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Working as many as three jobs a week while attending college and graduating at age 25 with a degree in mechanical engineering was quite an accomplishment.  Now at age 29, Daniel Henlee, is loving his job with a company that is earning a name for itself in the field of Artificial Intelligence known as AI.  And to make things even better, his work with AI robots has so captivated his wonderful wife Everleigh, whom he thanks the Lord for every day; she can hardly wait to hear every new detail related to his work with AI.  He laughed when, with a big smile on her face, she said as much as she was intrigued by how human-like AI robots can be, one would never replace having a baby of their own even if it would save on the cost of diapers.

When he walked in the door upon coming home from work one day, she was overcome with so much joy that she was laughing and crying happy tears at the same time.  She could hardly believe it.  It was love at first sight. What do I call him, she asked, still giggling like a little girl. Daniel said I want you to decide without any help on my part. All I can tell you is when it comes to Intelligence, I truly feel he is as intelligent as any AI robot I have ever worked on. Everleigh smiled, that’s it, she said. I will just name him Ai. Perfect, he replied. 

When a local Christian high school class requested someone from his company come and speak to the students about AI, he was selected. He smiled when he told them he was certain they knew how AI was already part of their lives. They laughed when he said if not, just ask your smart phone.  The teacher told him he heard that he had given his wife an AI robot for her birthday; he was hoping Daniel would bring it with him today. Before he could respond to the teacher the students were flooding him with all kinds of questions related to AI and AI robots.

He said first let me tell you all the ways AI is changing the world we live in for better or worse.  Regardless of the field, AI can be used in all kinds of problem solving, including robots that can replace humans in performing an endless list of tasks.  One of the students named Paisley raised her hand. She said she saw a politician on a TV program recently in which he said the ability of AI to take his exact likeness, voice, and mannerisms, and make a video in which those watching could not tell if it was actually him they were watching which would allow his opponents to use it to make him sound and look stupid. It was at this point one of the boys named Rafael remarked, if it is the politician I am thinking about, AI is the least of his worries in that regard, to which the entire class broke out in laughter. Daniel told them, yes we can laugh at these things but as you can see, the reality is, AI, just like the internet, can be used for good and bad so the challenges will be great in trying to control it.  AI is already being used by some search engines directing people away from trustworthy news sites and to websites that support a one world government, the left wing, or have an anti Christian bias.

He continued to tell the students all the things AI could do. They were totally intrigued, anxious to hear more. You could hardly imagine their surprise when he said what their teacher heard regarding an AI robot he gave his wife was based on someone’s assumption. The person had jumped to a wrong conclusion upon over-hearing his wife Everleigh talking about her Ai’s extreme intelligence, thinking she was talking about an AI robot, knowing her keen interest in his work with AI. However, the gift he had given to his wife that she named Ai, is a Border Collie.

He then went on to tell them about a contest at his company between a robot and his wife’s dog Ai. Each had been programmed, or as in the case of their dog, trained by his wife, to walk across the room, and pick up one of thirty objects as instructed by voice. Each had a 100% accuracy rate.  “Your dog Ai has actually learned to identify thirty different objects, that is remarkable” one of the students named Kesla said.  Daniel replied, the world record is actually held by a Border Collie that can select any of over a 1,000 objects by voice to which the entire class gasped in amazement upon hearing this.  So it was actually a tie, they asked. Daniel smiled; we all thought it was until my wife put a blindfold over the robot’s electronic eye and over Ai’s eyes and had them try again. Ai scored 100%. The AI robot scored zero. All the students looked perplexed until he told them Ai selected the right object each time by its distinct scent. Some dogs sense of smell can lead them to an object with less than a microscopic particle to search for which is a God designed marvel!

Daniel said as much as he loved working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and with robots, since their dog Ai came into their lives he did not fully appreciate all the incredible attributes of each and every kind of dog that all point to God, creator of heaven and earth and all therein. The point I am trying to make is this, Daniel said. Artificial Intelligence is impressive. However, AI robots will never replace the genuine love, encouragement, and enjoyment people have received from each other and even our dogs which are a gift from God!  I often wonder what a different world this would be if we showed the same attention to a family member when they came home every day by greeting them at the door the way our dogs do when we come home.  Who wouldn’t feel a great sense of self worth and love if they were greeted this way! No, you don’t need to dance around and squeal with delight when a loved one comes in the way your dog does when you come home; he had to wait a minute for the laughter to quiet down before he could continue by saying, and who wouldn’t want God’s unmerited Grace which means favor. As it says in the book of Ephesians; “grace be with them all that love the Lord Jesus in sincerity”. Do we, or are we like some “heartless” AI robot in our relationship with the Lord our God let alone each other.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence has many people frightened, knowing governments around the world will use it for control over our lives, Daniel admitted.  This is why we need to remember what we read in I Thessalonians, He will keep us that have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior from the wrath to come. So let’s encourage and uplift each other until the Lord comes for His own, starting by greeting family and those we care about at the door when they come home Daniel implored them since only God knows if today might be the last day they come in the door!

With that in mind, I wrote a song for my wife he told them, using the analogy, the Librarian of my mind. Scientists have concluded our brains, created by God, have the capacity to store the equivalent of all the books in your local library, which is why I chose this theme for my song.

 My wife Everleigh had tears in her eyes listening to the song, but her tears turned into a flood when Ai jumped up on the couch and put his head on her shoulder while I was singing the song. Upon hearing this there was a collective awe! All the girls with moisture in their eyes were saying that was so sweet they couldn’t wait to meet Ai as if forgetting all about AI robots for the moment. Daniel smiled, your response is what has to please the Lord our God as it gives Him credit for what He has designed that man will never duplicate of which our pets are just one example he said as he picked up his guitar and began to sing the Country/Pop song he wrote for his wife.

 “The Librarian of my mind, was walking down the line, trying to find the words that best described the love I have for you. Aisle after aisle, book after book, page after page, these were the words that came to mind that day.

If I was a dog with two tails, I’d wag them both at the sound of your voice, or key in the door, smile on your face, love in your eyes, a reflection of mine!

When I am with you, and you with me, no unkind word nor drama time, don’t need a leash when love is true, ours sparkle like the Tennessee morning dew.

If I was a dog with two tails. I’d climb Ole Rocky Top and wag them both for all the world to see, happiness is being by your side, God’s gift to me and you!

There’s no being quiet at a time like this, I want the whole world to know, row after row, volume after volume, no book on love could best convey these words the Librarian of my mind gave me to say!

If I was a dog with two tails, I’d wag them both at the sound of your voice, key in the door, smile on your face, love in your eyes, a reflection of mine”! 

“The Librarian of my mind was walking down the line, trying to find the words that best described the love I have for you. Aisle after aisle, book after book, page after page, those were the words that came to mind that day! 

Daniel concluded by saying that regardless if it is Artificial Intelligence, our pets, or anything you can name in this world we live in, remember these words from Colossians 1:16: “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through Him and for Him.”  And then he added, a hug is the Universal Language of congeniality, comfort, elation, care, praise, acceptance, peace and of course love. When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior you will be safe in the arms of Jesus and His Everlasting Hug! 

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