Coming To Grips With The Two Americas

In a clearly unintentional moment of “candor” from the 2004 John Kerry/John Edwards presidential campaign, Edwards attempted to create a divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” in society, with his infamous reference to the “Two Americas.” But quite apart from its intended tribute to socialism as the key to utopia, the term caught on. Since that time, America has clearly fractured to a degree not seen since the years immediately preceding the Civil War. And if that comparison sounds ominous, it should!

The incessant efforts of leftists/Globalists to concoct bogus “criminal” charges against President Trump are again coming to a head this week with more talk of the President’s imminent arrest and prosecution. The perpetrator in this case is Alvin Bragg, a hard left political player who operates under the guise of being a New York District attorney. His attack on the President has nothing to do with upholding the law, stopping subversive activity, or keeping streets safe for honest citizens. It is clearly politically motivated.

Worse still, the behavior of other “Republicans,” and in particular 2024 “Republican” presidential hopefuls, has been more reflective of sharks who sense blood in the water. Were they at all concerned with the acute danger that this situation poses to the Constitution and the rule of law, they’d be outraged and fighting against such an obvious threat to every free America who dares to dispute the thoroughly corrupt system.            

Instead, responses have been tepid and measured, as if this is just one of the many playing fields of “politics as usual.” But such a fundamental threat to the very fabric of America holds the potential to put every citizen in jeopardy, not only in this generation, but every generation to follow, until such time as it is either expunged from our midst, or the Nation succumbs to it in a fall into despotism.

Everybody is ultimately on one side of this outrage, or another. Fence sitters prove themselves to be “useful idiots” of the ascendant tyranny, even if some of them call themselves “Republican.” Thus far, aside from President Trump, only Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has mustered the principle and spine to say what needs to be said. Sadly, he’s nearly a lone voice in properly characterizing this abhorrent situation, calling for Bragg to himself be prosecuted and jailed for such flagrant abuse. The rest of the “Republican” field is exhibiting all the inspiration, patriotism, and leadership of Jeb Bush.

Efforts to relegate this latest villainy to “politics as usual” are indefensible. It reeks of the most debased of third world tinhorn dictatorships and the darkest days of Soviet despotism. Rather than reflecting the ideals of freedom and equal justice for all, as espoused by the Founders, the actions of Bragg, and the absence of righteous outrage over them, bode of Stalin’s long standing chief of secret police Lavrentiy Beria. “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.” was his infamous quote. And the fact that such thinking has wormed its way anywhere into American jurisprudence, even down in the leftist cesspool of New York, is a very bad omen of where this Nation is heading.

Not surprisingly, the leftist Democrats and their RINO lackeys happily join in this insidious game, with Adam Schiff, Adam Kinzinger and several others of their class on the same fetid page. Grandstanding as if they are on some sacred “moral high ground,” they exuberantly condemn President Trump for a total non-crime. Quibbling over campaign spending on that scale is so far beyond hypocritical, coming as it does from the D.C. Swamp, where literal trillions are selectively expended to buy votes and “loyalty” from constituents.

And if we’re going to talk about the suppression of politically damaging information during a campaign season (the supposed premise of Bragg’s attack), absolutely nothing can compare to the most hideous of all such events, the abandonment of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the staff of the American Consulate in Benghazi, in the fall of 2012. Neither Obama, nor Hillary, nor Susan Rice and all of their transparent efforts at a cover-up were ever brought to the justice they deserved. Furthermore, the expense for that fiasco was paid not only in human blood, but with the total devastation of America’s standing on the international stage. But that’s “old news.” Just ask the hypocrites on the left, both on Capitol Hill and in the Fake News media, who insist we obsess over a bogus charge from a fading porn star.

Still, it is crucially important to recognize that this situation is not a game. This is no time for political angling and jockeying. Anyone who can’t recognize it for the grave threat to America that it is, proves himself to be wholly unfit to lead.

Make no mistake about it. The weaponization and perversion of  so-called “justice,” into something that can be wielded against a prominent political enemy, and hence against the entire populace, with intent to dominate and control it, is the most heinous of crimes ever to be committed against the American people. Such is the end game of every foreign aggressor, who would sink our ships, fire on our troops, or lob bombs into our cities to achieve uncontested power over us.

In the same sense that leftists were allowed to violently rampage throughout 2020 under the guise of “mostly peaceful” protests, committing brutal assaults, arson, looting, and even murder with no repercussions, they were then fully able to redefine January 6 of 2021 on their own fraudulent terms. Now too many of us live in fear that if we don’t step lightly enough for them to give us permission to oppose their crimes, they’ll declare our opposition to be “sedition,” and impose harsh penalties on us. In essence, we believe our civic duty to be surrender, so they don’t accuse us of engaging them in a fight for America.

Americans had better wake up to the gravity of the situation in which we now find ourselves. This is not some mere horse-race or pro-sports event where one can afford to simply pick a favorite player, rooting for him and booing the opposing team. This is a pivotal battle for the very future of the Nation, and will define it, one way or another, as the place where we raise our children and our grandchildren.

A faint-hearted response at this crucial juncture could irreparably lose it all.

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