Inside a female dorm in a 1930s Soviet gulag for political prisoners.

Washington’s Democrat Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, wants to be governor.  He thinks the best way to accomplish his goal is to build gulags & psych hospitals, much like in Soviet Russia, and populate them with Christians, Conservatives and Republicans.  If House Bill 1333 passes and Democrat Governor Jay Inslee signs it (he will), Ferguson’s office will have the power to arrest and/or civilly commit anyone for uttering “wrong” facts.  This is a terrifying plan to redefine “domestic terrorism” to punish “conservative” speech.

Ferguson seems especially afraid of “older” Americans because they have more knowledge of and respect for the Bill of Rights THAT EXISTS IN NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH: “What can we do to prevent the radicalization of folks who are a bit older, in their 40s, their 50s, their 60s?  And help them to get out of that if they are radicalized.”  He mentioned forced counseling.


The AG defines “domestic violence extremism” as much more than real, blood-in-the-streets violence.  Ferguson includes “online disinformation” and “anti-government ideologies” as examples of the “domestic violence extremism” they want to criminalize.  Actually, street violence is acceptable under this bill, so long as it is committed by thugs pushing a Marxist agenda.

Ferguson’s office claims conservative views, or anything he deems as “misinformation,” are examples of “domestic extremism.”  He also wants to create a Washington State version of Biden’s Ministry of Truth to fund journalists to push his political agenda.   [Oregon has pending legislation to pay newspapers for pushing left-wing propaganda.]

HB 1333 would create a Domestic Violent Extremism Commission in the AG’s office, staffed only with Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and Marxists. The members will recommend legislative “solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation, address early signs of radicalization, and develop a public health-style response.”

Of course, if free thinking were a “public health” issue, it would be housed in the Department of Health, not in the Attorney General’s office.  The commission’s “comprehensive” report will evaluate current laws and tools to tackle what they’re calling right-wing extremism, such as Christianity, and propose new legislation where there are holes.


In an interview with PBS, which calls the legislation a potential “model for the nation,” Ferguson comes across as the weaselly hater he is. Perhaps he took his marching orders from Biden when he called Republicans “semi-fascists” last fall. Or, perhaps he wants to fill Washington’s prisons with political prisoners much like the corrupt US Attorney General has done. He told the PBS interviewer that the federal definition of domestic terrorism is “too narrow for the great threat that we see with the increase of radicalization, for example.”He is seeking legislative powers to intervene when he hears speech he disagrees with.

“So we’re trying to broaden that term to address things that are not specifically a threat to somebody, but where the state can take some action in prevention, for example, take a more holistic approach, a public health approach, to address what we all see and know is happening in communities all across the country,”he said.

Ferguson told PBS he could envision compelling “extremists” to enter counseling, just like the Soviets did.  For example, if a white American knows there are only two genders and mentions that to a Liberal, that Liberal can then turn him into the police, much like what is currently being done under Red Flag Laws. He could then be counseled into thinking there are 74 genders. And if he doesn’t fall in line, he could be criminally charged, and/or thrown into a psych ward specially designed for people who believe in reality.


The AG’s office makes it clear that they’re primarily interested in targeting WHITE PEOPLE.  Indeed, his office rejected the term “domestic terrorist” because they believed it was too “triggering” to “non-white” communities.  Ferguson is looking for creative ideas to criminally charge anyone who protests government overreach.

Ferguson has indicated that his office would use social media posts to find the “extremists,” with their data being collected and stored by the government.  Only Leftist NGOs (such as those funded by George Soros), bureaucrats, Democrat politicians and various members of the Hate-America Cult will be defining which speech is acceptable and which is not.

The Left uses claims of disinformation or misinformation to smear opponents as extremists so that they can’t hold any influence over public debates. If this Orwellian plan is actually implemented, they’ll be able to use this strategy to silence opposition by throwing Americans in jail or having them committed under a “public health approach.”

The bill asks the Marxist commission to evaluate, “current legal tools, both civil and criminal, and making recommendations for potential new legislation and regulations to address violent domestic extremism.”


The AG’s office is coming for Conservatives, or for anyone who voices a “conservative” thought.  This commission is specifically designed to target white Conservatives and quash ANY Government opposition, which is why the legislation purposefully omits Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) violence & rhetoric.  Indeed, it expressly supports their tactics.  Snohomish County Councilmember Megan Dunn testified in support of the bill.  During the BLM/Antifa riots in 2020 she endorsed their use of Molotov cocktail attacks calling them “good reminders” to be civilly engaged.

When this bill was introduced, there was no mention of Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence, despite the months-long, politically-inspired violence and threats in 2020 that led to the murder of two black teens in Seattle, an attempt to burn officers alive inside a police precinct after terrorists had attempted to seal it shut, billions of dollars in property damage and thousands of injuries.

During their presentation the bill’s promoters criticized a bail fund allegedly used to bail out members of “right-wing” Proud Boys, with NO mention of the exact same strategy used by BLM and Antifa terrorists and openly promoted by VP candidate Kamala Harris.

Promoters of this bill claim that “white supremacists” have a “common cause” with “anti-mask and anti-vaccine narratives,” and “anti-critical race theory narratives,” and with those who voice concerns about election security and those who know there are only two genders.


Ferguson hopes to criminalize speech he doesn’t like. And if you get in his way, he’ll call you an extremist.  His approach is unquestionably unconstitutional, BUT before the US Supreme Court has a chance to shoot it down and release all his political prisoners, there will be tens of thousands of victims.  He’s hoping that a friendly Washington State Supreme Court will give him a pass. And given that the commission has two years to complete its research, Ferguson is hoping that Liberals/Marxists will control the U.S. Supreme Court when it ultimately arrives on their desks.


Click here.  It will take you right to the state’s website where you can tell your two state reps and your state senator to vote “HELL NO” on this Bill, HB 1333.  You can also leave a comment.  It is SOOOOOOO easy and takes about two minutes.  Remember, politicians count each “support or oppose” as reflecting the thoughts of hundreds of their constituents.  Ferguson is power mad to even give this Anti Bill of Rights idea a passing thought, much less write the bill & campaign for it.

This writer relied heavily on Jason Rantz’s reporting for this article, and I want to thank him.  Want to know what the power-mad Democrats in Seattle and in the state’s capitol, Olympia, are doing to destroy your freedoms?  Follow Jason. 


  1. How very Hitleresque of Merrick Garland. Following his hero’s example when he opened up Dachau Prison on March 22, 1933 to house his political opponents.

    1. This is the Washington State AG; not Garland. They’re two peas in a pod but this problem is happening at the state level.

    2. The world is full of ignorant people who throw out the words Hitler, Nazi’s, Holocaust, etc, without having spent 2 minutes actually studying anything on the subject. Everything you think you know about those “evil Germans” can be, and has been so quickly and easily dis-proven.

      Truth be told, Ferguson nor any other politician in recorded history compare to Adolf Hitler and his accomplishments…. which is why he, (and the entire nation) had to be destroyed. Now go file your taxes.

  2. Avatar

    After the last few years of censorship, a bold unconstitutional move by a second rate wannabe Governor / potential Dictator.I thought that all the censorship, the GEC and the doublespeak out of GoogleYoutubeTikTokTwitter was going to lead some politician aspiring to greatness to pull this stunt. It was all too obvious they are following the USSRCHINA playbook

  3. God help us.
    I can’t tell you how glad I am to be OUT of the soviet state of WA. I detest the lowlife scum politicians and the endemic corruption, from the stolen “elections” that’ve been happening for decades, to the human filth who inhabit gov’t offices and positions. WA in my view is the poster child for anti-Americanism, and anti-Americans!
    It’s head-shaking how many folks there know this, yet THEY STAY!!! Scary.
    Vote with your feet, people. The hour is very very late!

    1. I’m sorry 😔 for what my Country is becoming. Not because of lower class citizens committing crimes. It’s the rich corporate politicians, Democrats or Republican all greedy. Ready to sell our sacred country out to the highest bidder be it a Communist Nation that in 2023 is Raping a nation. Or a religious fanatic who has way toouch control of fossils fuel and precious metals. Everyone who reads this , say a prayer to whatever a God you believe in. Pray that salvation will arrive for our embattled World. Thankyou and Prayers for all.

  4. Although I wouldn’t put it past them or say that it isn’t their goal, there’s no mention of punishment or incarceration in the bill as written.

  5. Given the number of armed right-wingers in the eastern part of the state, I think Ferguson’s plan could literally be shot down, as well it should be. “[Politicians are not born; they are excreted.]” – attributed to Cicero

  6. You need to “fear” the LORD only… They all will come to their end in the LORD’S time.. They can do nothing to us unless the LORD allows…

  7. Being a resident of WA and living near Seattle, this doesn’t surprise me. Thank you for putting what you found down in writing. I will shared with my contacts so they become aware and contact my state representatives.

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