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11/4/2020- Christian, Conservative activist Bevelyn Beatty was STABBED IN THE BACK while defending another man in the street early this morning.

Three Black Lives Matter activists ambushed Christian activist, Bevelyn Beatty around 3:20 AM this morning. The stabbing took place at the 700th Block of 14th Street North West in Washington, DC. While there is video of the attack, the violent ambush was also confirmed by the DC Police.

Footage from the attack appears to show Bevelyn Beatty and members of the Proud Boys being stabbed by three BLM activists in all black. The confrontation started when another man was being attacked verbally across the street. Bevelyn, and her party, went across the street to stop the confrontation where it turned into a violent act of terror.

The three members of BLM have still not been identified or brought into custody. The attackers were two black males and one black female. They were wearing all black, except for the female, who was wearing orange leggings and a grey coat. The second Bevelyn was stabbed in the back was captured clearly on video during the chaos.

Bevelyn Beatty was hospitalized after the vicious attack where half of her lung collapsed, and she suffered liver damage. Another man, who stepping in, was bleeding from his neck, and according to police reports, two men and one woman were treated for wounds after the vicious attack.

Beatty is best known as a pro-Trump activist, but she is an evangelist, pro-life activist, and speaks out against the political violence of BLM all over the country. She has also been very vocal in the liberty movement.


Video taken from the ambush this morning.

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If you have any tips, please send them to the DC Police. Follow this website, our YouTube, and radio for future updates or statements.

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