Dear Trump: Please Pardon Obama-era Political Prisoner Marty Gottesfeld

Dear President Trump,

Your legacy, even just in your first term, is already secure — but you can still do so much more good for our nation and for individuals who have fought for the voiceless! As a strong supporter of yours for the entire term you served in office so far, I would like to ask a small favor of you.

Please consider issuing a pardon for Marty Gottesfeld, a great American who was viciously and lawlessly persecuted by the out-of-control Obama administration. His supposed “crime”: Trying to save the life of an innocent child kidnapped by rogue government officials.

For some background, Gottesfeld learned about the horrifying abuse of Justina Pelletier on social media. The young girl had been forcibly separated from her loving parents due to a medical dispute with doctors over her care. Once the government got involved, Justina started withering away, and was on the verge of death.

Shocked by the lack of a response from law-enforcement and others in power, Gottesfeld decided to get involved on his own. He was hardly the only one: Even former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee drew attention to this appalling example of injustice. But Gottesfeld decided that just talking was not enough, so he took action.

When Gottesfeld realized Justina’s life was literally in danger, and that all other options had been exhausted, he chose to use the tools at his disposal: He took down the hospital’s website for a short time. As a senior systems engineer with a background working for biotech, he knew the public-facing website of the hospital would not put patients in danger and that they had to have backups to operate. But it did draw attention.

Of course, the jury in the case agreed that this was hardly some abominable crime, and the penalty was commensurate with the amount of money the hospital had to pay an external DDoS firm to work on their website. That should have been the end of it. In fact, Gottesfeld should have received a medal for putting himself at risk to save an innocent and terrified girl who was wasting away in government “care.”

Instead, the heavy handed Obama prosecutor Carmen Ortiz — infamous for driving young activist Aaron Swartz to suicide — decided to ruthlessly persecute him. The jurors were reluctant to find Gottesfeld guilty. However, the judge was deeply connected to those seeking revenge against Gottesfeld, and did everything possible to help secure a guilty verdict.

Despite his obvious conflicts of interest, the judge also gave Gottesfeld the strictest sentence possible—a sentence totally out of line with other, similar cases from the same judge. This outrage cannot stand, especially in a case like this. It reminds me of the Deep State persecution of your allies Roger Stone and Gen. Mike Flynn merely for standing in the way of evil.

Today, for his efforts to rescue Justina, Gottesfeld is being held with Jihadists in barbaric conditions in a federal prison’s “Communications-Management Unit” (CMU) aimed at silencing and terrorizing him. The conditions there are beyond appalling. Even if a conviction could be justified—and I do not believe it could be—Gottesfeld has suffered more than enough already.

Even from behind bars, Gottesfeld has continued his heroic work on behalf of the voiceless, including those suffering unjustly in the federal prison system. This brave young conservative has continued to speak out on behalf of what is right, and on behalf of your presidency, too — despite the atrocious circumstances of his confinement. His loyal wife is desperate for his return home.

In conclusion, I humbly implore you, Mr. President, to have compassion and to use your authority to give Gottesfeld another chance. His family loves and misses him so much. And he could do so much good standing up to bullies, protecting children, fighting for conservative causes and values, and defending you and your supporters from the evil forces that hope to destroy all of us and even our great nation.

If I can answer any questions or be of service in any way at all, I’m at your complete disposal.

May God bless you and continue to protect you as you fight for justice and the American people.


Alex Newman

10 thoughts on “Dear Trump: Please Pardon Obama-era Political Prisoner Marty Gottesfeld”

  1. I remember that girl what ever happened to her ?I did not know that they had sent this guy to prison not surprising knowing the Odumbo communists and how the acted and it looks like its coming again with Ma Commie Harris and senile feelem upJoe Biteme.

  2. I remember hearing about that poor little girl also. I can’t believe Obama’s goons got away with this. Please Mr President, this man has gone through enough!

  3. Imagine, locking up a young hero like this, but allowing crooked politicians to get away with MURDER…

    What a world we are living in…

    Praying for your pardon, young man. And for the wife waiting anxiously for you at home!

  4. Martin Gottesfeld does not deserve to be in prison for saving a child’s life. The only real reason , he is behind bars , is Carmen Ortiz. As a close friend who has had to watch them suffer because of corrupt federal officials, I implore you to pardon Marty.
    Time and time again you have promised to “drain the swamp”, pardoning Marty would be a parting shot to the Obama administration.
    Please right this very disturbing wrong by sending Marty home.
    His only crime is caring to much !

  5. Please President Trump release the hero Martin Gottesfeld. He has done so much good in this world by calling attention to these atrocities that happen all the time in child welfare. His arrest, trial and sentence should not have been politically motivated. Nor should he have ever been held in a Communications Management Unit within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It’s just retribution for telling the truth. He is a gentle soul, certainly not violent.

  6. Do you have a formal way of getting your pardon request to the President other than publishing your letter. Is there a process established within the government to receive such requests for consideration?

  7. I believe that justice would be best served by either pardoning Marty Gottesfeld or else by reducing his sentence to time already served. Marty’s crime was motivated solely by the desire to help an innocent victim (Justina Pelletier). No one was harmed by Marty’s actions, and Marty himself did not benefit personally in any way. Mr. President, if you’re reading this, in the interest of justice, please free Marty Gottesfeld.

  8. Please President Trump, pardon Marty. Anyone who knows this case can understand the reasons for Marty’s actions, and why he felt compelled to help achieve in need.

  9. men get screwed over every single day for acting in a moral way.
    think about the fact that you can go and rob a store or loot it and nothing will happen to you.
    we truly live in a time where being evil is rewarded and we’re being good out of the kindness of your heart with no expectations of payback is one of the worst things you can do.

    the saying that no good deed ever goes unpunished has never been more true and has never been more truly realized than it has been in the year 2020 / 2021…

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