Black Democrat Congresswoman: Biden Cheated, Trump Won

Former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney, a black Democrat from Georgia, said that without massive vote fraud for Joe Biden, Donald Trump won the election.

Blasting “miscreants” in places of authority, McKinney called on Trump to keep fighting to drain the swamp and expose evildoers.

Now it is time for every legal vote to be counted so President Trump’s victory can be certified in the Electoral College, said McKinney, a progressive who has allied with the liberty movement on issues of mutual concern.

According to the firebrand ex-lawmaker, it is time for the evil forces in D.C. to be exposed and cleaned out once and for all.

“What the president must do is stay the course and expose it all,” added McKinney in a 20-minute video commentary.

Watch excerpts from the video:

In an interview with Alex Newman at the Red Pill Expo, McKinney previously has attacked Deep State lies and efforts to steal freedom from all Americans by dividing and conquering them.

Watch the video:

7 thoughts on “Black Democrat Congresswoman: Biden Cheated, Trump Won

  1. all people want there freedom everyone will eventually catch on to what these globalist are trying to do.its amazing how obama trained the media and the FBI and cia to work together against the Republicans

  2. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney,

    Thank You! For taking the time to be a true fair Democrat to view the issues from the other side of the room. All we the people from the right want is A Fair election and the hope that it will continue to be fair as per our Constitution that governs both sides, not just one. Thank you for speaking up. Respect to you greatly from a Republican.

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