70 House Republicans Join Democrats to Fund Massive New FBI H.Q. Building That Will Be Bigger Than The Pentagon

While everyone was focused yesterday, Nov. 8, on the election results, a Trump rally and the third GOP presidential debate, 70 House Republicans joined 203 Democrats in a vote to fund a huge expansion of the corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI is getting $375 million to build a lavish new headquarters in the D.C. suburbs of Maryland, which will reportedly be larger than the Pentagon.

America-first conservatives voiced their outrage on social media after House Republicans voted on Wednesday against Congressman Matt Gaetz‘s amendment to restrict funding for the new FBI headquarters.

Gaetz said on X Wednesday: “70 Republicans voted to reward the Weaponized FBI with a new $300M headquarters – larger than the Pentagon. Sad!”

He added:

“I don’t believe that the FBI deserves a massive new headquarters or Washington field office…building a new headquarters would condone, reinforce and enable the Washington field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s nefarious behavior.”

Gaetz said he felt the FBI had been politically weaponized and therefore deserved to operate out of a “rat-infested” building.

“Guess what? Our country is crumbling when a weaponized security state targets the civil liberties of American citizens because of their politics,” Gaetz said on X Thursday. “Those in the J. Edgar Hoover Building should sit in that rat-infested building until they get their act straight.”

The funds for the new building, which will be relocated from Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C., to Prince George’s County, Md., were allocated in the $1.7 trillion fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill.

Laura Loomer excoriated the 70 Republicans in a post to X. She also named them.

This is the same FBI, now being rewarded with fancy new digs, that has arrested little old ladies praying outside of abortion clinics, has harassed and intimidated Americans simply because of their political affiliations, and threatened parents voicing their opinions at school board meetings in Virginia and nationwide simply because they were outraged at all of the sexualization and racialization of children going on in public schools. The FBI has also threatened to arrest those who practice traditional Catholicism.

The weaponized FBI was in New Jersey Wednesday, Nov. 8, using a tank and other military equipment to search for one of those “most-wanted” J6 protesters, reports Collin Rugg of Trending Politics (see video below). This rogue agency basically locked down an entire small town, turned it upside down, and made a sickening show of force, all in search of a lone male suspect who’s likely not very dangerous, just scared to death of going to the D.C. Gulag with the rest of the J6 political prisoners.

The small town’s mayor, Christopher Slavicek, said the manhunt has frightened his community.

The incident started when the man, Gregory Yetman, fled his home after the FBI tried serving an arrest warrant thanks to USA Today, which exposed him.

“A situation like this of course brings heightened anxiety — it’s not normal to see FBI agents and vehicles and tanks in your community,” said Mayor Slavicek. “You never think something like this will happen in your own backyard.”

According to Roll Call, Congressman Steve Womack, Republican of Arkansas, said in a floor speech the current FBI headquarters needs to be replaced because the facility is crumbling. When he toured the facility, he said it was in a state of disrepair.

Good. Let it crumble.

The whole agency should be defunded and shuttered. But we still have way too many members of Congress in both parties who are so tone deaf that they either don’t know or don’t care that the FBI has become a tool of political oppression and no longer engages in honest law enforcement.

In my opinion, as a journalist who covered the crime beat for over 25 years at mainstream local newspapers in North Carolina and Georgia, the FBI has become the American Gestapo. In a free country the government fears the people, but in a dictatorship the people fear the government. This is definitely an agency that law-abiding Americans of traditional faith and values have come to fear, especially if they are outspoken and have an online platform of any size.

And yet, these 70 Republicans joined Democrats to fund a significant expansion of FBI operations, rewarding them for turning their massive military power on innocent Americans. Shameful, indeed.

This article was originally published at leohohmann.com.

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