D-Day in Battle Vs. Global Digital “Health Passports”

The worst nightmare for patriots and freedom lovers throughout the world may be about to come true.

The push is on to sneak health passports into America and other Western democracies through back-door channels.

Big corporations and universities are testing the waters to find out how many Americans will accept this latest intrusion as an unavoidable part of life in the “new normal.”

They have baited the trap, promising this will be your ticket to reclaiming your former freedoms. All you have to do is submit to this little app on your phone that informs businesses whether you’ve been vaxxed or not. How many will walk into that trap, surrendering their health privacy and eventually all of their personally identifiable information, remains to be seen.

We have a very short window in which to stand and reject this attempt by big business, in collusion with big government, to impose the most invasive, intrusive and coercive measures ever seen on people of the free world since the conclusion of World War II and the Nuremburg trials.

In the U.S., businesses are imposing the digital passports with the silent blessing of the Biden administration and a majority of the governors from both political parties.

Whether as a digital app on your phone, a bracelet with a scannable QR code [see photo below], or an old-fashioned piece of paper, if these passports become normalized, we will devolve into a “show your papers” society.

The newly developed Immaband bracelet allows authorities to identify those who have been vaccinated in real time.

I don’t think many Americans, Canadians, Aussies or Europeans want that to happen. But, whether out of ignorance or cowardice, many will concede to it by their silence. The majority will either rise up with a resounding “NO,” putting a stop to this unprecedented intrusion on personal privacy, or they will accept the passports as just the latest inevitability pressed upon them by a pandemic that never seems to go away no matter how many concessions we offer up in terms of our freedoms.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thus, I’m urging all my readers, fellow bloggers, researchers, citizen journalists, liberty-loving elected leaders and everyone who cares about the continuation of a free Western civilization, focus over the next several weeks on sounding the alarm about digital health passports.

Below is my recent video podcast where I discuss what is at stake.

While I have written articles and done countless radio and video interviews on this topic, what convinced me that we are now at ground zero in the battle to save America was an alert from Mat Staver, a constitutional attorney and founder of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that provides free legal help to Americans facing persecution based on their religious beliefs.

“Our office is being flooded with calls from people saying they are being forced to get a COVID shot to work or attend school,”Staver said in a release titled Doors Will Close If We Continue Down This Path“We must not allow America to become a police state. The decision to get a COVID shot must be your free choice.”

That anyone in a so-called free society would be faced with such a choice — get the jab or lose your job — is beyond outrageous.

Even if the vax had gone through the normal five-to-ten year testing period and received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], which it has not, such invasive, coercive measures would be unprecedented in America.

Even in the fight against polio and other diseases more devastating that the current pandemic, there was never a mandate to get the vaccine to the extent that one could not perform everyday functions of life like going to work, boarding a plane or bus, entering a restaurant or store. This is where America is heading if we don’t stop this movement dead in its tracks.

Some states, such as New York, are moving forward with making people prove they’ve been vaxxed in order to enter certain business venues. Only a handful of states with Republican governors have taken strong stances against the health passports, including Florida, Texas and South Dakota. Of these, Florida’s law is the strongest, banning the passports in any form from being required by any entity, public or private.

Health passports are illegal because they violate the informed consent requirement of the federal Emergency Use Authorization law, under which the injections were allowed to be brought to market.

The passports also violate Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, said Jenin Younes, litigation attorney for New Civil Liberties Alliance, another nonprofit civil-rights organization offering free legal assistance to clients being forced to choose between their job or the jab.

“Before 2020 no one in America thought this could be possible,” Younes told Real America’s Voice News during a May 19 broadcast.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is just one example, reported by Fox Business, of an employer forcing employees to get an experimental injection against their will if they want to keep their job. Get it or be fired, the health system announced.

Only half of CDC workers have agreed to get the shot, yet they want you to get it.

If less than 40 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated after all of the pressure and incessant pro-vaccine messaging, what does that tell you?

At least 60 percent of the population feels it is not needed. Not for an illness that, if contracted, carries a 99.7 percent rate of recovery.

Yet, the establishment continues to bring all of its vast resources to bear in leveraging the carrot and the stick.

According to the Epoch Times [May 12-18, 2021 edition], more than 130 U.S. universities have already announced they will not accept returning students this fall unless they get the injection.

All of these threats amount to calling our bluff. If we stand strong and simply refuse to comply, these threats will fall by the wayside. Corporations and colleges cannot continue to operate without our money and our labor.

Companies are bribing people with goodies, freebies, and cash if they will only accept the shot.

Why, if it is so good for us, do they need to bribe us, threaten us, bully us and scold us like little children?

Biden says the “rule is simple.” Get the shot, or continue to wear the mask.

News flashThis is America. We don’t get up in the morning and check in with you, Mr. Biden, or any other government official, to get our “rules” for the day. That’s just not the way a constitutional republic works.

But if we accept this new normal and submit to health passports, then we have in essence given up on America and its time-honored, bedrock principle that has made this country special, the idea that individual freedom takes precedence over collectivism, which always leads to tyranny. We have taken that grand idea and thrown it in a pile of excrement. We have spit on the Constitution and said we no longer want it to serve as the highest law in the land.

We have conceded to globalist tyranny coming down from the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency funded by Bill Gates and dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Anyone who accepts the injection in return for their freedom, is buying into a devilish snare. The idea that you could be required to buy back your freedom in exchange for giving up your bodily autonomy represents a titanic shift from American-style constitutional democracy to Chinese communism. You are conceding that your freedom to work a job, go to a restaurant or freely move about the country is contingent upon you being “allowed” to do so by the government or some all-powerful corporation.

Biden threated unvaccinated Americans in a speech this week, saying they “will pay the price.”

In case anyone believes the pressure to get vaxxed will dissipate after they get their two shots, think again. The pressure will only intensify. We know this because the governments of the world are already planning for your third shot next winter, and from there it will continue, on and on, every year with annual “updates” to “protect” you against the latest new strain that your natural immune system could have handled on its own if you hadn’t believed the lie and got those first two shots, which destroyed your natural God-given immune system.

If corporations, schools and universities are allowed to get away with making people choose between jabs or jobs, jabs or their college degree, jabs or not being able to travel, then every other political issue suddenly becomes moot. These globalist elites will now believe they can control our bodies. Invade our bodily autonomy. Own us as their slaves.

The globalists will have successfully divided us into a two-tiered society of the obedient and the disobedient. They will have implemented a Chinese-style police state, with a burgeoning social-credit system applied to every citizen. Those who comply with the ever changing “rules” get rewarded with basic human freedoms while those who resist get isolated and punished.

So we are up against the wall and behind the eight ball. Some of us have been warning about the plan for digital health passports since last year because we knew the globalists have long wanted such a system, even before the pandemic hit.

The upshot, if they are allowed to proceed, will be an authoritarian police state, entering through the back door in the dark of night. We must pressure our governors and local city/county councils to ban these passports or we will descend into a “show your papers” society where some, the vaxxed, are allowed to resume being free citizens, and others, the unvaxxed, become social outcasts.

The evidence indicates that, like almost every other pandemic response from governments over the last 15 months, the passports have nothing to do with keeping people healthy. How do we know this? Because if that was the case, then companies, universities, governments, would allow people to show proof of immunity, that they’ve already had the virus and fully recovered from it. They have the anti-bodies. They are no danger to anyone. Why are they being required to get vaxxed?

The answer to that question is simple. Because Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the WHO, the World Economic Forum and the rest of the global establishment wants them to be vaxxed.

These elitist scumbags included the requirement of “life-saving vaccinations for all” in Goal 3.8 of the U.N. Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals.  Goal 16.9 requires a global ID and birth registration for all. Vaccine passports accomplish both of those goals — a global ID system merged with your vaccination history, with a new digital currency also being added to the system later on after cash is eliminated. This is the all-inclusive beast system rising up out of the sea, and if we don’t rise up to counter it, we will find ourselves in the corridors of a new Dark Age, where we the people are no longer citizens, but subjects. That’s a polite way of saying we become the property of the globalist billionaire scumbags, easily trackable, easily singled out for punishment if we run afoul of their new “rules” for living.

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