BANNED Author James Perloff “Covid 19 and The Agendas to Come, Red Pilled”| Free Download

World-famous author James Perloff joins Sean Jackson of Liberty Sentinel for another episode of “UTN The Globalist Report”. Mr. Perloff has been fighting for liberty since his 1988 book, “The Shadows of Power”, where he exposes the CFR with the help of the John Birch Society/New American. James Perloff pulls no punches in this interview with his assessment of the “shadow government”, and their plans to utilize the pandemic for their own ends. Amazon has profited heavily off of this lockdown, but they have banned Perloff’s book despite tons of demand. You can pick up your copy of by visiting The latest installment by Mr. Perloff documents every aspect of the world government that is being used to take our liberties under the guise of “security”. Join the FASTEST growing independent Liberty Community at and watch every live interview at Help share this information before it is too late. Without debate, we have already seen some of our interviews and content be removed. The time to spread information and debate it is now. We may not have a chance in the future if the book burning continues. 

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11/17/2020– We have NEVER seen an assault on our Constitutional right to non-violent free speech like this. Amazon is now deciding what you are allowed to read or changing words in books. During a quick pre-show scan of Amazon, we noticed that you were able to buy “Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, “The Anarchist Cookbook”, “Rules for Radicals”, and “Tragedy and Hope” which as been a blueprint for the globalist agenda. However, they have BANNED legendary author James Perloff from analyzing the new Covid-19 crisis.

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