11/14/2020– Some Americans were outraged at the announcement that Ticketmaster was going to FORCE Americans to get an untried, experimental mRNA vaccine before they could ever enter a live event again. Billboard Magazine came out just days after the presidential election to announce their new rules for going to concerts and other events.

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While outlets like the BBC have walked back the forced vaccination and contact tracing, Billboard has not done that. According to Billboard’s article:

After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection) or test negative for coronavirus approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert. The length of coverage a test would provide would be governed by regional health authorities — if attendees of a Friday night concert had to be tested 48 hours in advance, most could start the testing process the day before the event. If it was a 24-hour window,  most people would likely be tested the same day of the event at a lab or a health clinic.


This raises some serious questions about health privacy and how legal, or Constitutional, it is to keep an event away from people who are not vaccinated and tracked. It also should raise privacy issues with your smartphone releasing medical information to a large company for their services. While it seems like a major infringement on human liberties, it is important to note, there is no vaccine currently available for Covid.

The best there has been, so far, is an announcement by Pfizer that their early results seem to indicated that their mRNA vaccine shows 90 percent safety and efficacy. This 90 percent number is odd on its face because the flu vaccine only shows around a 44 percent efficacy rate if you want to believe those numbers. The full study and numbers by Pfizer have not been released publicly for others to review. However, their stock was dumped by CEO Albert Bourla upon the announcement and Wall Street rally. No actual evidence was shown. No clinical trials were released. Only a “press release” was given to Americans, and the stock soared. It is projected that Bourla made three times his base salary off that transaction and the spike that he, himself, created. Insider trading?

While people saw vice-president Joe Biden as a return to normal, it seems like we are going to get something quite different. Dr. Fauci seems to believe it is “time to do what you’re told”. Michael Osterholm, who ran “Operation Dark Winter” for the Obama administration will be selected by Joe Biden, if he becomes president, to lead during this health crisis. He has already floated a full 4-6 week nationwide lockdown which will be much harsher than the first one. However; government-funded news like the BBC are scrambling to go to bat for Billboard.

The BBC claims that, “No, Ticketmaster won’t force you to have a Covid vaccine” in their new article. Their piece hinges on the fact the Ticketmaster may just make you get a Covid test 24-72 hours before the event instead of a vaccine. That information would be given to a third-party willingly by you, so SEE, your health information isn’t being released unwillingly.

After purchasing a ticket, fans would need to verify they had been vaccinated (offering one year of protection) or had tested negative for coronavirus 24 to 72 hours before a concert or sporting event.

Ticketmaster would never have access to medical records, and would only receive verification of whether a fan is cleared to attend an event on a given date.


While it is important to point out THERE IS NO VACCINE available for injection, and there is no data released to investigate, the BBC article relies on a lot of innuendo. It is a privilege to go out with friends to a concert, so you do not actually have to go; therefore, you will not be forced by Ticketmaster to get a vaccine or a swab shoved up your nose. You may only need one if you want to attend their events.

If airlines, stores, and jobs adopt this same posture, it is effectively a forced vaccination and test. You do have options, of course. However, those options will be to sit home and remain on house arrest while the “medical dictatorship” marches forward.

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