Are Children Really Our Future?

As a retired teacher, I was really pleased when I read the article in the Jackson Times about how well our students are doing in the Jackson County Schools. Several schools moved up a grade. That was wonderful but did not make sense according to the statistics from US News and World Report, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), or Axios that say 47% of our kids can’t read, write or do simple math. According to AXIOS, Florida had some of the worst ACT scores in the nation.  I started digging to find out what those letter grades actually mean.  

My organization, The Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) has been laser focused on improving education since its inception.  We were able to help legislators recognize that using Common Core standards was a guarantee that FL students would be 2 years behind, and they are. Common Core is still used in Florida schools under the name of “Florida Sunshine Standards.” Just like Common Core, Florida Sunshine Standards  eliminates and/or minimizes phonics, cursive writing, logic, reason and critical thinking. It shifts the focus from facts to values. Why is dumbing down our kids the new goal of education?

The FLCA-sponsored Microschool programs and a variety of scholarships provide support for homeschool parents who recognize public schools have failed our children. FACT: Homeschooled students average 30% higher than public school students. Parents, Grandparents: When was the last time you asked your child to read to you? Can they do a simple math calculation manually? Do they know how money works?

Public school literature uses Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, which are nothing more than Critical Race Theory (CRT) in disguise. SEL is a bastion for teaching hatred of family, God and country. Using the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) approach, students  are indoctrinated to believe: 

  • Diversity – skin color is more important than knowledge
  • Equity – Students learn: White people are the oppressors and black and brown people are oppressed; since that can never change it is ok for black and brown people to steal from or kill white people—there are no consequences for their actions; the government should own everything to make it equal; there’s no need to use contraception when you can kill your baby; single parent households can live off government money; blame white people for all your troubles.
  • Inclusion –  As long as you agree with the group you will be allowed to participate, disagree and you will be cancelled.  

I prefer to call this program DIE because it murders critical thinking.

Students today are indoctrinated not educated. Schools go wrong on so many fronts, as seen in the:

  • Failure to teach English – the language of America and business.
  • Failure to teach reading, writing, arithmetic—fundamental skills.
  • Failure to teach the real meaning of Equality and Opportunity.
  • Failure to teach personal responsibility.
  • Failure to teach Individuality, e.g., freedom of thought/opinion/speech/Bill of Rights.
  • Failure to teach the difference between Freedom and Communism, thus defining the purpose of America.

Students who graduate under Affirmative Action programs, have lowered standards as excellence is repelled. It is more important to use the right pronoun (for a protected class of less than 3% of the population) than it is to produce a quality product. End Result: 95% of the population is being sacrificed by lowered standards. Fact: In the 1800’s America’s average IQ was around 125+. By the 1950’s,  the average IQ was around 110. Today the average IQ is under 100 and almost half the nation is functionally illiterate. Mission Accomplished. Dumbed-down, illiterate people require less(?) from their government. They are willing to give up liberty for a government hand out. Those that can’t cope take drugs. More than 47% of students graduate and can’t read, write, do simple math, or finance. But they will know every sexual position known to humans. At the same time they do not know the difference between a man or woman. How are these schools rated A or B?

By using the statistics on The Nations’s Report Card, I discovered that out of a top score of 500, Florida scored 241. This score was on the high side for the nation but LESS THAN HALF in the real world.  When I went to school, less that half on a test was an F or FAIL. So how do schools in Florida score A’s and B’s?   Easy answer: Florida grades on a curve. This way the highest score regardless of actual value is always an A.  Using the scores for Jackson county in a US News and World report and data compiled by FLCA,

the schools scored an average 50% in reading and 33% in math.  Yet they were rated as B and C schools.  Yes, it is great that the schools improved, but with over 88% of the students graduating while the majority are unable to read, write, and do simple math proficiently, how does this impact their quality of life and opportunities? How does this impact America’s future?   What life career will they have?  When was the last time you heard, “Think outside the box?” or “Be the best you can Be.” or “Actions have consequences?” Where will we get the next innovator, inventor, creator? Not America!

On the FLCA website, you will find, “Comparing Ranking Data (proficiencies & college-ready index) with Florida DOE school grades (see “District Grades” Excel file for county grades) [page links?] The main purpose for sharing this data is to point out the obvious disconnect when you compare nationally-normed high school ranking data (reading proficiency, math proficiency and college-ready index) with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) “report card” grades which are calculated using a FLDOE proprietary formula. This proprietary grading formula was created by and can be manipulated by the FLDOE. By grading on the low “curve”, the school grades can be made to look much better than is actually the case. So don’t take it at face value when your school claims to be an “A” school (for example). Look at the U.S. News and World Report data and see if it supports the claim. We need visibility into the TRUE academic performance of Florida schools. Moving away from the highly manipulated FLDOE proprietary grading system is a MUST if we’re to effectively judge the efficiency of Florida Schools.”

Although I do not have children in school and I no longer teach, I never stopped paying attention to our schools. Striving for mediocrity breeds mediocre people and a mediocre country. America was designed for Americans to strive for excellence.   So what can parents, grandparents and members of the community do? Here are some suggestions:

First Action:  Foremost, get your students out of indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.  As mentioned earlier, Florida has many wonderful scholarships; check them out. Join a Microschool, a co-op or a private school that focuses on the 3R’s.  Yes, sports are important but if your child can’t read the playbook…?  Could you consider being available to mentor a student in need of help?

Second Action: Check out the authors of the texts and supplemental materials students read.  Many authors are foreign and focus on social values–not facts. We are the taxpayers. In Florida we have the right to review texts. Example: Why are we paying for supplemental learning materials like The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), whose goal is to advance SEL when the goal should be to teach the students to read?  

Third Action: Go to school board meetings and politely voice your opinion. Be prepared with facts and never let the public-school board forget who is paying the bills. The purpose of school is to teach skill sets for life—not indoctrinate children into a life dependent upon the government. Our students must learn what it means to be an American. They must learn English, civics, history, facts and “One Nation Under God”.

Fourth Action: Check your media center. Are there porn books for underage children?  That is not censorship, that is good parenting. Check out the porn report (INAPROPRIATE MATERIALS REPORT) compiled by volunteers throughout Florida.

Fifth Action: Most important, get involved. Can you share with 5 people and tell them to share with 5 people and so on? If you believe as I do that children are our future, let’s stop the destructive path they are on.  Is America worth saving?  It is up to us.

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