Believe Leftist Hysteria Over President Trump’s CNN Townhall

By Christopher Adamo, 5/15/23

Leftists across America have been throwing absolute tantrums of indignation, ever since President Trump made his appearance at the May 10 CNN “Townhall” in New Hampshire. Yet in contrast to the contrived drama they often exhibit when seeking to lay claim to their phony “moral high ground,” the panic and tumult this time is very real. They find themselves in full “damage control” mode, attempting to rebuild their narrative after President Trump blew holes through it.

Though some effort is being made to point to “moderator” Kaitlan Collins at once as both victim of President Trump’s supposed attacks and “guilty party” for ostensibly letting him get away with it, the reaction of the townhall audience, and of so many people across America, paints a vastly different picture. To be sure, he was blunt to the point of being confrontational, calling out Collins as a “nasty person,” on account of her own confrontational and hardly “impartial” sham of “moderating” the gathering.

It was clear from the manner in which Collins attempted to contort and recast every topic of discussion into some sort of accusation against the President, that she had fully expected to conduct the gathering in the slanted and fraudulent manner for which CNN has become so tediously predictable and infamous. But President Trump was no more willing to allow such a course than he ever has been in the past. Among the New Hampshire audience and across America, people who have watched the devastation of our Nation at the hands of the Biden Cabal were effusive in their support of President Trump. This message is not being lost on the leftists who illegally wormed their way into authority.

In a government that is properly established of, by, and for the people, those in office are able to wield power in a just manner with assurance that they have the “consent of the governed.” In ugly contrast, while leftists/Democrats may have succeeded thus far in their efforts to steal the 2020 Election, the means by which they achieved their position does not give them the needed confidence and allegiance of the people on “Main Street.” So instead, they attempt to maintain their precarious position by constant, flamboyant claims of unassailable dominance, accompanied by venomous attacks against any who dare to disagree. As is the case with all illicit power structures, their paranoia is palpable.

Leftists may have infested our Nation’s highest offices, reaching all the way to the White House, but they have not established uncontested power, which is absolutely essential if they are going to succeed in operating as they hope to do. In the meantime, they’ll continue trying to project the image of such. And this, more than any other reason, is why America is assaulted on almost a daily basis by their latest outrage against the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and every other vestige of America’s former greatness. Only in that manner can they remind the populace that they are calling the shots.

This effort was clearly on display with Collins, as she incessantly sought to discredit President Trump, framing the topics of discussion to cast him in a bad light and put him on the defensive. Leftists should have learned by now that such transparent tactics simply do not work with a person who not only knows what he believes, but has the courage and boldness to explain why.

So it is that, in the aftermath of their total disaster that was the townhall, leftists have been frantically working to pick up the pieces and convince Americans of something very different from what they saw last Wednesday. Every Swamp Dweller from the far leftist Democrats inside the Beltway to their RINO minions/enablers have been disparaging and discrediting the President’s actions on any spurious grounds.

Though he produced copies of his posts on Twitter, proving that he did nothing to incite a J6 “insurrection” (as if one actually occurred), and showing Collins to be a liar, the narrative that he was guilty of such has continued unabated. If anything, their accusations are even more shrill and condemning in that regard. Similarly, Collins reiterated the leftist narrative that the 2020 Presidential Election was “legitimate,” and that it is somehow criminal to call out the flagrant corruption and manipulations in every jurisdiction where Democrats held power, by which the election results were clearly switched in the dark of night.

The ominous and chilling statement that the leftist political cabal and its Fake News lackeys make with all of this, is that they fully intend to further amass power by systematically shutting down the ability of “We the People” to oppose them. This effort began with the infiltration of the DOJ and FBI with agenda driven operatives who ignore their oaths of office, and give unwavering loyalty instead to the Democrat Party. The next phase involves the stifling and eventual suppression of dissenting voices across America. Finally, the total disarming of the citizenry will ensure that they are ultimately powerless to resist the movement, no matter how despotic and unjust it becomes.

To this end, leftists/Democrats regard the Second Amendment as their greatest remaining roadblock. The recent spate of mass killings, and the thoroughly scripted responses of every leftist with a microphone, from the nightly Fake News anchors, to every grandstanding Democrat in D.C., offer ample evidence of how they intend to wage this portion of the campaign. In the meantime, reaffirming their “narrative” as they expected to do in New Hampshire, and have been feverishly reciting ever since, is all that’s keeping their shaky cabal from facing accountability at the hands of the American people.

Leftists want us to ignore what every marginally honest person actually saw, on Election Day 2020, on January 6 2021, and ever since, in hopes that we’ll believe President Trump represents something really sinister and threatening to us. But he’s only a “threat” to them because that is how they view a Great America. In the end “We the People” are the real enemy they fear and despise.

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