative” the mainstream media is pushing seems concerning for a number of reasons. First, all liberty-loving people want to stop the injustices of police brutality. No one wants militarized police, unconstitutional laws, or the targeting of innocent citizens and their assets. When a person dies senselessly, we all suffer. If no justice is done, then anyone could be next. Also, it seems like the mainstream media has stopped criticizing people for not wearing masks. Did CCP virus just go away? Why did the mask social ostracism stop for the riots? Third, burning down businesses, Churches, and homes just serves to help the very same people that are fueling the division. We lose our businesses, Churches, homes, and souls while they collect insurance checks. It is also harming the middle class and poor in this country who can no longer feed their family because they have been on government handouts for months. This money will eventually stop. There will be no small business to go back to when it is burned to the ground.


This was a brilliant slight of hand by the technocrats, and it deserves to be covered. They have effectively separated people with legitimate grievances by tribalism. People who have 4 months of frustration built up are now at war with each other. Instead of working together to regain our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and God-given freedoms, we are now in the midst of a communist coup that will surely have lasting impacts if not stopped NOW. Our mainstream media openly lobbies for foreign dictators. The riots have the technical markings of the Arab Spring, Ukrainian unrest, and other tech uprisings all over the world. You will not like the solution. It will be more instability and militarized police as people beg for safety. It will be a loss of more freedoms. New laws will be enacted to socially engineer the public. Forget the Bill of Rights or Constitution. We already suspended those. The businesses that got burned down will be gone for good, and this will lead to true race and class warfare. However, it is being orchestrated by the same oligarchs who have used this time and time again to divide and conquer average people.


All we can really do is continue to expose the funding charlatans and unite against the same people who wish to turn us all into a serf class. The Chinese Communist Party, Iranian Government, and other communist regimes are already using our internal conflicts to foment a communist revolution in America. Big money is being spent on non-profits and propaganda to “burn it all down” and rebuild a feudal system from the ashes. If we continue to make issues about tribalism and race, we will fall into the same dictatorial nightmare that the people in China must endure. A return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a must. It has already been suspended for 4 months because of a pandemic that seems to have largely disappeared from the news. Soft Martial Law has already been imposed on all of us for months. No shots were fired. How much more are we willing to tolerate before we get our act together and stop trading our freedom for security?

****As always, stay vigilant. Do not allow division. Question everything, and bookmark the page as we continue to get censored.

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God Bless Everyone.

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