Critical Race Theory: Lies on Silly Lies to Destroy Society

Day after day news stories hit the airwaves, websites, and news feeds discussing the violence and division all across the country.  Many of us wonder: Why are we going backward in race relations?  Why is there such anger, violence, and outright hatred?  

There are some reporters who, in a round about way, are describing the symptoms, the injustices, the hypocrisy, and some of the players in what’s happening. But they are almost always missing or failing to articulate and name the root cause.  

So, what is it?  What the heck is going on?  In short… Critical Race Theory.

Black Lives Matter organizers and far left “progressives” are almost all followers of the postmodernist, neo-marxist offshoot called “Critical Race Theory.”  This is the root of all the turmoil.  

The events unfolding are an implementation of “the long march through the institutions” as conceived by Rudi Dutschke, (influenced by Antonio Gramsci), along with critical theory concept teachings of the Frankfurt School and further refined in the late 80’s by combining them with Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw’s “Critical Race Theory” (and Intersectionality Theory) (“CRT” or “CRIT”).  

They came to the conclusion that revolutions, to be successful, take patience and proper planning, 15 years at least.  In that time frame an ideology can be indoctrinated in 3 generations of young adults. Thus, a “long march” approach needs to be taken to own their minds and create activists/revolutionaries.  

The first generation is taught to train new professors and activists in the ideology with the goal of taking over Academia (the universities).  They have, for the most part, succeeded in accomplishing that.  Future generations expand to public education and every influential institution and company possible.  They are very close to accomplishing this as well.

Maybe some of you are fully aware of this but I can tell you as someone who’s spent most days for the past decade studying the Democratic party’s move to a more far-left extremism, the message never got through.  My light bulb went off when I watched the James Lindsay video referenced below.  All the puzzle pieces came together.

This video is a must watch:

If you want to better understand and combat what’s actually going on in our country, you need to understand Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Postmodern Theory.  James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose are the best resources.  Spend some time on their website, if you haven’t already, and on their twitter feeds – (much of the content in this article was derived from their website content, tweets, or interviews).  They have also written a best selling book called “Cynical Theories” which takes a deep dive into the history and growth of Critical Race Theory along with a critique of the cult of so called “social justice”.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a complete rejection of liberalism and the enlightenment.  All the concepts we learned and know about making society more just and equitable are now considered racist.  Humanism, color-blindness, freedom of speech, and even the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. are denounced.  Do you believe in and aspire for a world based on “Character Not Color”?  If so, according to CRT, you are a racist.

(CRT) teaches there is no objective truth nor reality (except group identity, intersectionality, and power). Everything you think you know has been “socially constructed“, a “white way of knowing”.  These constructs (“whiteness narratives”) were designed specifically to put white people in power and are occasionally modified by the bare minimum, called, “Interest convergence” (e.g., every civil rights advance) to keep white people in power.  Essentially, the idea that society is “systemically racist” because it is built on the ideologies and discourses of Whiteness.

Therefore the U.S. and all its institutions are systemically racist and need to be “deconstructed” or “decolonized”, which are pretty words for, destroyed and replaced.  That “Systemic Racism” extends to and includes all of American/Western culture – language, science, medicine, literature, legal system, institutions etc. and the Constitution as well.

According to “CRT”, the reason anyone (not just white people) might find that offensive, ridiculous, or wrong is because of unconscious (or hidden) racism that is systemic in each of us, embedded (socially constructed) by the current system and Western ideology, which happens to be, yes you guessed it, a system/ideology purposely designed to keep white people in power.

CRT claims that every white person, without exception, “is” racist.  If you are a person of color or “marginalized identity group” and disagree with this premise, you are suffering from internalized racism/oppression (“false consciousness”) or are traitorous (“white adjacent”).  

If you are white and disagree with this premise then you “don’t yet see it” or are “refusing to see it.”  Your socially constructed beliefs are so embedded that when this is revealed it often causes great discomfort. So, you may likely resist and either act out defiantly, remain silent, or disengage (leave).

Doing any of those things including arguing, disagreeing, or attempting to explain why the theory is wrong is you exhibiting “White Fragility.”  By the way, exhibiting “White Fragility” is considered proof of the premise that you are a racist.  Denial of the accusation is proof of the accusation.  It’s manipulative circular reasoning which is a tactic often utilized by cults.  A Kafka Trap.  

The only acceptable option is to agree and admit you are a racist and “do the work” which is “lifetime study” to become what they call “anti-racist.”  If you become “anti-racist” you are still a racist (and always will be) but you accept you are a racist, become better at “seeing racism in everything,” and become an “ally.” That means fully agreeing with CRT and actively promoting all its tenets.

The only solution to racism, according to “CRT, is to “Year Zero” the United States. (See Pol Pot) That means completely dismantle the system (i.e. the United States) and start all over. Erase everything of our history (statues destroyed, language/words redefined, classic literature and movies “canceled”) and rewrite our history with a new narrative (e.g. “1619 project” or the book “The Half Has Never Been Told”).  

This acts much like a cult and has been implemented similarly. After “teaching” (indoctrinating) these activists in University for 30-some years they have expanded out of Academia and into the larger world, injecting this evil like a virus into Corporations, Religion, (e.g. Southern Baptists) and every other bedrock institution under the guise of “diversity, inclusion, equity, and unconscious bias training.” It’s being embedded everywhere.  The D.I.E acronym is fitting as its end goal is to quite literally kill liberalism, western culture, and our country.

Most Americans over 30 know nothing about this.  “CRT wasn’t taught in University until the late 80s, early 90’s and even then it was limited to fringe disciplines in the humanities. Academia thought it so void of reason they ignored it.  Huge mistake.  It is now often mandatory curriculum for all students and included during orientation.  We are now seeing the impact that this curriculum has had.  

CRT is also being mandated in Corporations by often well meaning CEOs through things like “unconscious bias training,” “diversity, inclusion, equity workshops,” and the like.  

CEO’s often don’t know what underlies this “training” because “CRT is purposely disguised by using words like Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Unconscious Bias, Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias. But, these words and their definitions as defined by CRT and D.I.E trainers are not what we grew up learning them to be.  These words as they are commonly understood are altered (re-defined) under CRT in an illicit rhetorical maneuver. Once training begins their new meanings are revealed and the theory is taught in a way that demands and enforces ideological conformity.  

HR departments have been overrun by the graduates of “CRT (which they are specifically trained to infiltrate).  Soon after, they lobby for new code of conduct statements, followed by C-Level Diversity and Inclusion Officers. All done with the intent to transform the entire company and fill it with CRT proponents and activists.

One of the main mistakes being made is calling them social-justice warriors, snowflakes, liberals, leftists, and especially identifying their politics as identity politics.  Using these terms is one of the main problems the public has in recognizing what we/they are up against. 

Most people simply think these “Progressives” and “Black Lives Matter” “activists” are just liberal democrats farther to the left.  They aren’t.  This is far more pernicious than that.  CRT’s explicitly reject liberalism, humanism, and other traditional left (or right) ideals.  They aren’t remotely similar. 

So, what to do?  As they say, Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

There are well meaning people, CEO’s, business owners, parents, etc., who are promoting and allowing their employees and children to participate in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity “anti-racism” seminars and classroom curriculum.  But are they aware that these words and their definitions as defined by D.I.E trainers are not what we grew up learning them to be?

Under the original dictionary definitions it seems perfectly reasonable to implement such workshops.  Who wouldn’t want to teach and advocate for kindness, fairness, and equality between all people?  But under Critical Race Theory (CRT), D.I.E meanings are re-defined, altered, and teach quite the opposite. 

CRT is a belief system around concepts of whiteness, privilege, and fragility and includes the “truth claims” that:

-An invisible power system exists that perpetuates racism throughout every aspect of society.

-Racist systems require power, therefore only white people can be racist and all white people are racist. This invisible racist power system is called “whiteness.”

-Whiteness pervades everything and so is always present whenever white people do or say anything. It is impossible for white people not to behave in racist ways.

-White people are generally unable to see the invisible force of whiteness and need theorists (D.I.E trainers) like Robin DiAngelo and Ibrahm X Kendi to explain and reveal it to them.

-Whiteness results in white people being privileged and it is always “essential” to focus on this privilege to the exclusion of all other factors that could help or hinder a person.

-White people cannot bear to be confronted about their racism and as such react defensively when revealed. This is because they have “white fragility” and are thus psychologically fragile.

-Any attempt to disagree with this definition of racism, whiteness, or privilege is simply a manifestation of this fragility. Being quiet or going away is also a sign of it. Think “Silence is violence!”

-White people therefore have two choices:  1.  They are racist and admit it. (or) 2.  They are racist and deny it.  Both are bad, but the latter is willfully ignorant and therefore really bad.

-Everything is a social construct and created by white people to keep white people in power.  Nothing is real, it’s just a white narrative, a “white way of knowing.” As such, it is perfectly OK to lie and create a new narrative “other ways of knowing” e.g., the “1619 project”.  Mixing partial truth with lies is also fine as it makes criticism of an entire new narrative more difficult.

-Epistemological Idealism:  Truth is only found in the experience of the oppressed.  “Lived experience” is more valid than facts or reason which are white ways of knowing.

-Western Ideology is Oppression:  Western civilization is white hegemonic power.

-Individuality is Incidental:  Identity and rights are conferred by one’s group intersectionality status.  (Oppressor or Oppressed)

-Justice is Socio-Political:  Liberation of Oppressed groups occurs by taking power from the Oppressor group “at any cost”.

You have to understand the terms “diversity”, “inclusion”, and “equity,” (D.I.E) in their proper “Critical Race Intersectionality” meaning (definition) to understand what’s really going on when a company says they will be having Diversity and Inclusion training or anti-bias training (also known as implicit bias or unconscious bias training).

When we hear that D.I.E work is “essential,” we have to ask “for what purpose?” There MUST be a purpose why it’s essential. What is it? Taking on this work is “essential” for the Critical revolution, for forcing the Critical narrative on everyone, and perpetuating its hegemony.  

To achieve this, each of these words are altered (re-defined) in an illicit rhetorical maneuver that demands and enforces ideological conformity. The teachings end result is… If you are white, you are a racist and you will always be a racist.  The best you can possibly be is “anti-racist”. To be anti-racist, you must admit you are a racist and you must agree with CRT theory and actively study and promote it (“do the work”) to “be better” i.e., become an “ally”.

Diversity Definitions:

Dictionary Definition:

The condition of having or including people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds.

CRT Definition:

1.  Diversity as Critical Identity Studies (like Critical Race Theory) understand and define it, which means diverse “lived experiences of oppression.”

2.  In other words, supporting “diversity” means agreeing that only people with “diverse” ethnic  origins who agree with the “CRT” political understanding of “social positions” and the world  should be hired by companies. Everyone else lacks an “authentic” (i.e., Critical) view and  thus does not enhance diversity in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter.

3.  For example, If you happen to be [identity] (e.g., “racially black”), then your voice is only “authentically black” (“politically black”) if it speaks in terms of blackness as understood by Critical Race Theory. Otherwise, you are suffering from internalized racism/oppression (“false consciousness”) or are traitorous (“white adjacent”).  So, for example, if a “Person of Color” (POC)  believes in being “color blind” or in “character not color” or traditional liberalism ideals, they don’t add to diversity because they aren’t “authentically” a “POC.”

4.  These identity Theories operate on the premise that different racial and other identity groups have a different essential experience of “systemic power” dynamics and thus different “racial knowledges” obtained by “lived experience” and offense-taking (“problematizing”).  Thus, only someone who represents and agrees with those views faithfully, meaning as CRI-Theory says they must , has an authentic voice of that social position and creates diversity. Anyone present who disagrees with this creates a non-diverse environment and an “unsafe space”.

5.  Therefore, when we see a call for more “diversity” in hiring, that means hiring critical theorists who have more intersecting identity categories and agree with CRT identity  politics.   It’s a call to hire only critical theorists. This fits the “essential” claim.  So diversity isn’t achieved by hiring more people of color.  Diversity is only achieved when POC and marginalized identity groups, who believe in and push neo-marxist Critical Race Intersectionalty Theory, are hired.”

In summary, only people of color and other “marginalized” identity groups who believe in and promote “Critical Race Intersectionality Theory” add to and help achieve diversity.

Inclusion Definitions:

Dictionary Definition:

The act of allowing many different types of people to do something and treating them fairly and equally.

CRT Definition: 

An environment that doesn’t create feelings of exclusion or marginalization for any protected identity group or their “authentic” (i.e., CRT) ideas. That is, inclusion means limiting speech to that which agrees with Critical Race Theory and excluding people who dissent or express opposing views (e.g., humanism, colorblindness, capitalism).

In summary, Inclusion only occurs when everyone included believes in and promotes CRT.  When dissenters are included it’s not inclusive.

Equity Definitions:

Dictionary Definition:

Justice according to natural law or right, freedom from bias or favoritism, dealing fairly and equally with all concerned

CRT Definition:  

1.  “Adjusting shares so that outcomes are made equal from one citizen to another.”  It arises from what is known as “social equity theory,” and it means engineering equality of outcome.

2.  Equity justifies its “essential necessity” by identifying ANY disparity in outcome that comes out on average in the negative for the “protected classes” defined by CRI-Theory (so, not white and usually not Asian, e.g.). On average differences imply “inequity” and must be adjusted.

3.  This demand for equity is true even if there is no evidence of (or strong evidence against) any discrimination whatsoever. This is where “systemic racism,” e.g., comes in. The belief is that everyone is the same, therefore any differences on average must be hidden discrimination created purposely in (all) systems to keep white people in power.

4.  Hidden discrimination exists in organizations (no matter how much it bends backwards to do the opposite it will still be charged as racist) or in the vague workings of society, culture, education, representation, language, feelings, or ANYTHING and everything ever experienced. (Being “woke” is when you get to the point in CRIT study where you finally see racism hidden in everything)

5.  Because the Theory is also “ethno-historical,” even if there are no current disparities to be found, in cases where there are historical ones, those have to be made up for in order to achieve equity, i.e., “reparations” in one form or another.

6.  The playing field isn’t level, so equality of opportunity just entrenches and perpetuates those baked-in inequalities, thus necessitating equity to make up for them.

7.  “Equality of opportunity” and “Equality under the law” are manipulations and examples of “interest convergence” implemented to create the illusion of Equity and keep white people in power.

In summary, anytime there is a (negative) difference in outcomes for people of color and other “marginalized” identity groups it must be due to (systemic) racism.  Therefore any such thing must be adjusted so that outcomes are made equal – “adjusting shares so as to make citizens equal” i.e., “Equality of Outcome = Equity”.   

Anti-Racism Definitions:

Dictionary definition: 

Opposition to racism – Actively opposing the judgment of people’s worth by their race.  “There is nothing particularly right or wrong with any racial group AND we must oppose any person or policy that says otherwise”

CRT Definition: 

Commitment to actively dismantling systems and institutions that produce racism i.e. Western Culture

1.  Racism is no longer to be defined as the belief that someone is inferior based on race. Instead, racism is to be defined as “white racial and cultural prejudice and discrimination, supported by institutional power and authority, used to the advantage of whites and the disadvantage of people of Color” and “the belief that any group differences can be attributed to  factors (anything) other than racism.” Thus, any system that ends with different (negative) outcomes for marginalized identity groups must be racist. “Racism itself is institutional, structural and systemic.”

2.  To be anti-racist means to tear down (deconstruct, dismantle, defund, decolonize) these systems (Western Civilization/Ideology). Any obstacle in the pursuit of equality of outcome must be assumed to be a product of discrimination and torn down. Basic decency, then, means that we must oppose even institutions that have been considered hallmarks of freedom. Because all whites are socialized into racial superiority and because racism is deeply embedded in our structures and institutions, a passive rejection of racism is insufficient. Instead, we are all obligated to actively deconstruct and dismantle the structures of racism by becoming  “antiracists.” That means agreeing with CRT and actively promoting all its tenets.

And as you look further at most all of the words and changed definitions used by the “CRT cult you will find the same thing: truly Orwellian doublespeak that when examined does not fight racism, but rather promotes it. Also found there is an underlying philosophy that is vengeful, vindictive, racist and immoral at its core, taught in a manipulative, sadistic way.

You must investigate this further and make your friends and family aware of Critical Race Theory.  The hour is dark and we desperately need some sunshine.

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