COVID Derangement Syndrome: Lies, Lies and More Lies

You might be one of those people who absolutely refuse to look at anything from the political Right because you’ve been trained by the Left to believe everything on the Right is ‘fascistic’ and ‘reactionary’ – whatever that means.  I ran into another person like that over the holidays.  But you owe it to yourself to take a look at how your government has messed up the response to COVID by getting you to believe the most insane things.

Your government wants you to believe that cloth masks are effective against a tiny virus.  But the WHO admitted there is no evidence masks are effective against COVID.  One flawed study claiming masks work had to be redone and the revised results showed almost no difference.  Other studies show surgical masks don’t work in operating rooms and some of those studies concluded disease transmission is actually LOWER when surgeons don’t wear them.  A former FDA commissioner just said cloth masks do not protect against COVID.  It’s crazy to go on believing masks work. 

It’s also crazy to go on believing the lockdowns ultimately did any good when an examination of 400 studies concluded that COVID “mask mandates, lockdowns, and school closures have had no discernible impact of virus trajectories.”  There’s no evidence any of these things work.

Then we have the whole obsession with COVID vaccines while effective treatments for COVID illness get overlooked or shut down.  Ivermectin is safe and effective but your government doesn’t want you to have it.   In addition to previous evidence from India and Japan that Ivermectin works, we now have evidence from Brazil.  COVID hospitalizations and mortality were cut in half in a southern Brazilian city after Ivermectin was offered as a prophylactic to every resident.  It’s crazy for the government and medical associations to threaten doctors with losing their license for prescribing Ivermectin for their COVID patients who want it.  But the government is also trying to disrupt other COVID treatments.  Florida wants more monoclonal antibodies, but the federal government says no.  Over a hundred studies show a strong correlation between high levels of Vitamin D and better COVID outcomes.  But when was the last time you heard Dr. Fauci talk about Vitamin D?  Senator Ron Johnson and others accuse Fauci and the entire public health establishment of deliberately sabotaging the use of cheap and effective generic drugs like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for COVID.  It’s crazy to go on believing public health authorities have your best interests at heart when they are deliberately trying to keep safe and effective treatments away from you.

The COVID quackery never ends.  Fauci just admitted the number of child hospitalizations for COVID is grossly inflated.  Authorities include children who happened to test positive for COVID when they are in the hospital for something else.  Then there’s the whole PCR test fiasco.  The CDC just admitted the PCR test cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu and withdrew emergency use authorization for COVID testing.  Also, it turns out that the Pfizer vaccine does not really protect you 95 percent of the time, as the results of clinical trials are often portrayed.  The marginal benefit of the Pfizer vaccine versus being unvaccinated is less than one percent.  This is because, contrary to what public health authorities want you to believe, the risk of contracting COVID while unvaccinated is very low to start with.  The 95 percent figure is a statistical gimmick and the text version of today’s commentary gives you a link where you can read up on it. 

It’s also crazy to go on believing everything you are being told about COVID when the people giving the advice are making money off the pandemic or gratifying their lust for power by getting to control you.  The federal CARES Act gives bonus incentive payments to hospitals for COVID testing, diagnosis, certain favored treatments, and vaccinations.  As much as two-thirds of the federal COVID relief money to reopen schools was diverted to new sports facilities and other non-pandemic uses, a watchdog group found.  The head of the CDC just said its COVID guidelines are based on what the agency thinks people will be able to tolerate.  And you thought they were following the science.  Pushing you as far as they can get away with might be political science, but it’s not science.

Fourteen days to flatten the curve.  Get vaccinated and your life can go back to normal.  Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask.  Get a test, don’t get a test.  Sorry, but you have put your faith in people who can’t even put their underwear on straight, or who are trying to line their own pockets in all this, or who get their jollies from controlling you.  It’s crazy to go on believing them and all the crazy things they tell you.  I call it COVID Derangement Syndrome, but I know many of you will go right on believing them regardless of what I say here today.  You’re not thinking clearly, and I feel sorry for you. 

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