Are the Dominion Voting Systems Lawsuits “Against” Fox News and Newsmax Actually “Collusive Suits?”

By Thomas Wigand, 2/28/23

This week the blue-pill media (a/k/a “mainstream media”) is all atwitter with a (partial) release of Rupert Murdoch’s deposition transcript in the Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

You will recall that Dominion filed billion-plus dollar defamation lawsuits – with great fanfare – against Fox News and Newsmax. (The Fox and Newsmax suits were filed in state court in Delaware, not federal court.)  Ostensibly these were filed because those news outlets were covering “false allegations” that the election machines were insecure, the 2020 election was stolen, etc.

[There is massive evidence that it was stolen.  That will be covered in more detail in the future.  But if you’d like a little preview, try this short video, courtesy of Mike Lindell.]

At the time the lawsuits were filed, I wondered if these weren’t perhaps “friendly lawsuits” or “collusive lawsuits.”  (Other suits were filed against One America News, Mike Lindell and others. I thought, and still believe, that those probably were more akin to “SLAPP” / lawfare suits to bully into silence, not “friendly” or “collusive” ones.)

The linked definitions to “friendly lawsuits” and “collusive lawsuits” note that these types are prohibited in federal courts, which require an actual “case or controversy.”  “Case or controversy” is not a high bar.  For example, for years the EPA and environmental groups have engaged in “friendly suits” to reach a “settlement” that accomplishes mutually-held goals, while bypassing the normal regulatory process.  These have been referred to as “sue and settle” suits.

Globalist-CCP Axis interests have circled around the election machines to squash any inquiry into their security (or lack thereof). Including discussion about whether, with or without the consent or knowledge of their manufacturers, there has been programming inserted into, or hacking of those machines to alter election outcomes.

In fact, those interests have been suppressing any discussion of election integrity (i.e., the lack thereof), and works zealously to discredit those who seek genuine election integrity as “conspiracy theorists” (if not “insurrectionists”).  Potential machine vulnerabilities, voter roll padding and inaccuracy, ballot mules and all the rest don’t exist in this “free and fair elections” alternate reality.

This conspiracy of silence includes the Democrat Party and GOP. Interesting that

Fox News and Newsmax (in my humble opinion) are “controlled opposition,” serving the Globalist-CCP Axis’ interests. 

The blue-pill media reporting on the Murdoch deposition is that he admitted that the allegations of a stolen election in 2020 are false (and so, by extension, that there is nothing to question about the election machines or the 2020 election generally). Here’s a representative sample from Newsweek/ MSN.

How convenient. Both Plaintiff and Defendant agree that the 2020 election was indisputably “free and fair.” And so the blue-pill media has its talking-points.

We can’t know what discussions have taken place within Fox among the Murdochs, Paul Ryan and others.  Nor within the halls of Dominion Voting Systems (whoever its actual owners and controllers have been over the years).  Much less between those parties.

But it’s a fair supposition that this litigation’s actual purpose may be to provide cover for those “news” outlets stopping coverage regarding, and so covering up, the election steal / coup d’etat of 2020 … and to create a judicially-accepted settlement asserting secure machines and “free and fair” elections.

Which then would be presented as a “court ruling” that the 2020 elections were “free and fair,” used to suppress (through SLAPP/ law fare?) any future attempts to attain genuinely “free and fair” elections, and used to try to hobble the 2024 Trump campaign by continued (false) assertions that his complaints about the coup d’etat of 2020 are “false ‘conspiracy theories.’”

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