Culture of Death: Medical Murder is the #1 Cause of Death In the U.S. – by Design! 

This article is from a series created by a father whose child died at the hands of medical malpractice during the COVID-19 crisis. To follow his research and advocacy, visit

On September 20, we released a national press release documenting the claim in the title.  Today I’ll briefly discuss Part 2 of the research – The Culture of Death.  This research project can hopefully be used for God’s glory to wake people up. The seven parts follow the way we should investigate to find the truth: Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, and Now What?. I hope you enjoy the series. The detailed research is posted on the home page at  Each part has a related monocast that is designed to give you a taste and hopefully motivate you to dig deeper.  For the next five issues, I’ll similarly introduce the remaining parts of the series.

Think about it.  People are too expensive; the planet doesn’t have enough resources.  If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real time fits like a glove. 

Long before COVID, even the CDC recognized that ‘medical malpractice’ was the third leading cause of death – heart disease 700,000; cancer 600,000; medical malpractice 400,000 annual deaths.  There is legitimate malpractice – negligence due to human error.  God used Grace’s murder to wake me up.  1,200,000 hospital murders in 39 months!  The U.S. was #1 in hospital deaths during the Covid era, with India (with 4X the population) a distance #2, with 531,000 deaths.  All these deaths can’t be malpractice.

What’s going on?  During COVID, the U.S. directly incentivized protocols designed to kill.  Why?  The ultimate source is the Satanic agenda, which I’ll cover in a subsequent article.  The excuse the bureaucrats use is money.  People are too expensive.  There are 135,000,000 Americans on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid and the cost is over 50% of the annual federal budget.  At an annual cost of $35,000/person, you can see why the ‘elderly’ and ‘disabled’ were the first and second causes of the hospital deaths during COVID.  The average COVID incentive was $100,000 paid to hospitals, so there was a three-year payback to the government!

The fact is, that the U.S. has indirectly incentivized the medical industrial complex since the early 1900s, as part of the modern-day eugenics campaign which our country initiated.  

Of course, our country’s puppets publicly renounced Hitler for taking our own euthanasia protocols to the next level, while secretly bringing the top German eugenicists to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip.  The modern agenda was formalized in the “1967 Plan to Depopulate the U.S.” document — which is found in the Medical Murder series research posted on Grace’s website.

In the past 50 years, by indirectly controlling state doctor and nurse licensing and medical insurance standards of care, through the medicare/medicaid bureaucracy, the government has trumped our God-given right to life.  We go along with it; falsely believing doctors ‘Do No Harm’ on the blissful path to “free” death care once we turn 65.  We’ve been fooled.  All of this programming facilitated what we are experiencing today.  By directly controlling the narrative, through the legal use of propaganda against its citizens, our government showed how far they can push us to follow their death protocols when fear is used as the motivation.

What does our ‘culture of death’ look like, in practical terms?  It is important to start with the premise that hastening death is murder, in order to see clearly what is going on.  The banality of evil has infiltrated our society, slowly, over a long time.  It is imperative to understand our world in the context of the satanic agenda, in order to wake up.  Here’s a short list of coordinated evil agenda items, to get you thinking:

1). Chemically corrupted food supply

2). 80% of the population depends on a chemically compromised water supply

3). A public fool system carefully developed to not train critical thinking and responsibility skills

4). Medical ‘Standards of “Care”’ written under the guise of controlling skyrocketing costs

5). Hospital patients being turned over to end-of-life hospice care, so their deaths won’t count against the hospital’s death statistics

6). A century-long vaccine agenda designed to take millions of lives and maim countless others, by convincing the masses that you can’t trust God, and providing immunity to the evildoers

7). Preborn testing to facilitate 90% of Down Syndrome babies being murdered before they are born

8). Nursing homes permeating the family’s responsibility of caring for the elderly – a 20,000% increase in these “services” since 1960; accomplished by the promotion of anti-family schemes, including both parents working.

None of these tools to shorten our life span happened by accident.  The most shocking method of hastening death is to allow doctors and nurses to murder, with state laws written to provide immunity by labeling their actions as malpractice.  When you take away God’s law of choices and consequences, and incentivize death with money and fear, the result is what we are seeing today:  Medical Murder – By Design!

To be blunt, the anti-Christ system has taken control of every aspect of the world, as Jesus warned. The spirit of collectivism has become our dominant thought process – the “good of the state” satanic philosophy has replaced God.  “We’re all in this together” is an example of propaganda convincing us we have a ‘civic’ duty to protect others.  

Fortunately, the population reduction and climate control goals are no longer hidden.

How do we prepare?  There are always two mistakes we can make, relative to preparation.  First, failing to prepare; second, relying on our preparations – we rely on the finished work of Jesus Christ.  When our own government has become the serial killer, preparation should obvious.  Use your critical thinking.  Of course, you want to understand advocacy and informed consent to combat medical murder.  More importantly, there’s never been a more urgent time to share the Gospel and do an inventory of your own Biblical roots, so you can stand firm when the time comes.  There’s nothing to fear.  As Grace would say, “God’s got this, Dad.”  He is not sitting and panicking when Satan orchestrates these things.  He warned us ahead of time.  

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