Be Prepared for 2021: Good, Bad & VERY Ugly

With the unprecedented developments of 2020 — COVID-inspired tyranny and economic destruction in particular — next year has almost everybody filled with a mixture of anxiety, dread, and even hope that it may be possible to turn the corner. Things are likely to get worse before they get better, potentially a lot worse.

In addition to being one of the most dangerous and unstable times in American history, this moment is also one of the most uncertain when it comes to the future. The next few weeks are key. There are so many different scenarios for what could happen — some “better,” but almost none of them “good” — that it almost boggles the mind. However, there are some very encouraging trends amid the darkness.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is what happens on January 20, 2021. Not having a crystal ball, we’re not in a position to say for use. However, despite the rapidly narrowing paths to victory, this writer believes there is still a decent chance that Trump will serve another 4-year term. That is by no means an end to the escalating troubles afflicting America, however.

Regardless of what happens on January 6 and then two weeks after that, some trends for 2021 seem to be a pretty safe bet. It would behoove everyone to be prepared spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically for some very serious turbulence that could make toilet-paper shortages look like nothing by comparison.

Very bad economic trends:

-The U.S. dollar will continue to decline as the Federal Reserve destroys it, losing more and more purchasing power even compared to other declining fiat currencies. As this accelerates — and there could be a catastrophic plunge in 2021 — the push for a digital one-world currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund will grow. The move toward a “cashless society” will also pick up steam.

-The decimation of the middle class in the United States and across the Western world will continue, mostly under the guise of fighting COVID and providing “safety.” In tandem with this, the world elite will continue to grow wealthier, primarily by transferring wealth and market-share from the poor and middle class.

-Independent farmers, ranchers, businessmen, miners, loggers, and other producers will continue to face the wrath of the establishment, all over the world. The plot to centralize control over all economic activity will gain steam, especially with the religious cover now provided by Pope Francis and his Rothschild-backed “Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism With the Vatican.”

-There is a growing food crisis that will become more and more obvious as soon as this winter. Large numbers of people around the world will face catastrophe, and even starvation or famine. With the dollar in steep decline, that crisis may affect Americans in a way that would have been inconceivable in previous years.

-Sources close to the White House have been telling me for months that COVID20 or COVID21 may be just around the corner. There is a very real chance that a new and much more deadly variant of COVID, almost certainly presented as a “mutation,” could be released. Already, the United Kingdom has found a more contagious strain. This may be just the start, and would facilitate more economic warfare on the middle class.

Geopolitical, social, and political developments and renewed push for globalism:

-All of this economic misery will provide the justification for the globalist campaign to have a “Great Reset” to fundamentally transform everything from the economy and education to governance and business. The engineered economic crisis, which has been building for many years but went into high-gear with the COVID lockdowns, will be used to “Build Back Better” (more technocratic, less free) from the ashes.

-As America continues its engineered decline, the “Multi-polar World Order” will start coming into view. Rather than the United States as the only global super power, it will become increasingly obvious that the U.S. government must now share global power with governments such as China, Russia, Brazil, India, and so on.

-War on the family waged by the elites through the United Nations and the massive battery of “NGOs” will keep getting more and more intense. The sexual and homosexual and now transgender revolutions, all of which are aimed at undermining the family as the basis for society, will go into warp speed.

-The negative effects of the COVID19 vaccine will start coming into clearer focus. However, the Deep State will almost certainly deflect the blame, perhaps even leading people to believe that something other than the vaccine caused the inevitable harms that will become manifest in the months and years ahead.

-Technological developments in genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, interfaces between man and machine, and other cutting-edge fields will accelerate. As part of what Deep State globalists refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” so-called transhumanism will be promoted, normalized, and even glorified.

-The enormity of the threat posed by Communist China will become increasingly apparent. However, instead of addressing the true causes of the mess, or the real solutions, the threat from Beijing will serve as the justification for ever more globalism, Big Government, and technocratic policy in the Western world and beyond.

Education and culture will keep deteriorating, but there’s a HUGE silver lining:

-Efforts to pervert, sexualize, hyper-racialize, and indoctrinate children will keep getting more and more extreme, making last year’s outrages seem mild by comparison. This will come through government schools, the “entertainment” industry, and more.

-Teachers will become increasingly sidelined as glorified babysitters in education as algorithms, AI, behavioral psychology, tablets, laptops, data-driven “individualized” indoctrination, and Big Tech come to dominate the field. This will drastically increase the effectiveness of indoctrination efforts.

-Alongside that, the exodus from government schools will continue to grow. Already, school districts across America are seeing a flood of families escaping, with declines in enrollment ranging from 4 percent to well over 15 or even 20 percent in some districts.

-Homeschooling will continue to surge. In 2020, the number of homeschool families DOUBLED from 5 percent to 10 percent. In 2021, we could see another doubling as parents increasingly realize the threat of government indoctrination and the wonders of home education.

-As families desperately seek the emergency exits from the government’s indoctrination system, expert government and the education establishment to work fiendishly to quash or hijack all alternative options. Depending on the political winds, this could take the form of bans and regulation, or working to get private schools and home-schools dependent on tax money.

-The demonization of Bible-believing Christians will increase. But pastors will continue finding their backbones, and those that don’t will become irrelevant. Even though attacking the church was one of the goals of the COVID totalitarians, this “sifting” and separating of the wheat (God’s people) from the chaff (the ungodly and the impostors) will be hugely beneficial to the body of Christ and the world.

-Establishment media outlets will continue to lose what little credibility they have left, as people slowly begin to realize and accept that they have been massively deceived. That destruction will very much include the “controlled-opposition” media such as News Corp. properties like Fox News and the New York Post, which are already in steep decline.

-With the credibility of government, experts, and the Deep State’s propaganda machine in tatters and getting worse, credible voices in the “alternative” media will rise to prominence despite Big Tech censorship. This is excellent news for those anxious to destroy false narratives and break the establishment’s hold over swaths of the conservative movement and the church.

Potential for violence and national fracturing:

-There is a real potential for civil war, which the Deep State would absolutely love. Americans killing each other would make the elites’ job of destroying and discrediting America that much easier. It might begin with a false-flag attack, or the coming election turmoil, or other means. Americans must resist the temptation to turn to violence and the forces seeking to manipulate them into it.

-Secession talk is already escalating, and that is almost certain to continue ramping up into 2021, regardless of who is inaugurated on January 20. With the head of the Texas GOP, former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West, openly floating the idea, and leftists considering it as well, there’s a real chance the efforts to destroy the union could make progress.

-The civil-war within the Republican Party between Big Government establishment RINOs (McConnell, National Review, etc) and grassroots conservatives, Christians, patriots, and America First supporters will intensify. This could culminate in the ultimate destruction of the GOP as a viable party as both factions recognize they have irreconcilable differences.

-The exodus of moderates and normal people disgusted by riots, socialism, and the defund the police idiocy from the Democrat Party will continue as well. Democrats’ frantic efforts replenish their ranks by opening the borders and importing new people will go into high gear. This exodus from the party, if not controlled and dealt with, could eventually lead to a fracturing of the Democratic Party as well — at least if election integrity is ever restored.

If Trump is inaugurated:

If President Trump manages to expose and overturn the obvious election fraud and hang on to the presidency, expect the Left and the Deep State to unleash hell in America. Some of what we might expect to see includes:

-Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists will terrorize cities and towns across America, especially those under Democrat leadership. If you live in a Blue City in a Blue State, be very wary. Your local and state officials will NOT protect you, just like they did not protect you (especially black communities) from the terror of BLM and Antifa riots this summer.

-The fake media will portray President Trump as “literally Hitler” who is waging a coup against America, the vote, and the Constitution to hang on to power. Media outlets around the world will parrot that narrative.

-Biden may seek to set up a rival government with its own cabinet in an effort to steal away some of the military and the bureaucracy from Trump. This would undoubtedly receive support from many foreign governments and international organizations.

-It is entirely possible that the United Nations could even get involved under the guise of “keeping the peace” in the United States. If the UN Security Council refused to recognize Trump’s appointees, it is not out of the question that America might even see UN “peacekeeping” troops on U.S. soil.

-Rather than being able to pursue a bold agenda of destroying the Deep State and restoring American greatness, Trump would almost certainly be bogged down — at least for the first few years — with trying to keep the nation together and crush the inevitable rebellion and insurrection that would ensue.

If Biden is inaugurated:

If wannabe “President-elect” Joe Biden is inaugurated, the federal government will suffer from an enormous crisis of legitimacy, as most Americans — including many Democrats — recognize he won by fraud. However, if Biden is sworn in, what has been the relatively slow and steady descent into tyranny will accelerate to unprecedented levels. Here are some other developments we might witness:

-More foreign wars will be launched under various guises, especially to promote “democracy” or bring supposed “humanitarian aid” to nations with governments that the globalist Deep State does not control completely. Regime change in Syria will be back on the table, along with endless war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond.

-Open-borders madness will accelerate, with the federal government and the UN working together to bring millions of “refugees” into the United States during the next four years. Biden will also be sure to make the world aware of the fact that U.S. border security is being handcuffed and neutralized, and that illegals will be hugely rewarded for coming to America.

-Efforts to entrench one-party rule in America will accelerate. This will include amnesty with a path to citizenship for tens of millions of illegal immigrants (and future Democrat voters), schemes to create more Democrat states such as D.C., Puerto Rico, and perhaps some additional states out of California, as well as packing the Supreme Court if Democrats get control of the U.S. Senate or can flip a few RINOs.

-The climate hoax will be resurrected, with Biden opening up the spigots of U.S. taxpayer money to breathe life back into the dead horse that the globalists have been beating for decades. The primary beneficiary will be Communist China as U.S. energy prices skyrocket, businesses become uncompetitive, and productive activity is shifted to China where the mass-murdering regime promised to keep increasing CO2 emissions until at least 2030.

-Globalism will be restored and reinvigorated, as Biden scrambles to rejoin every UN agency and agreement that Trump withdrew from. This includes UNESCO, the Paris Agreement, the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Migration Compact, UNRWA, and much more. The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the effort to “integrate” North America with the European Union will be back on the agenda, too.

-Biden has already promised to unleash the power of the federal government against Christians and others of faith. In fact, he said his top legislative priority was the “Equality Act,” which would mandate persecution against all those who refuse to bow to the LGBT golden idol. This would be just the start of the effort to neutralize and destroy the church. On the bright side, persecution always grows and strengthens the church.

-Gun control schemes will be rolled out quickly, both legislative options as well as regulatory schemes through the bureaucracy. While overt confiscation may not come immediately, gun registration will likely be a major step in that direction, beginning with semi-automatic weapons dishonestly described as “assault weapons.” Expect efforts to limit, track, tax, and control ammunition, too.

-The Constitution will continue to be shredded as the Obama-era plot to “fundamentally transform” the United States resumes at an even faster pace than occurred during the Obama administration.

How to prepare:

Pray. Pray. And then pray some more. Read your Bible. Assuming Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, get involved in a good, Bible-believing church NOW. With faithful church leaders, incredible communities come together in church congregations, and this will be essential to navigate the uncharted waters just up ahead. Don’t try to do it alone.

Get to know your local authorities. That means make a plan, and implement it, to meet and get to know your mayor, sheriff, police chief, city councilman, county commissioner, and so on. Relationships between patriots and Christians and their local leaders will be critical if liberty and individual rights are to be preserved in the years ahead.

Read and acquire books that might be helpful in these times. While that can and should include books on emergency medicine and such, it should also include theology, economics, philosophy, history, art, and so on. If civilization as we have known it crumbles, knowledgeable people with expertise across a huge range of areas will be needed to rebuild and persevere.

Make sure you have adequate supplies to last for a while if necessary. This includes food, water (have a plan a, b and c), heat, security, medicine, and whatever else you and your family might need. Try to at least get a little food going — plant simple but filling crops such as potatoes, maybe get a few chickens, make arrangements with local farmers, stock your pond with lots of fish, and so on.

God says if you don’t take care of your own family, you’re worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5:8). Make sure to take reasonable precautions to ensure that your family will be OK, even if the dollar crumbles, civil unrest strikes, the power goes out, a cyber-attack knocks out the grid, and other realistic possibilities in these turbulent times.

If you can get out of big cities — especially Democrat-run cities in Democrat-controlled states such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles — do it now. You will be much better off on every front if you can be in a more conservative area with better folks around. Plus, many jobs can now be done remotely.

Obviously — and this should go without saying — remove your children from public school immediately if you still have them there. There is no more dangerous place for your child — especially during these times. Do not let the government have your children under any circumstances.

Try to organize your finances properly. Personally, I prefer assets that cannot be inflated away (stolen) by the banking cartel such as stocks, precious metals, land, ammunition, and more. Obviously do not put all your eggs in one basket. If you can get any assets outside of the United States, that might not be a bad idea right now.

Many doctors I’ve spoken with — including some close to the White House who have been advising the Trump administration — are urging everyone to get a supply of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and other key products. Do your best to get some if you can. Also make sure to have a decent supply of prescription meds you might need, especially including essentials such as antibiotics.

If the descent into tyranny resumes at a relatively slow speed, many of these “preparations” may not be completely necessary. However, with the dollar being decimated, and all sorts of possibilities for problems, it cannot hurt to have a little extra of everything on hand. Canned foods might even end up beating the stock market over the coming years.

Of course, it would be wrong and silly not to point out that God could always intervene. Many millions of Americans have been praying for their nations. With the Supreme Court, Congress, and even the executive failing to do their duty, countless Americans are making an “Appeal To Heaven,” just like our founders did almost 250 years ago when all other remedies were exhausted. Amid all the darkness and evil, God it still working.

God also promises in His Word that He hears the prayers of His people. And they will not be ignored. What form the response might come in remains to be seen, but just as He has intervened for His people throughout the ages, He could do it again. When the founders appealed to Heaven and went up against the most powerful empire and military on Earth, it must have seemed hopeless. And yet, they succeeded.

While Christians have an obligation to be a light in the darkness, to expose evil, and to occupy until He comes, they must always remember that the hope of God’s people is NOT in this world. Regardless of what comes or does not in 2021, never forget Who is on the Throne — or the fact that He is coming back, not as a baby in a manger, but as Judge and King with Crowns and a Sword (Rev. 19:11-21) to smite the nations. Prepare accordingly.

33 thoughts on “Be Prepared for 2021: Good, Bad & VERY Ugly”

  1. Hi Alex – my family listens to your recordings all the time and I’m praying for you. So glad you’re a Christian :o) The best part of this entire article is the last paragraph!

  2. The failures are allowed, leaving the judicial for last. How else will the people realize how deep the corruption goes if they do not see it first hand? This will eliminate the Hitler-like comparison for TRUMP.
    So many are being and have been arrested, faced military tribunals and sentenced, even to death. We will have the options to view their confessions and deaths on TV soon.
    Pence being one of those sent to GITMO back in July 2019, when his plane was recalled, the call signs of that plane changed. I am wondering if John Sununu was taken at the same time for plotting the assassinations of POTUS and Tim Holmsbeth at that time?
    This clone as Pence is most likely going to betray TRUMP when he is given the task to decide validity of the voting. Then, JFK, Jr will be officially VP, since he has held that position since the recall of the Pence plane. Time will tell.
    Nesara/Geseara is in the countdown of the 120 day requirement. Even Putin resigned to enact it for his country. From what I hear, General Flynn will go forward with the insurrection Act, oversee the final arrests of the traitors revealed of late and quell the unrest.
    The Nashville bombing has been determined to be a Missile strike. See for further details.
    Keep up the great work and I will check back for your articles and video interviews.
    Happy Holy Days and a VERY Constitutional New Year! GOD WINS!

      1. Don’t Blink…it is all going down all around you.
        I will check back for an apology, that a REAL man of GOD would seek to provide.

        Or I will see you at the Throne of Judgement, when it is too late.

    1. You need to consider Jeremiah 17:5, rather than putting your trust in Donald Trump, “JFK Jr.” (who is deceased) and fake secret agents (Qanon) on 4Chan or wherever.

      My trust and my hope is solely in the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Period.

      “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” – Jeremiah 17:5

      1. Oh yes. Everyone is so boastful about GOD losing HIS child for your sorry asses.
        Think of how GOD feels, looking at your daily life of self gratitude and wanting.

        GOD chose to work through TRUMP and this administration to clean up all this mess, before HE reveals Himself on EARTH.

        TICK TOCK all you constantly quoting scripture, yet are not fit to model or lead anyone to HIM.

      1. Well, Debbie Downer, if you are not up on what is actually going on, all you have to do is ask. Otherwise, stay on the porch, little brain.

    2. Avatar
      Armored Avenger

      With all respect to the author here, I don’t know where you’re getting your information on ” Pence ” and others being held in GITMO, or anywhere else for that matter, but the rumors you might be reading sounds like ” Bitchute “. You need to do a better job with critical thinking, and turn on the ” Bull Sh#t ” filter. NO ONE has been arrested, tried, or executed for their crimes of Sedition, or Treason, although it SHOULD have happened during Donald Trumps first term. Anything you read on the alternative news sources requires a great amount of critical thinking and a very strong B.S. filter. I’m not saying it’s all garbage, but much of it is. The internet has allowed those, who are legends in their own minds, compete with legitimate news. It’s unfortunate but it happens. I’d love to turn back the internet clock, before it got so messed up by the Trolls and Hackers. Those were better days.

  3. You know, I agree with most all of your assessment [here it comes], “but”…that part about resisting the urge to defend our rights with force has me a little confused. You offer the possibility of some states moving toward succession as a possible worse case remedy. Really? So if the corrupt political establishment which is willing to resort to criminal, treasonous election fraud to achieve their goal and install an illegitimate government succeeds, then you think it is best to roll over and let them do it with the hope that some few states, at some point, might consider succession as an option and declare “MAGALAND”. Then we can all crowd in there.

    In other words dont fight for our country because the globalists would enjoy watching that. Just do what they say and we’ll figure something out down the road once they have all their restrictions in place. Is that what our founding fathers would have done? What did they do when the entire system was rigged against them? They presented their list of abuses to a candid world and then fought like hell to take the system back…and design in safeguards so it might not ever happen again. Those safeguards have failed, so you think the answer is to surrender and not fight to restore them? You know what, I say if the globalists are hoping to see a little hot civil unrest let’s give them a show. Let’s bring the fight right to their doorstep, up close and personal. We know who they are and what they’ve done and what they are planning to do. So let’s put the fear of God and righteous indignation into them. Not by destroying our neighborhoods and fighting amongst ourselves but by going after them wherever they can be found.

    Maybe when they realize they aren’t just spectators but a primary participant in the “show” they will begin to see things in a different light.

    Of course this is all just hypothetical.

    1. “Aye! Fight and you may die. Run and you will live, at least awhile. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our FREEDOM!”

  4. Persecution doesn’t grow the church. Popular myth. There are too many examples in the New Testament of the scattering of the church under persecution, for this prophesy to hold an ounce of water. It may strengthen those who remain, but that’s another issue altogether.

      1. Yes Alex, it would have been more accurate for me to say that, the church spreads and multiplies at the ‘cost’ of some, which are dispersed.
        Like you say, it wouldn’t be the global community it is, if not for that fact.

        God bless you for you faithfulness in this ministry,

  5. Alex, I found Liberty Sentinel after watching your interview with Greg Hunter. I appreciate a person who makes dire predictions, but they should be balanced by hopeful predictions.

    Let’s begin with faith in God. Meister Eckhart and Lester Levenson both taught that everything that God sends is good. There is no need to pray for anything except wisdom and acceptance, because God only sends what is good for each person. Furthermore, Jesus taught that one either has complete faith in God or no faith in God. It’s either one or the other. This is why wearing a mask is impious and why closing a church is a sacrilege. If you can’t find a church whose pastor, priest or rabbi has demonstrated and taught complete faith in God, you should “home church.” You do not need company to get close to God.

    Second, even though the global capitalists–and this is a dictatorship of the capitalist class, not a dictatorship of the proletariat–have very wicked designs for the world, God elected Donald Trump and prepared him for this moment. With God and brave people behind him the tide will turn. It won’t turn the way I or you would like it to turn, but there will be a turning. I agree with your assessment that the capitalists are going for broke this time, but Lin Wood promised that every lie will be revealed, and Ezra Cohen Watnik is the chairman of the Declassification Board. Once it gets out that high treason has been committed all support will quickly evaporate because most human beings are cowards.

    I don’t expect protests because the “activists” are undisciplined, unarmed and untrained, while the police, the military and the 2nd Amendment guys are with us. The “activists” would be better off scrubbing their social media accounts, changing their addresses and phone numbers and putting on a MAGA hat. I listened to a couple of vets discussing the troops who defend the Capitol being able to cut a man in half with gunfire, and they laughed at the outdated gear of the UN soldiers that are stationed in the U.S. Again, the president has an overwhelming military advantage as well as an overwhelming moral advantage.

    “No one comes to the Father except through me” — unless it is through another saint or even without one.

    1. Fair points, thank you. My “hopeful prediction” is at the end. I could not possibly be more hopeful, because I know that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that EVERY knee will bow. The Kingdom of God is eternal, and the Deep State will be absolutely pulverized. Hard to get more hopeful than that 🙂

  6. Trump must declassify everything and arrest all of these traitors. Doing things by the book, allowing our “system” to proceed, asking politicians and judges to “do the right thing” or waiting until Jan 6th, will only limit his remaining time to act. By arresting these traitors it would eliminate them from invoking violence and chaos in the USA. Trump must put the military in key democrat controlled cities to stop antifa and BLM from creating violence.

  7. I believe all good comes from God but faith in God does not preclude using common sense nor does it mean God will intervene while we sit on our couches and use prayer for an excuse to disengage. The one God of all Abrahamic religions has given us instructions on how to live and we can barely handle that. If we would just “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, most of out problems would disappear. As it is, we must have faith, which, according to the Baha’i definition, is knowledge plus action.” Let’s get up off our couches and follow our universal spiritual teachings to secure our future rather than wait for it to magically appear.

    1. Hi, Matthew Levine. Your belief that humans should take action to make their own lives better and for the betterment of the community they live in is, I think, shared by most priests and rabbis, as evidenced by the way they suspended the sacramental rites, closed their churches and synagogues and mandated masks. As spiritual leaders they failed the people they were supposed to lead, and no longer deserve their positions of leadership.

      For those of us who aren’t leaders, taking action to create a better life isn’t the worst thing a we can do, but it isn’t conducive to spiritual advancement because wanting creates karma, and karma leads to rebirth. The translation of the word karma is action—I say this without any comment on the Baha’i faith. Of course, people are at widely different spiritual levels in this world, which is what makes it so chaotic and periodically at risk for destruction. Destruction has only been averted through outside intervention, because the world is such an optimal place for growth that it would be a shame to lose it. We are told that beings are waiting in line to be born here for the growth experience, so if you are of a mind to have children you should do it.

      As far as how one should behave when there is so much evil afoot—and this evil is the rise of global capitalism, which began to take hold with the CIA’s installment of Ronald Reagan—there is a way to do good works and live a moral life while at the same time putting full trust in God. Donald Trump’s mentor, Norman Vincent Peale, wrote a guide called The Power of Positive Thinking, which, though flawed, points in this direction.

      The main flaw, as I see it, is Peale’s belief that greed is good. Greed is not good, and is not a sound basis for running a moral society. Communism, as it existed in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Cuba, wasn’t evil, either. It was only an attempt to get the greedy international capitalists, the banks, out of the government of nations. Don’t say, “Communism failed” without an honest accouting of everything U.S. foreign policy has done since WWII. The United States Constitution never sanctioned empire, arming dictators, making economies “scream” to subjugate them, foreign meddling, covert ops, coups, invasions, assassinations, color revolutions, rendition and torture, psychological warfare, or cyber warfare. Where did we get so many enemies, and why didn’t non-NATO countries have the same enemies we had? All of this carnage was on behalf of international, and now transnational corporations. It didn’t protect the people in any country and it bankrupted us.

      But aside from the flawed idea that “greed is good,” Peale gave some good advice. Trust in God first, do right, and things will go better for you and for society. You may have to go to work every day, but you should not be afraid of what would happen if you lost your job. You may have to stock up on food for your family, but you shouldn’t go overboard preparing: trust that everything is going to be all right. Gather with like-minded patriots, go to Washington DC on January 6 if you are able, but do it with a cheerful heart and without hatred for those who are trying to destroy the country. “Love is absolutely necessary if we ever expect to get full realization.” – Lester Levenson (

  8. Alex, your last name Newman is a very Jewish name such as Paul Newman. When did you become a Christian? Does your family have a long history of being Christians? I am disturbed by JBS refusal to connect Judaism with Communism, and because of it I give less and less attention to JBS because of this obvious flaw in their narrative. The Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish. Even the Mensheviks were Jewish. A simple reading of history will tell you this. Marx was crypto Jewish, as was very common in his day. Communist thought was born out of Jewish thought, and Jewish thinking on how to interpret end times prophecies. When the Jews rejected Jesus Christ, they became radicals, as E. Michael Jones exposes in his great book “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”. Judaism seems to overthrow Christianity and the Christian dominance of the world and replace it with their “New Age”. The original “New Age” was Christianity, but since Judaism rejected the true New Age, they seek to by the will of man (or should I say the sparks of AinSof) to usher in their version of the “New Age”. When John Birch starts openly condemning these heresies of Judaism and their evil globalist plans rather than just crying into the wind to be aware of the globalists, I will take JBS more seriously.

  9. Thanks “Greg Norris”…..You are absolutely right Newman is most definitely a Jewish name…AND you are aware of crypto Jews…..this awareness is not at all common today…BUT in 14th century Spain it was widespread.Other names include Marranos,Converso’s and “Nueva Christians”.The surname Birch is very much a crypto Jewish name,coming from the habit of Jews of having surnames of European trees species.
    The Spanish forgot their hard lessons….FRANCO is a sephardic Jewish surname….therefore the horrid Spanish dictator was almost certainly a crypto jew.
    This stuff about Trump vs Biden is pure Jewish theatre….they BOTH crypto jews.Trumps daughter therefore did not “convert to Judaism”…since she was ALREADY Jewish.Bidens wifes surname was JACOB….and Harris is very definitely a Jewish surname (see Rolf Harris in Britain as just one example)
    Boris Johnson spent time on a kibbutz in the 1980s and the Austrian president Fischer did the same in the 1960s…..just as a matter of interest.
    You could go on about other Western leaders like Morrison or Trudeau both Jews.All these crypto jewish leaders have one thing in common.BEFORE an election they say they will “clamp down on immigration”……after the election the third world invasion continues or even increases.THEY DELIBERATELY AND CALCULATINGLY LIE THEIR HEADS OFF with the connivance of the media which the Jews totally control.

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