China Buying Swamp Creatures

Joe Biden is meeting with Australia, Japan, and India today to see what can be done about the inroads China is making in the Asia Pacific region.  Maybe he should worry about the inroads China is making in Washington.

Former senator and U.S. ambassador to China Max Baucus has become a talking head on Chinese propaganda outlets where he criticizes the U.S. rhetoric on China as something out of the McCarthy era or Nazi Germany.  Baucus has a consulting firm with Chinese business clients and board ties to Chinese companies.  I guess he knows where his rice bowl is buttered.

Joe Biden’s nominee for ambassador to Poland took $1,000 for making a speech from an advisory group for communist China’s ruling Central Committee.  Critics wonder how effective he will be in coaxing European allies not to be drawn further into the Chinese orbit.  He is on record praising China for trying to change the international order and for railing against people whom he says are “demonizing” China.  Oh, and he also has a consulting firm with regular business in China where, his website says, he is frequently welcomed as a featured speaker. Other Biden ambassadorial picks also have ties to China. 

A Biden EPA official is on leave from his employer, a Chinese-controlled university in Hong Kong.  Observers worry the fact he didn’t resign signals he intends to return to the university after he leaves the EPA.  They also worry his science policy work will be skewed as the Biden administration works to advance climate change solutions that benefit China.

Progressive Democrat state and local elected officials have been collaborating extensively with a Chinese propaganda ministry set up to “neutralize opposition” to China and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”  The officials have taken trips to China paid for by the People’s Liberation Army.  China has targeted them because they are considered future swamp creatures, i.e., rising stars in the Democrat Party. 

A former Treasury Department official is now a lobbyist for a Chinese surveillance firm on the Pentagon’s blacklist of companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. 

Starting to get the picture?  You might recall a video from some months ago showing a Chinese professor bragging about how U.S. elites have teamed up with China to take control of America.

Thomas Friedman and others admire communist China and say we should become more like them.  If that means authoritarian rule, genocide, and walling off the Internet from the world, no thanks.  The screechings of Washington swamp creatures who are in China’s back pocket need not be taken seriously.  As I say so often, follow the money.

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