Bestiality Taught in Australian School’s “Queer” Sex Class

What comes after LGBTQIA+ in the rainbow alphabet being taught to captive children? Many critics of the movement assumed it would be P for pederasty and pedophilia, and in some places, it is. But in Australia, it seems that “B” might be the next letter added to the ever-longer list of sexual and gender deviance. 

According to whistleblowers and outraged parents, children as young as 13 in a South Australia school were forcibly taught about sexual activities with animals as part of a “queer” LGBTQIA+ “sex education” class. The revelations drew outrage from parents and half-hearted apologies from “education” officials. 

The presentation in question at Renmark High School was delivered to 9th grade students under the guise of teaching about “respectful relationships.” It was so graphic and grotesque that multiple girls asked to leave the classroom to go to the “bathroom” just to get away before seeking help from their parents, according to ABC News Australia. 

Some students spoke out. “There was a slide for what the ‘plus’ means [in LGBTQIA+], and they just started randomly saying words that no-one knew, like bestiality,” explained Emelia Wundenberg, 14, one of the victims of the homosexuality- and transgenderism-promoting session. “It was on the board when they were showing what the ‘plus’ meant.” 

After the first refence, the presenter then got even more graphic, explaining human sexual acts with animals in detail while implying that it was normal and accepted by homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, and others. “They said [the queer community] just accepts all of it, even though … isn’t it illegal?” Wundenberg wondered.

According to Wundenberg, the “sex educator” who presented the material was also extremely graphic when describing her own sexual perversions and fetishes, describing herself as “confused.” The presenter also said that growing up she could not tell whether she idolized people or wanted to have sexual relationships with them. 

Another student, Courtney White, said she felt “confused” and “blindsided” by the indoctrination session. Among other concerns, White, 14, said teachers left the students alone with the “queer” sex ed staff. And then the brainwashing began. “The first slide of the PowerPoint on the board was ‘You can see queerly now’ and ‘No point hiding,’” she said. 

As the perversion became increasingly outrageous, Courtney and other girls became so uncomfortable that they had to leave. “We’re all just sitting there like, ‘What the hell? What are we doing here? Why are we learning about animals having sex with humans?’” she said. “It was really disgusting, it was really uncomfortable.”

The experience was so extreme that some parents have now formally pulled their children from the school. “My kids are in limbo,” said Courtney’s mom after removing all three of her children. “They’re not in an education department at this point. I’m not putting them anywhere until I know this won’t happen again.”

The school, meanwhile, is in damage-control mode, apologizing to parents and offering “counseling” to the traumatized students. “Sexuality educator” and “LGBTQIA+ inclusion” advocate Eleonora Bertsa-Fuchs, who as a “nonbinary” uses “Mix” or “Mx.” Instead of Mr., Ms., or Mrs., said it was important that all children learn about every kind of perversion.

However, she added, lessons on gender confusion and perverse sex acts including sodomy, fornication, and more should be conducted in a way that is “safe and appropriate.” Ironically, perhaps, she claimed the LGBTQIA+ “community” was the real victim in this latest scandal, too.

The explosive news comes just weeks after a transgender UN “expert” from Australia working on global regulations for children’s medical care from the World Health Organization was exposed sharing photos of bestiality with dogs. The expert, a woman impersonating a man who uses the name “Teddy Cook,” is an LGBTQ+ “community health” director in Sydney. 

Another perverted sex fiend down under, a popular academic from Charles Darwin University who specialized in crocodiles, was arrested late last year and charged with sexually abusing dozens of dogs, the BBC reported. The perversion was so horrific the judge asked security officers to exit the court. The perpetrator, Adam Britton, was also charged for child-abuse material.   

In California, as first exposed by The Newman Report years ago, government schools have already been caught normalizing sex between adults and children. When confronted by a mom about why they were teaching pedophilia, Brea Olinda School District Assistant Superintendent responded that raping children is a “sexual orientation that has existed in history” and so, “it’s really important” to teach it.  

Just as critics warned, it was only a matter of time before the perversion alphabet being forced on captive children in government schools grew to include more letters. It seems that P and B may be next as Western societies turn away from God, truth, morality, and common sense. Unfortunately, the devastating harm done to children is just getting started.

Originally published at FreedomProject Media.

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