Choice Is Fine; Mandates Are Not!

This article by Thorner is not meant to declare the Covid vaccine shot ineffective, but to raise a few issues about the jab, as it is so often described. 

In that the public is hearing very little negative about the vaccine unless an on-line search is done, this alone should raise a red flag.  Is the government holding information back from the public that it should know? Social media certainly is. 

In the final analysis, everyone must decide whether they want to be vaccinated for Covid. 

The government should not be able to dictate that shots be had by all.

No one vaccine suits all, whatever the vaccine or medication might be. 

Following are four Covid articles of interest that Thorner felt were worthwhile to pass along to readers. 

Inventor of mRNA Interviewed About Injection 

The following is an excerpt from an interview in which Bret Weinstein, Ph.D., an evolutionary biologist, interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology and Steve Kirsch, an entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID-19 gene therapies – their conclusion: 

The current vaccines are particularly contraindicated if you have already been infected with COVID or are under age 20. For these people, I would say ‘NO! NO! NO!’ because the Spike Protein Is a Bioactive Cytotoxin. The COVID-19 “vaccines spike protein is biologically active causing severe problems. It’s responsible for bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems as explained by Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Alex Pierson, Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., who all discuss previously unseen research obtained from the Japanese regulatory agency through a freedom of information act request. The study was a bio-distribution study done by Pfizer, which showed that the mRNA in the vaccine does not stay in and around the vaccination site but is widely distributed in the body, as is the spike protein.

More on Malone and Kirsch 

As the scientist that actually invented the technology that makes the COVID jab possible, Malone also reports how this introduction has been ethically compromised to make informed consent absolutely impossible for the average person. 

As written hereMany months ago Malone warned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that the spike protein — which the COVID-19 “vaccines” instruct your cells to make — could be dangerous. The FDA dismissed his concerns, saying they did not believe the spike protein was biologically active. Besides, the vaccine makers specifically designed the injections so that the spike protein would stick and not float about freely. Well, they were wrong on both accounts. It’s since been well-established that, indeed, the  SARS-CoV-2 spike protein gets free, and that it is biologically active and causes severe problems. It is responsible for the most severe effects seen in COVID-19, such as bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems. 

Kirsch recently published the article, “Should You Get Vaccinated?”  It’s a review on how and why he’s changed his mind about the COVID-19 “vaccines.” This, after he got both doses of the Moderna shot, as have his three daughters. 

As to Kirsch’s change of mind:  This podcast of June 19, 2021 informs that the Covid Vaccine Spike Protein is Very Dangerous- it’s Cytotoxic and Why Effective Treatments Are Being Suppressed.    

Data from Israel about vaccinated men and boys

There is also Israeli data showing that boys and men between the ages of 16 and 24 who’ve been vaccinated have 25 times the rate of myocarditis (heart inflammation) than normal. Even with that manipulation, the number of deaths reported post-vaccination against COVID-19 is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. According to Kirsch, the rate of death from COVID-19 shots exceeds that of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years and it’s about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,7 which historically has been the most hazardous. 

VAERS information 

There is a huge jump in Covid 19 vaxxed related deaths occurring all around the world.  VAERS is the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System where doctors reported side effects, and individuals,from vaccines.   The program was set up when the vaccine manufacturers were given massive protection from people suing them if something were to happen to their loved ones.  

The latest VAERS data released showed 329,021 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 5,888 deaths and 38,442 serious injuries between Dec. 13, 2020 and June 4, 2021 

World Health Organization Now Says Children Should Not Be Vaccinated, Also Reports of J&J Vaccine Recalled

As reported on June 21, 2021, CTH has received anecdotal and unconfirmed reports the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine has been pulled from the market.  Three independent reports, from 3 different retail pharmacies, have highlighted instructions to send back the J&J vaccine.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now recommending that children SHOULD NOT get the vaccine: { LINK

WHO – […] Children should not be vaccinated for the moment. There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines. (link) 

How can colleges and schools require a COVID vaccine when the WHO is now recommending against it? 

All of the above is just “food for thought.”  The decision is yours to make. Given the most recent VAERS date report cited above, the reported number of adverse events, deaths, and serious injuries are very low in comparison to the millions of COVID-19 shots that have been administered throughout the world. 

Choice is fine, but mandates are not!

4 thoughts on “Choice Is Fine; Mandates Are Not!”

  1. 6-25-21, Thank you, Nancy. Excellent report – shocking so many Americans are accepting the ‘jab’ when so many experts proclaim its danger.

    Sorry our good President Trump was also duped into it.
    Glad to see today he put out a statement that children must not receive the shot.

  2. Avatar
    Carl Lambrecht

    Alll medicine is not met for all people.
    For this reason all vaccines are not met for all people.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. Nancy Thorner is a courageous voice for science and public health at a time of mass hysteria. God bless her.

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