Biden Administration Veering Off into Authoritarianism

By Chris Wright, 6/10/22

Government documents obtained from a DHS whistleblower show the agency’s Disinformation Governance Board is focused on U.S. citizens (not foreigners, as claimed), is engaged in operations (not just analysis, as claimed), and had begun work prior to the date DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas provided in Congressional testimony. 

The whistleblower documents also show the disinformation board was seeking commitments from social media platforms to censor content it didn’t like.  A board leader held meetings with Twitter executives. 

The board is currently ‘paused’ and the woman chosen to run it resigned.  After she left, Nina Jankowicz said anyone who criticized her and the board were “endangering our national security.”  Sieg Heil!   She had earlier said she shudders at the thought of free speech advocates gaining control of social media platforms.  Heaven forbid people should have their say.  You know, she can call it ‘disinformation’ but the fact of the matter is she’s talking about censorship, plain and simple – the silencing of opposition viewpoints.  But it’s worse than that.  She’s also talking about the imposition of government-approved viewpoints in their place.   We do not want the government in the business of deciding what is true and what is false for very good reasons I’ve laid out in previous commentaries.  She has proposed having supposedly “trustworthy” people like herself add ‘context’ to other people’s tweets.  This from a woman who had no trouble pronouncing the Hunter Biden laptop story Russian disinformation when no one any longer contests the laptop is genuine.  She was just plain wrong.  One small example of why we don’t want the government telling us what is true or what to believe.

And now we find our government was lying to us all along about the disinformation board.  They told us it was just a study group that would look at foreign bad actors feeding us bad information.  The fact of the matter is it is an operational group that was on the verge of using social media to censor U.S. citizens.  This is the iron fist of state control and it’s not the only way the Biden administration has been veering off into authoritarianism, lately.

The administration told schools to knuckle under to the transgenderism agenda or they would lose funding for school lunches and other federal programs.  Let biological males destroy your girls sports teams and allow them into girls locker rooms or the federal government will starve school kids until you submit.  South Dakota’s Governor has already vowed to fight this gangsterism in court.

The Biden administration in recent days has issued a secret subpoena to get the phone records of a journalist in a leak investigation and secretly been getting the results of home COVID tests from unsuspecting consumers.  Biden climate advisor Gina McCarthy threatened airlines with destruction unless they follow new sustainable energy rules.  They better go all-in on the rules “or they’re gonna be out of here,” she said.  She bragged in the same speech the administration would issue a hundred new rules on appliances this year alone.  This calls to mind Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote about King George who “erected a multitude of New Offices and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Put all this together with Joe Biden openly talking about jailing political opponents who don’t follow his rules and the January 6th Committee openly persecuting its political enemies and you can see things are headed in the wrong direction. 

Let’s get one thing straight:  these politicians and bureaucrats work for us.  We are the Sovereign.  They are not supposed to be censoring us, telling us what to believe, forcing their sexual agendas on us, secretly gathering data on us, or smothering us with swarms of new rules.  They might have the power to do so at the moment, but they are without question jack-booted thugs and you really should stop supporting them before they find a reason to come after you.

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