A Thank You Note To “Representative” Liz Cheney

By Christopher Adamo, 10/20/22

Dear “Representative” (Soon to be former!) Liz Cheney,

On behalf of genuine Conservatives across America, I want to thank you for accomplishing something that has been nearly impossible for the rest of us in recent decades. By your flagrant treachery and duplicity, you’ve managed to totally unmask the RINO traitors in our midst. They have long been masquerading as “Republicans,” while continually back-stabbing real GOP principles at every critical juncture.

The ruse no longer works! And that is due in large part to the arrogance you flaunted, as you cozied up to the likes of California leftists Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, shamelessly and incessantly proclaiming that you were in league with them to support “the Constitution and the rule of law.” We have noted the issues for which you have so “valiantly” fought. Election corruption and moral/societal rot top the list. The pattern is sadly consistent with those you deem to be allies and adversaries.

It isn’t clear what you expected to accomplish, owing to the fact that anyone with even a shred of common sense could see through your charade. Despite your unfettered sanctimony, it was all as transparent as cellophane. And regardless of your intentions, the net result was a major awakening of those Americans and Wyomingites who in the past have reflexively trusted the Republican Party as ostensibly standing for something more noble and worthy than the leftists/Globalists.

 Admittedly, in former years Real America lost much ground to you and your cohorts of the “Swamp” (“Sewer” might be a more fitting term). And it’s obvious that your side has neither the sense of conscience, nor any concern for the country, to give up your evil agenda without an aggressive fight. But the stakes are too high, and the consequences of acquiescence from our side are now too grave, for us to ever again back down or attempt to turn a blind eye to the nature of the conflict.

The actual repercussions of your treachery are already being manifested across America, and particularly in the Great State of Wyoming, where you attempted to springboard your personal ambitions by pretending to be a “conservative” or, as your father bogusly claimed back when it seemed expedient to do so, “the Tea Party candidate.” Owing to the despicable manner in which you went so easily and so completely over to the “dark side,” Wyomingites finally started looking into the nature of the State’s Republican Party “machine” which enabled you, and how disingenuously it had been operating.

It is now understandable why, with veto-proof “majorities” in both Houses of the State Legislature, it was difficult to ever get any truly Conservative measure passed. Decent bills that guarded personal freedom and promoted Constitutional principles for the betterment of life in the Cowboy Sate were always somehow “shelved” and forgotten. And as America was dragged down into the nightmare of socialism and its abolition of freedom and justice, Wyoming followed only a few steps behind. Well that is about to change in a big way!

The Wyoming Republican Party is now in the hands of principled leaders who do not instantly roll over for the self-serving big monied interests that had controlled and manipulated it for their own ends (and yours) in the past. A major movement of Grassroots Conservatives is on the brink of taking over the Wyoming Legislature and gaining the ability for it to genuinely legislate according to real Republican values. If this effort is successful, it will be the first time in many years that the people will be actually represented by their governing bodies.

Of course it is assured that your side has no intention of surrendering without a fight, which will be rife with the dirty tricks for which the RINO “Establishment” has become famous. Wyoming has already seen plenty of that in recent years, with the founding of the sham GOP alternative organization known as “Frontier Republicans.” Much like their national level sister group, the “Lincoln Project,” these leftist “Frontier Republicans” proved that they were 100% vested in exploiting government, and their connections in it, for totally selfish motives. And when real conservatives ran against them, they showed their true colors.

Similarly, the infestation of phony “Republicans” is still working to advance itself through lies and dirty tricks, even after last August’s Wyoming Primary Election, in which the people resoundingly expressed their sentiments towards you and others who had betrayed their trust. In several key races, post primary challenges suddenly and “mysteriously” materialized from so-called “Independent” candidates. Of course the recruits, some of whom are lifelong Democrats and hard-core leftists, only pretend to be “Independents.” And why not? For years, the former Establishment machine succeeded while pretending to be “Republican.”

You can look for a new focus on issues of genuine importance to Wyoming citizens, such as the onslaught of despotic and abhorrent “lock-down” measures, which were all about control and never about public “health and safety.” Along with those, expect a new emphasis on parental rights in the education of their children, the right to life of the unborn, and the protection of young women against an onslaught of boys in girls sports, their locker rooms, and their restrooms. Admittedly, there is no money for the big players in any of this. Only a return to decency and sanity in public institutions.

You can now go on to a “long” and fruitless career as a talking head on some leftie network with it’s handful of viewers. They appreciate being able to create a leftist echo chamber, particularly when a RINO gives them wiggle-room to claim it is “bipartisan.”

I’ve said many times that President Trump’s single greatest achievement, far above all others, has been to expose the RINO traitors in our midst. Again, I want to thank you for your invaluable efforts that did so much to help him make this case.


                                    Christopher G. Adamo


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    Recognizing Truth

    People have “been told” (you know the sources) that:
    – “democrats” are the party of the little people – compassionate, speaking for those who have little or no voice, guarding freedoms for all against the machinations of a society that would otherwise disregard them
    – “republicans” are the party of crony capitalism and no compassion for individuals; business before people, and cruel to those who don’t measure up or toe the line with them.

    That has never been true. Not even ONCE in the history of the United States.

    The “democrats” as a party have been here since the founding of the nation. They supported slavery, opposed civil rights reforms after the Civil War, instituted Jim Crow laws in the southern states, promoted racial segregation through the mid 20th century, and racist national policies into the 21st, brought Marxism to the US with “organized labor”, use “emergencies” (real and contrived) to override the Constitution and its limits on the federal government, and have instituted increasing federal government intervention, oversight, and full control over every aspect of life in the United States from central bank, to marxist “social programs”, to regulating business and hiring/firing practices, to an alphabet soup of government agencies interfering with economy and society and the private life of every citizen. They are what the anti-federalists feared: a powerful central government that had too much control over the affairs of the states and their people; i.e. a return to the leftist structure and ideal of a powerful and rich ruling elite holding authoritarian control over their subjects, the subservient and impoverished collective. Far from being compassionate and speaking for those with little or no voice, they have always SQUELCHED those very voices and HELD BACK their very lives, even supporting eugenics to selectively breed and weed out the “less desirable”. Racial and “societal standing” based sterilization. Abortion. Euthanizing the elderly. “Assisted suicide”. All of them started by and supported by “democrats”. Classism and racism are the core of the divisiveness of “democrats” and their solution is a bigger more powerful government to control it all.

    “Republicans” came into being as a new party to OPPOSE SLAVERY. Throughout history they have championed the rights of those the “democrats” held back and held down. Not through racially motivated and selected privileges and programs – but by ELIMINATING boundaries, by providing EQUAL opportunity and ENABLING everyone to excel based on ability, determination, and content of their character regardless of the color of their skin or the humbleness of their beginnings. And most importantly fulfilling the actual role of government – to prevent evil and praise the righteous; to punish criminals and protect the innocent.

    The “democrats” great lie has been exposed. Not because of some investigative digging, but by their hubris and arrogance. They have been entrenched for so long carrying out their evil plans that they believed no one could stop them. They are now blatant about their anti-God, anti-Constitution, anti-law, anti-nation, anti-humanity world view and ideals.

    RINOs, the name given to those who claim to be “republican” but do nothing that is “republican” and everything that is “democrat” are easy to spot. I just told you how. They, too, are no longer bothering to hide their evil ideals and actions. And, true to form, they LIE, about everything. But their lies have also been exposed.

    And nobody with a brain is falling for those lies anymore.

    The various “public servants” (Ha!) especially as candidates running for office have, for a few years now, stopped saying in their adverts what party they are part of. This has caused people to look them up. Which provides the people with more information about who the candidate is, what they stand for, what they have or have not accomplished. Studies show that LOW INFORMATION voters overwhelmingly vote “democrat”, so all this new information people are finding when they have to look up candidates will help ensure they are HIGH information voters, and high information voters voter AMERICA, real “republicans” that follow the Constitution and protect liberty while blocking evil’s advance.

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