California Is Exporting Revolution and Stealing Your Kids

By Chris Wright, 9/13/22

This is outrageous. California just upped the ante in the culture wars. The California legislature, with overwhelming support from Democrats, just passed a bill to have the state take legal custody of minors who travel from other states seeking transgender drugs and surgery. The bill is on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, awaiting signature. 

California is not content with messing up its own children’s lives.  Now, it wants to mess up your children, too.  It is exporting revolution to the rest of the country. But, first, California will have to get it through the courts because such an assault on parental rights is unconstitutional and may well violate federal laws determining which state courts have jurisdiction in child custody matters. Observers are urging Republican state Attorneys General in other states to challenge California’s move. “Other states’ attorneys general will not sit idly by as California steals children from parents who don’t want them sterilized with these trans-treatments,” one observer said. Also, the bill is vague on who would actually take care of these minors, with observers noting the foster care system is already overburdened. 

California’s move is made all the more outrageous by the fact the wheels are falling off the whole phony transgender narrative. An upcoming documentary exposes a lot of the things I’ve discussed in previous commentaries – the cynical transgender-industrial complex just out to make a buck, the artificial driver of social contagion infecting entire groups of kids who are falsely made to think they are transgender, and the cover-up of the regrets expressed by de-transitioners whose names are legion, at this point. 

The filmmaker is a lifelong Democrat in California who is generally supportive of the LGBTQ community.  But she accuses educators and a therapist of driving her autistic, gender-confused daughter to mental breakdown and “catastrophic ruin” with transgenderism. The mother, after realizing four out of five of her daughter’s friends were identifying as transgender, asked the therapist about social contagion but got no answer. That’s malpractice. 

The filmmaker also takes direct aim at the claim kids will commit suicide if they’re not allowed to transition, a claim that’s meant to scare parents into submission.  “This is a total lie,” she says. “In our film, we have a therapist who specializes in counseling de-transitioners, and she says this is precisely the opposite.”  Her view is backed up by the research.  Researchers making the claim about suicide and their willing accomplices in the media were later debunked by other analysts who pointed out the original data showed transgender drugs and surgery made no improvement in depression in the kids who were studied.  On hearing the news, the University of Washington which participated in the study decided to keep quiet about it instead of correcting the inaccuracies that had appeared in media accounts. 

Other recent news also blows up phony the transgender narrative.  A whistleblower said the American Academy of Pediatrics deliberately squelched any serious examination of the issue before embracing transgenderism. Children’s National Hospital in D.C. was caught on audio admitting they give gender-denying hysterectomies to minors under 16, rendering them sterile for life.   Meanwhile, it came to light at least 13 U.S. hospitals are in the business of performing gender transition surgery on minors.  Ca-ching, Ca-ching!

A girl who had her breasts removed at 15 expressed regrets, pointing a finger at school staff and medical professionals who facilitated her gender transition without any serious examination of what was going on with her. They laid the suicide guilt trip on her parents, beating them into submission.  “No child should have to experience what I have,” she says. “My consent was not informed, and I was filled with modernism.”

The modernists in California won’t be happy to hear that. But despite the wheels coming off the phony transgender narrative, they’re doubling down – exporting revolution and stealing your kids. Maybe Florida and Texas should pass laws offering sanctuary to California kids who feel threatened by the state’s recent law lowering the age of consent, making them easy prey for child sex abusers.  Turnabout is fair play. 

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