Brutal Violence Against Teachers is at “Crisis” Levels

Teachers are under attack — literally. Violent and indoctrinated students in government schools across the United States and beyond are increasingly beating not just each other, but even their teachers, according to a flurry of nationwide reports based on a survey that found startling levels of violence against educators.  

According to the survey of over 8,000 teachers in 34 states, over 70 percent reported having been subjected to physical violence by a student. Over half of the respondents said they were attacked more than once or even “many times,” various Cox Media-owned outlets reported about the findings.   

The escalating violence is part of a trend that is causing an exodus of teachers and has alarmed policymakers and parents. Even among those who have not been violently attacked — yet — “verbal abuse” has been encountered by virtually all of the respondents in the survey.  

Among those responding to the survey, more than two thirds said the violence has caused them to consider leaving education. The “crisis,” as experts are calling it, has become so severe that it is now being discussed in the halls of Congress and in state legislatures across the United States.  

The attacks have included savage beatings such as one at a high-school in Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania, that resulted in a broken jaw and required multiple surgeries. WPXI Channel 11 reported on an arrest in another Pennsylvania school after a student punched, choked, threw on the ground and assaulted four teachers in one incident.   

One teacher in the Carolinas, who asked not to be named, told WSOC TV that she simply could not take it anymore and had to flee. “I would have loved to continue teaching for another three, five years, but due to the behaviors and the lack of support, and the safety issues, I didn’t feel safe,” she said. 

“I’ve been kicked, I’ve been pinched. Students have tried to bite me, I’ve had bruises on my legs from that,” the teacher added, suggesting that the violence against teachers was becoming routine. “A student threatened to throw a chair at me. Another colleague was shoved and punched in the stomach.” 

What finally pushed her over the edge was a second-grade student threatening to shoot teachers and students, only to come to school a few weeks later with a realistic toy gun. Making matters worse, she said, school administrators did not take the threats seriously, with the child not even being suspended as a result. 

Similar news is coming out of Canada and the United Kingdom. According to a survey of teachers in Ontario’s Waterloo region, almost all reported experiencing “workplace violence.” According to teachers’ association chief Patrick Etmanski, the violent attacks have become a daily occurrence for many of the members.  

“We’re talking about physical violence,” he was quoted as saying by tax-funded broadcaster CBC. “We’re talking about kids throwing things. We’re talking about punching, hitting, kicking, biting, spitting, swearing. We’re talking about the whole gamut of violence from kids who are as young as four all the way up to our kids who are in Grade 12.” 

Educational Assistants Association of WRDSB President Colleen Dietrich Sisson echoed those concerns. “It’s absolutely out of this world how many people are getting hurt,” she said, pointing to a “mass exodus” of teachers. “We started our school year off with three concussions right out of the gate in September. And it’s just gotten worse.” 

According to Dr. Susan McMahon, who led an American Psychological Association task force investigating the growing violence against teachers, the schools are perhaps just a “microcosm” of the “larger society.” “I think it’s certainly a crisis in our country,” she was quoted as saying in media reports.  

The epidemic of violence in government schools is fueling calls for more “mental health” programs — a scheme to enrich Big Pharma by shoveling tax money into its coffers by putting more and more children on dangerous and ineffective psychotropic drugs. Many of the commonly used drugs feature “side effects” including suicidal and homicidal ideation.  

But what the students really need is not more tax-funded drugs or “mental health” surveys prying into their private lives and families. In fact, such schemes would be the equivalent of pouring jet fuel on the dumpster fire that is “public education.” Rather, the children need an education that is based on transcendent truth.   

Some of the violence facing teachers across the West is undoubtedly a result of mass immigration from violent societies. And some is a result of dangerous drugs forced on children under the guise of “mental health.” Broken families with children growing up in fatherless homes with no discipline certainly contributes, too.  

But ultimately, the true source of the escalating terror facing teachers, children, and society is the diabolical worldview masquerading as “education” imposed on children. When children are brainwashed to believe there is no God and life is meaningless, it produces deadly fruit — the very plague now destroying not just children, but civilization itself.  

8 thoughts on “Brutal Violence Against Teachers is at “Crisis” Levels”

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    Richard Hawkins

    This godlessness in the government controlled schools goes hand-in-hand with the godlessness in the rest of our culture with the escalation of lies, fraud, deceit, division, civil govt tyranny, riots, property damage, etc. Seems the days of Noah per Gen 6:11-12 are coming quickly upon us.

  2. The number one problem is lack of enforcement and teaching in the home. When chaos exits in the home it easily spills over into the streets, and the community at large, and the schools. Immigration of illegals, an aggressive vaccination schedule, fatherless (absent) homes—whereby, children, especially boys, have no behavioral training of acceptable, respectful behavior, including restraint of negative emotion, and liberal ideologies—administrative policies orchestrating poisonous indoctrination—-These are the main culprits.

    Relegating responsibility to ‘the state’ to provide the role of teaching our children starting in the home with intact families and extended families, is an egregious mistake. The term “It takes a village” refers to intake families and extended families.

    “They,” the marxist, globalist ideologues who propagate the erosion of the moral, civil, spiritual, and social fabric of our Country, will continue to celebrate the demise of America. They do so now with brazen, blatant arrogance. As Americans we must raise our heads up high, ramp up our diligence, and turn our voices on loud and clear!

  3. Regarding your thumbnail photo – if you aren’t comfortable with showing the correct demographic that perpetrates most of this violence, don’t show anyone at all. Lots of people are really getting sick and tired of YT being demonized in the media.

  4. Great article Alex. Sadly this is nothing new. What is new is that in the 60-80’s teachers could discipline. Many parents were involved. They came to school to assist. Sending a letter from school, going to the Dean or the principal’s office meant something. Getting an F or an A meant something. Yes there were drugs but not as a first resort. “Broken families with children growing up in fatherless homes with no discipline” was one and still is one of the biggest problems. And then came Dr. Spock. Gone were rules and boundaries. Gone was be the best you can be. Everyone got a trophy and nothing matters except “me”. Students have no respect for themselves so they can’t respect someone else. And then they graduate. They can’t read or write or do math and they become teachers. We continue to strive for incompetence.

    Is America worth saving? Get your kids out of those indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.

  5. That’s funny how you show a picture of a White male child. You and the members of your synagogue must get a kick out of that, defaming White children.

  6. I have to agree with JOE, using a White kid on the front, like this is a White problem and not a black or mexican problem is about as corrupt as you can get. This Alex guy is part of the problem, you need to clearly identify the problem in order to address it and being a chicken or a synagogue member and trying to paint White people as the culprit is a cover up or normal White hatred from the tiny hat people.

  7. Avatar

    Excellent article Alex! I see the representative child pictured as any child with no attributes from the article to indicate any particular race. I applaud your journalism, and regret the negative comments of others who can’t see past the image. God Bless you and your work. Keep it coming. We share your articles with our imprisoned citizen hostages who are grateful for what you are doing!

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