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Unraveling the Narrative with Alex Newman Starts TONIGHT @ 9PM EST

July 1, 2020Fear sells. Controversy sells. And right now, division sells. The greatest weapon in the oligarch’s arsenal is the television. COVID-19 lockdowns have us right where the “social controllers” want us. We are forced home, running out of money, increasingly dependent on the government, and stuck watching whatever fear porn that shows up on the TV. We are then asked to accept EVERY WORD of that propaganda without question. Some of us know people that really do believe every word of these ever-changing narratives. If we don’t comply with the mob, the consequences could be ostracism, termination, or persecution.


Here, at Liberty Sentinel, we do our best to build relationships with Constitutional patriots, human rights activists, philosophers, Christian leaders, and political experts to give you the REAL story behind the narrative. Founder, Alex Newman, has fearlessly done a full series called “Behind the Deep State” for years, and he has spent his own money to cover stories that other people were unwilling to cover. You can find his great series with The New American here. His hard-hitting reports have earned him partnerships with the John Birch Society, Epoch Times, and Freedom Project USA. Tonight, we start a new chapter of independent journalism, and we need your help.


My name is Sean Jackson. I have over 15 years in mental health, ethical workplaces, and marketing/propaganda. I have used that experience to bring several large companies to market and train salespeople. I have an inside perspective on the tech CENSORSHIP that is going to affect all of us, sooner than later. Prior to being an editor at Liberty Sentinel, I spent my own money to test censorship on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. I will publish those results soon because no one should waste money trying to advertise with tech oligarchs that seek to ban their voice. In my personal journey, the subjects I have found to be censored the most are; education, history, eugenics, Christianity, and critiques of large corporations. Every time I have had Alex Newman on to speak about education, YouTube has hidden the video, or they have deemed the content to be political. While this sounds like complaining, it is not about me. It is about YOU and your IDEAS! Community has meant everything to us, and the only way people find our page is by sharing it with neighbors, friends, and family. As I am writing this article, Alex Newman has been censored from Google’s search engine. If you noticed, Liberty Sentinel was brought down this week!

IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO US, it will happen to YOU! That has been the motto for the social experiment I have been conducting for a year. No matter what guest we booked, who tried to promote us, how much money we spent, there was no interaction with any of our content. The view count would rise, but who knows if anyone actually saw it. Imagine being a young journalist with an URGENT story to tell, and no one can hear it. Imagine you have vital information, and no platform will pick it up.

Some of your favorite channels are disappearing by the day. Stefan Molyneux was recently kicked off YouTube for “hate speech” after spending 15 years advocating for civility and resolving our differences with words. Dr. E Michael Jones was just removed from Amazon for having a Christian view of history. Canadian Professor, Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, was just removed from all social media for fighting Marxism in an inflammatory way. Meanwhile, we can all see the vile, hateful, and violent videos, tweets, and posts that stay up on these same platforms. Our “leaders” are attempting to subvert America by silencing anyone who dares to spread unity or fight totalitarianism.

WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT BACK. The future of our country depends on it. New journalists need to be heard. Marxists need to be exposed and debated for their ideas. NO ONE should be silenced with threats of force, or any other means. The tech giants are so powerful, they have been incrementally silencing Americans until they can work their way to the President of the United States. That is how much power this minority conglomerate holds over our lives. However, WE believe there are more of us. WE have the truth on our side. WE investigate stories deeper. WE will build bridges and expose people to ideas that they may not want to hear with your help. TONIGHT, the first episode of “Unraveling the Narrative” with Sean Jackson and Alex Newman will be live.

It will be a NEW format and community for those of us who want actual information, not just propaganda. We will depend on you to help us beat the censorship until we gain enough patronage to bring your ideas and concerns to the national debate ASAP. The official launch will come in August, but we want to cover the questions that YOU have. We want to tell the stories that YOU find important. Most importantly, we want to dig deeper than the propaganda you are force-fed, so YOU can be informed. If you have not bookmarked this page, please do. It may be the only way you find us in the future. The link to our first full show will be below so that YOU can participate, share it with friends, and help wake people up to the real problems that we face as Americans.

When more links are added, we will report on them. When we all work together to spread our liberty-based community, we will add even more content and hard-hitting interviews. If you would like to support the show financially, it helps us get more placement, and eventually, it will help us find a network; however, we are not doing this for money. We are doing it because we need a community of like-minded patriots who can see through the propaganda. Only then, can we wake up the rest of our neighbors up to the real threats that we face as Americans.


All tips can go to [email protected] or leave it in the comment section. If you’d like to get notified of shows, please put “list” in the subject.
This will be the first of many places you can participate LIVE.

***Supporting Alex through his links supports us putting the show on more platforms.

***Venmo- @PUSHFitFam (Just Dani our producer) is still active, and it will be updated to match the program soon.

DISCLAIMER- PLEASE do not donate money that you do not have. SPREADING LINKS is just as important.

***If you do have the means, we commit that every penny will be spent on getting YOUR voice heard on more platforms. We are looking to do this fully viewer-funded, and we will continue to work hard for our community.

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