Arizona Audit Terrifies Democrats And GOP “Establishment”

The massive effort to suppress any news of the Maricopa County Arizona audit highlights not only the alarming extent of the leftist “Deep State,” but also its greatest weakness. An ideology built entirely on lies -and this accurately defines the underlying belief system of the left, which is Marxism- cannot be implemented honestly and openly. It can only be advanced through the total intimidation and silencing of all opposition, along with an incessant barrage of more lies. The mere presence of truth can deal a fatal blow to it.

            The leftist Fake News crowd rarely mentions the Arizona audit, but when they do their “coverage” is venomous and disparaging. Moreover, the audit is being condemned on a “bipartisan” basis (assuming leftist Democrats and their RINO lackeys aren’t actually in the same “party”) as everything from “criminal” to “an attack on the Constitution,” to flatly “un-American.” Excuses and justifications for such accusations vary wildly, the only element of consistency among them being the frenzied effort to stop the audit by any means, before any factual information can be derived from it.

            When voices of sanity are finally heard (and understandably, these are only from the right), they ask: If the vote in November was conducted honestly and legitimately, why would anyone be concerned about an audit? Under those circumstances, all it could accomplish would be to validate the leftist Democrat claims that the election was conducted honestly and legitimately. And of course the underlying reason for all the leftist Democrat and RINO squalling becomes self-evident at that point.

            Nevertheless, this all-encompassing question needs to be repeated on every possible occasion! The tenor of leftist Democrat and RINO rancor over the audit is itself evidence of how thoroughly corrupt the “System” is, an that everyone knows it. The loudest voices must be identified and indelibly tagged for their complicity in the election theft and the ongoing attempted coup of the United States of America. Otherwise, regardless of any audit outcome, the cancer will remain in place, to metastasize once again, the moment an opportunity is presented.

            The physical circumstances on sight in Arizona are themselves very disturbing, and very telling. Leftists have engaged in open harassment and attempts at intimidation of auditors. Democrat organizations from outside the state have filed several lawsuits in an attempt to shut down the audit. In every possible manner, the political left is showing its visceral fear of what the audit will likely reveal.

            Already, enough information has been collected to prove rampant chicanery during the election. Whether or not the corrupt acts were sufficient to change the outcome is not officially established… yet. But leftist Democrat and RINO behavior shows that opponents of the audit have a good idea of what the answer is.

            Among those behaving like cornered animals are the “caretakers” of Maricopa County voting machines. After stonewalling in every possible manner when computer servers were subpoenaed, they finally delivered the servers with memories “wiped,” of significant information in the exact manner that Hillary Clinton’s computer servers were handed over to law enforcement. And that is certainly no coincidence.

            Without dwelling excessively on the fact that, had any conservative behaved in this manner when faced with a subpoena (and assuming the FBI didn’t just break down every door and forcibly confiscate the subpoenaed items), cries of “obstructing justice” would have resounded 24/7 from every news outlet, coast to coast. Yet the silence among them all is “deafening” in the current circumstance.

            Fortunately, the pro-America, pro-Constitution Arizona Senate, the driving force behind the audit, is fully aware of the vile nature of its leftist “Deep State” opposition, and has been several steps ahead of it from the moment the audit became a reality. Leftist dirty tricks have not prevailed, including the attempted destruction of those “wiped” computer files, which have now been forensically recovered. It is guaranteed that behind closed doors, leftist Democrats and any who collaborated with them went into a total panic, the moment this news became public.

            The dominoes are already falling. Audits are being demanded in other swing states. Wisconsin has made preliminary the steps to conduct one, and not surprisingly is facing much the same opposition and contrived outrage as did Arizona. Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones is publicly calling for an audit there. As evidence of a stolen election surfaces in any location, the determination to uncover it elsewhere will only multiply.

            Jones and Georgia, in particular, spotlight a profoundly significant element of the entire election fraud and theft. Jones is running for Governor as a Republican, against “Republican” incumbent Brian Kemp. If all was honest and above board, Kemp would be eagerly advocating a full and comprehensive audit. He flatly denied any wrongdoing in the election aftermath, and impeded every attempt at implementing even the most cursory “post mortem.” So a thorough audit of an honest election would completely vindicate Kemp, while making Jones look totally ridiculous and dooming his electoral prospects. But of course Kemp’s response to the call is precisely the opposite. And nobody is surprised.

            America’s very future as a Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance. This is not about everyday partisan politics, or any of the platitudes by which the Washington D.C. swamp will vainly attempt to trivialize it. This is about returning the voice to the people, and restoring the Constitution of the United States. A word of advice to both leftist Democrats and their RINO lackeys: Do not attempt any more of your flailing efforts to suppress or bypass the truth through transparent lies and juvenile mockery. “We The People” know, by your actions, which side you are on.

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