Communist Revolutionaries Openly Back Biden-Harris 2020

The ongoing merger between the Democratic Party and the fifth column of communist revolutionaries seeking to overthrow America is almost complete, with the bizarre affair finally coming out of the closet amid the 2020 election campaign. In fact, some of America’s most hard-core and prominent totalitarian leaders are openly calling on their supporters to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November.

Foreign communists also reportedly have a strong affinity for Biden. According to former U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker, citing Communist Chinese propaganda organs and their open support for anti-Trump forces, “it’s becoming increasingly evident that Joe Biden is China’s preferred candidate in the 2020 presidential election.” Biden’s history of fealty to Beijing documented by Whitaker makes that unsurprising.

Domestically, the communist support for Biden is obvious, too. Revolutionary Communist Party (Revcom) Chairman Bob Avakian, a Maoist revolutionist and obvious narcissist who describes himself as “the most important political thinker and leader in the world today,” released a statement in August openly calling for communist cadres to vote for Biden in addition to their normal “revolutionary” activities.

“All appropriate means to work for the removal of this [Trump administration] regime must include voting against Trump,” he explained in the statement. “To be clear, this means not a ‘protest vote’ for some candidate who has no chance of winning, but actually voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Biden, in order to effectively vote against Trump.”

While Biden is still not an ideal candidate since he operates within what Avakian views as a corrupt system, at least Biden “is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule, with everything that means,” said the communist leader, whose acolytes normally do not participate in elections. Even if Biden wins, though, Avakian vowed that “there will be no ‘return to normalcy.’”

Instead, the ongoing communist revolution in America will simply enter a new phase in which the revolutionists will “build a continually growing movement” and “strengthen the organized forces for an actual revolution to overthrow this system,” Avakian said. He envisions “a whole new framework of human emancipation,” which he describes as “new communism.”

Numerous prominent communist leaders have made similar comments. Former Communist Party USA vice-presidential nominee Angela Davis, for instance, declared on state-funded Russian broadcaster RT that the left should vote for Biden in 2020. The reason: the Democrat U.S. Senator can be “most effectively pressured” to submit to communist demands, the Soviet sycophant explained.

Modern-day Communist Party USA (CPUSA) bosses are also working hard for Biden. CPUSA co-chair Rossana Cambron, for instance, told party disciples through CPUSA mouthpiece People’s World that voting for Biden was a “strategic action to remove Trump.” Fellow CPUSA co-chair Joe Sims echoed those remarks, calling the Democrat Party an “imperfect vehicle but still a vehicle” for advancing communist goals.

That feeling among communist leaders is not new. In 2015, CPUSA chief John Bachtell publicly urged communists in America to get behind the Democrat Party because it was a “vehicle” that was being “utilized” to advance CPUSA objectives. The next year, multiple communists and socialists sat on the Democrat platform committee. By 2018, Bachtell was hobnobbing with Communist Chinese leaders and boasting of how wonderful the “new world order” Beijing is building will supposedly be.

The reasons that the murderous far-left has embraced Biden’s campaign are hardly mysterious. Consider, as just one example of the escalating Democrat candidate’s extremism, that one of Biden’s top contenders for VP, U.S. Representative Karen Bass (D-CA), frequently praised late Communist dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro of Cuba. Biden has also been more than accommodating to the radical left in America and beyond.

This election season, Biden even openly joined forces with self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie “the Bolshevik” Sanders, a man who proudly promotes socialism in America and literally went to the slave empire known as the Soviet Union for his honeymoon. Biden and Sanders actually collaborated to write the extreme new Democratic Party “Unity Platform” that will fundamentally transform America if implemented.

The “Unity” with a proud socialist earned Biden the support of former communist terrorist Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground terror group that partnered with Cuban intelligence to set off bombs and murder police across America. According to the FBI operative who infiltrated the organization’s leadership, the WU plan was to “liquidate” the tens of million of Americans who they believed could not be re-educated in concentration camps. Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, launched his political career in Ayers’ living room in Chicago.

After Revolutionary Communist leader Avakian’s Biden endorsement, the Trump campaign released a statement emphasizing the danger and warning that Biden was not fit to be president. “He’s nothing more than an empty vessel for the extremist fringe of the Democrat Party, a terrifying cabal which now includes active communist leaders,” explained the Trump campaign.

So far, Democrat leaders have refused to disavow Avakian or their many other totalitarian supporters with an infatuation for mass-murdering tyrants and dictatorships. In fact, by selecting the far-left Harris as VP and working with Sanders on the “Unity Platform,” Biden appears to have openly embraced the totalitarian left in a way that is unprecedented in American history.

The significance and implications of these developments for America and the liberties Americans enjoy are hard to overstate. Every nation that has fallen under the control of communists promptly descended into an orgy of murder, torture, shortages, rationing, violence, and misery. In fact, estimates suggest that communist regimes slaughtered more than 100 million of their own people in the 20th century. America is clearly not immune.

This article was written for and was originally published at Illinois Family Action.

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