Canadian Professor Makes Ultimate Sacrifice to Fight Marxism

Dr. Ricardo Duchesne should be teaching the next generation of Canadian students historical sociology, but instead, he was convicted of “wrongthink” by Canadian state-run media, spineless professors, and culture warriors who look to destroy all debate. Their narrative must be the only narrative, and anyone who does not conform must be destroyed, according to charlatans. He is now an “outsider” in the debate on the prevalence of Marxism in academia and the impact of forced multiculturalism in the West. Meanwhile, Canada is attempting to flush him down the “memory hole” 1984 style by slandering his name, stealing his career, and limiting his reach. This has not taken him off the front lines of this battle for freedom. In fact, it has given him more resolve as he exposes the false-song of a Marxist Utopia and reminds us that the right to speech and debate is an ABSOLUTE right granted by God.

We were lucky enough to grab an interview with the educator at Liberty Sentinel, and we hope that it inspires more people to get involved and communicate without fear of labels. Dr. Duchesne is no white-supremacist, despite the media’s attempt to label him one. He has a very simple argument with a lot of evidence to back it up. “The West is the best”, and you will not be destroying that so easily while he is still around. It was created over time by freedom-loving European Christians, and they openly welcomed anyone who wanted to add to that civilization and escape tyranny. The West combined the best philosophy, art, mathematics, Christian ethics, and science developed and refined by Western European Christian cultures. He does NOT downplay, or exclude, any race of people that have contributed over time. In fact, that is the whole point that is lost on his critiques.

Dr. Ricardo Duchesne reminds us of our history and the importance of honest debate. He stands in the way of the globalist agenda to collapse The West, including Canada, through forced integration led by the UN, and he will not stop pointing that out. That is his sole “crime”. He has been open to debating anyone on philosophy, immigration, multiculturalism, and intersectionality. He tackles that debate fearlessly during a time that gulags do not seem so far-fetched. This is the norm in some countries. Not everyone lives like people do in The West. “Not every culture is the same”, and some ideas are not compatible with the high ideals of The West, so if you plan on fleeing a despot dictator, please be respectful of those who risked their lives to create the most free, prosperous system in the world by learning that history and keeping its spirit alive. No one dares take Dr. Duchesne’s debate challenge head on except for anonymous twitter accounts and state-run media slander campaigns.

There can be no debate when dealing with communists. There is only compliance and obedience in this Culture War waged by Marxist governments and lockstep media globally. You may not like his methods. You may disagree with his hyperbolic statements, but he is dragging the Marxists and enemies of Western society out in the open for all to see. The fact that no one will honestly debate him gives credibility to something we all know. There is an open global conspiracy to loot the West, and replace it with people who will not remember the crimes of our oligarchs. It was George Orwell who wrote, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Can you blame the people who flee persecution and tyranny for the “milk and honey” of The West? Of course not. However, you can blame covert bad actors, unelected bureaucracies, and social controllers who have used mass immigration, state-run infiltrators, and foreign lobbyists in an attempt to destroy Western culture for profits.

Donald Trump won over unemployed Americans who have been victims of globalism when he proudly claimed that not every culture was the same, and we have a right to control our own border and commerce. We need to assimilate people into Western Culture before we continue the destructive policies that will certainly lead to its collapse. There has been slow movement on that issue from the Federal Government, so it is up to us to keep the rhetorical debate alive, and educate those around us. Dr. Duchesne could retire from the public eye anytime he wants, but he chooses to take this conspiracy head on. This is not a race-based argument. It is not a dog whistle. It is simply a call to stop abandoning your duty to speak out against destructive government policies that threaten our liberties, ideas, and the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. He truly is a Faustian Man in a Multicultural Society and a beacon of hope that through cooperation, we can openly debate, find common ground, and look for solutions to stop the technocrats who seek to destroy centuries of Western development, not add to them.

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