Capitol “Insurrection”: Will Americans Ever Grow Wise To Alinsky?

First, it needs to be established that while so much of the mayhem and vandalism occurring at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was perpetrated by antifa infiltrators with the intent of making real conservative patriots look bad, many of those who breached the boundaries and entered the Capitol were indeed on the right. Had that not been the case, the victim of the wanton police shooting would have been a leftist, and flags would be flown at half-mast for her from coast to coast, for at least a month.

With emotions running so high, it may be risky to address the realities of the situation, and more specifically the deliberately stoked and overblown backlash from the media and the political class. Nevertheless the truth needs to be told. Unless people have a clear perspective on what actually happened in the aftermath, and how they were thoroughly emotionally manipulated by the “ruling class” and its media minions, they will never properly sort through all of the propaganda currently being dumped upon them.

The left is in all of its evil “glory,” claiming indignation and fear, though its actual exuberance over its apparent “victory” can hardly be contained. On the basis of this single event, when magnified as shamelessly and hypocritically as only leftists can do, they believe all of their lies, corruption and treachery of the past four years, and particularly since Election Day, are somehow “vindicated.” Worst of all, RINO lackeys and even genuine Conservatives feel enormous pressure to genuflect at their feet and beg for absolution.

This is how Alinsky works. Leftists issue some profound “moral” decree that somehow seems to have weight despite its transparently self-serving nature and its stridently hypocritical contrast to their actual behavior. Such an obvious ploy would quickly fail, were it not for the ever-present sycophants on the “right” who respond to the scope of such proclamations, and the universal endorsements that instantly flow from the Fake News lackeys. The combined effect of shameless leftist “moralizing,” now reinforced as a “bipartisan” consensus, creates a presumed “universal truth” to which all must defer or be deemed heretical.

On this basis, all of the criminal abuses of power perpetrated under Obama, all of the systemic corruption of America’s “Justice” system, all of the anti-American treachery of the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, all of the hideous sex-trafficking involving underage girls and high officials on Epstein’s Island, all of the needless suffering and death of Covid lock downs, and all of the looting, arson, brutality and destruction by leftist rioters during the past eight months must be completely ignored. The stonewalling of pro-America policy, the outright theft of the 2020 Presidential Election, and the impending nightmare of full-blown socialism must be immediately accepted with blessings and adulation.

Americans don’t want these things, but now they are mandated to accept them, under penalty of being universally classified as “domestic terrorists” and thugs. The looming dangers of the leftist agenda are henceforth beyond criticism. Something far more egregious, we are told, happened to America. For a few hours on Wednesday, protestors entered the U.S. Capitol. And with shameless “righteousness,” the blame is affixed on President Trump. End of story.

Now, for the foreseeable future, every discussion of any current even must open with a condemnatory reference to the Capitol episode that is suitable to appease the leftist priesthood. Anything less will be immediately and hysterically decried as “inciting further violence.” In the face of so much fanfare and brazen sanctimony, pressure to “go with the flow” is often overwhelming, even for real conservatives who inwardly recognize the hypocrisy and duplicity but lack the courage of their convictions.

Of course beginning any political discourse on this basis puts those on the right at a distinct disadvantage, even when debating such defining issues as the necessary makeup of the Supreme Court, the historically disastrous pitfalls of socialism, or the crucial nature of maintaining American sovereignty. And that is precisely why the left is so brazen and phony with its selective “moralizing.”

Yet it occupies this place of tactical advantage only because the moral timidity of its conservative opposition allows this to be the case. Things would go so much better for real conservatives if they ever learn the specifics of how this “psyop” war is being waged against them. Sadly, most on the right, even the sincere ones, seem totally clueless as to how they let themselves be manipulated. An understanding of the enemy’s tactics is often the best weapon against it.

Some good can still come of all of this. Leftists are vastly overplaying their hand. They always do. The consuming nature of unfettered arrogance invariably has that effect and it is certainly on parade now. But their phony indignation over the desecration of the U.S. Capitol already rings a bit hollow in light of their wanton destruction of any and every U.S. monument on which they could lay their seditious hands throughout all of last summer.

Still, they issue their clarion calls for retribution against President Trump. Predictably, their RINO “Never Trumper” toadies now feel “validated” and are spewing their own venom more prolifically than ever. But their presumption of a sympathetic general public is once again wrong-headed. The real sentiments on “Main Street” are far from being in line with either the D.C. Swamp or its Fake News minions. Any connection between the two is fleeting at best.

The “dust” will settle. And when it does, it will become abundantly clear to the American people just who resolutely stood for what is right and good for our nation, as opposed to those who mindlessly bowed to the criminality and treason of the left. Cowardice and subservience are on full display and will indelibly attach themselves to every unworthy public official who postures and panders during this time, from the ever insipid Mike Pence down to those Senators and Representatives who failed to stand against the election theft. Americans are being betrayed in this moment of seeming political “convenience.” Regardless of what the future holds, this must never be forgotten.

4 thoughts on “Capitol “Insurrection”: Will Americans Ever Grow Wise To Alinsky?”

  1. Thank you for this Article. Sadly, the USA is not the only country under the ‘spell’ of Saul Alinsky. We in the UK, under a previous Prime Minister, David Cameron, openly ascribed to the ‘Big Society’ vision. Now we are blanketed with Covid lies, fraululent ‘rules and regulations’ imposed from adhering to unelected pseudo-scientists and police brutality, neighbour ‘snitching’, and a loss of free speech. But today may bring in change!! May God bless you and keep you in His Truth!

  2. You sir are a delusional authoritarian twat. The only people wh study or practice rules for radicals are Reich wing assholes like yourself.

    Stop the division. Drink done hemlock

    1. You just made the author’s case Blo Me! Call the other side exactly what you are, and accuse them of what you are doing. It doesn’t work anymore. Your frivolously chosen identity for posting tells me that you still have some growing up to do.

  3. I certainly hope the “dust” settles, but I don’t know if there will be any improvement considering the apathy of the American electorate.

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