Critical Race Theory: A Spiritual Pox on America

                Americans of every racial background who love and cherish this country must first recognize that the anti-white onslaught of the past year is actually not in any way about ethnicity. Rather, it is an attack on Western Civilization as the forbearer of America, and more specifically, the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. Many Americans of every ethnic background, who love this country and have thrived in it, are appalled at such flagrant bigotry and will have nothing to do with it. Conversely, a major portion of the venomous anti-white mob agitators are themselves white leftists.

                This is how the left operates, and how it always has. The goal is to undermine and eventually destroy the moral/spiritual tenets of a great America, on the premise that those ideals were not always flawlessly undertaken and therefore must be discarded in their entirety, to be replaced with the “utopian” bliss of Godless socialism. It makes no difference that, by any standard, the nightmarish consequences of Marxist ideology (the real monster behind the veneer of socialism) have been the cause of vastly more suffering and death in every nation where they have taken root, than those things Americans failed to get right in the beginning. Nevertheless, the country needs “fixed,” and leftists are convinced they are the ones to do it.

                For such an abhorrent transformation to take place in a nation, it must first abandon its ideological roots. And the recent leftist war to destroy every worthy vestige of America, on the basis that such things reflect “whiteness,” is just the latest incarnation of that effort. Over time, race mongering has proven itself to be a workable tool to divide, exploit, and manipulate. So it should be no surprise that leftists are reverting to it once again.

                Of course many wrongs and injustices of the early days of the nation did need to be corrected. Though the founders could not reconcile their differences on the issue of slavery on a timely enough basis to deal with it while throwing off the yoke of British oppression, they were diligent to put the mechanisms in place to confront it, once American independence had been established. And the tide moved inexorably in that direction, from the moment America achieved control over its destiny. This was by no means an accident.

                The Judeo-Christian principles undergirding America were fundamentally incompatible with slavery or any form of racial inequality, which is why those relics of our flawed, human past were eventually expunged from any legal standing. Once by war, and thereafter by a continued awakening of conscience leading to new laws, the equality of station, as free American citizens, was eventually achieved. Those who recognized the enhanced opportunities this presented to everyone rejoiced and seized upon the moment. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows, the Marxist leftists bided their time and sought every occasion to stir up strife and sow discord.

                As a nation, Americans had overwhelmingly abandoned institutionalized racism, and for several decades prior to the end of the last century, they had increasingly enjoyed the universal societal benefits of authentic equality. Sadly, with the ascension of Barack Obama in 2008, an event that many naively presumed to be a final milestone signaling a truly “color blind” America, racial discord suddenly and dramatically resurged. It has been steadily escalating ever since. This was entirely by design.

                Still, during the Trump Presidency, blacks were enjoying the lowest unemployment rates in history, and the future looked bright for all who recognized the opportunity to “pursue happiness” and achieve success as a result of diligence and effort. Prospects for a leftist remake of the nation were bleak. Enter “Critical Race Theory,” an ideological concept of projected bigotry, painting America with a broad brush of accusation and presumption. America, we are told by CRT devotees, is inherently racist simply because America is overwhelmingly white.

                Leftists cannot ply their sick/twisted ideology in a happy and prosperous society, given that the actual impact of their agenda is entirely negative. Hence, they must create the conditions of squalor, despair, and frustration from which people will look desperately to others for a “cure.” The nation has seen little else from leftist Democrats for a very long time.

                Fake News minions tirelessly seek any pretext to pound the “systemic racism” mantra. Predictably, the leftist sewer of public “education” became a hotbed of indoctrination of the next generation. Children are daily being pummeled with every venomous lie from the left, to convince them that racism is an inescapable aspect of humanity, with some inevitably being victims, while others are inevitably guilty, not as a as a result of attitudes or actions, but all on account their skin color.

                                On this basis, the anti-social behavior of minority criminals is “justified,” since they are presumed victims of “systemic racism.” The only actual consequence of such twisted thinking is an increasingly aggravated state of racial discord, and an imputed “guilt” of any person or institution daring to criticize it. What those who accept this ideology do not seem to grasp is that such an outlook can only hamstring them and undermine any prospect they might have to improve their lot in life. It was therefore predictable that minority communities would be hardest hit by the escalating lawlessness of such jaded thinking. Certainly, those leftist activists stirring the cauldron are fully aware that this is an inescapable consequence. And that is precisely their goal.

                It is most tragic that a venomous teaching of this nature has wormed its way into the Church. Worst of all, it is no longer confined only among those wayward denominations that decades ago discarded their Bibles to embrace the lies and perversions of the leftist counterculture. It has now gained a toehold even in some Churches that had previously enjoyed standing for good, Biblical teaching on Faith and Family in America. The pernicious “guilt by decree” of CRT was apparently too tempting for them to rightly discern and shun, despite its universally injurious effect on all who embrace it.

                The leftist mantra and deliberately broad brush of “systemic racism” is an accusation looking relentlessly for any excuse to claim validity. And where none exists, it will create one. That is how “The Accuser” has always operated against humanity throughout history. We are told by Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew, that “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.” An ideology that teaches one Christian to view another, not as a fellow human being created in the image of God, but as someone possessing inherent malice and enmity, based solely on physical character traits, is an ideology that promotes the very essence of bigotry and hate. As such it has no place in genuine God-fearing Christian circles, or anywhere among decent civilized people, for that matter.

                Perhaps it took too many among us far too long to learn that lesson. Yet we cannot deny that we are better off for having learned it. Are we then going to let past lapses be sufficient reason “unlearn” it so quickly, and revert to the former state of reflexive suspicion and resentment? That is precisely where such a malignant path inevitably leads.

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