Destroying Citizenship: Washington State Takes the Lead, Creating ‘Super Citizens’

The more foreign nationals Biden illegally imports, the more benefits & privileges they are given, the more American citizenship is degraded. The State of Washington has taken the lead with House Bill 1889, which was signed by Democrat Governor Jay Inslee last week. Beginning July 1st, illegal aliens residing in Washington can obtain professional licenses using their Employer Identification Number (EIN). NOTE: legal immigrants have always been able to obtain said licenses.

Heretofore, to obtain any type of employment license an applicant had to provide a Social Security number. These “super citizens” will get to keep more of their earnings than Americans are allowed to keep, because they will not be paying Social Security and Medicare taxes, nor will their employers. This provides an incentive for employers to hire illegals instead of Americans. As time goes on, this will, no doubt, hasten the collapse of these already weakened programs for the elderly.

This new statute also wipes out the citizenship requirement that was required for some professions, like optometry, private investigators and notaries, which had required applicants to be United States citizens to qualify for licensure. Indeed, it removes all barriers to illegal aliens obtaining all kinds for licenses and certificates, from lawyer to hairdresser, from doctor to electrician, from driver to CPA, from plumber to architect, from realtor to security guard . . . . Any professional license or certificate of accomplishment issued by the State of Washington will be given to foreign nationals residing in America illegally.

“This bill will open doors for careers in teaching, health care, accounting and many other professions to those who are ready to join the Washington workforce,” Inslee said at the bill signing.


Speaking of security guards: Will they be given licenses to carry firearms? Each legislative session for the last decade plus, Extreme Left Democrats (who own the state) have chipped away at our Second Amendment Rights. Chip. Chip. Chip. Indeed, at the same time Inslee signed this “super citizen” bill into law, he signed three bills making it harder for Free Washingtonians to exercise their right to bear arms. Will illegal aliens who obtain licenses as security guards be given permits to carry firearms?

Speaking of lawyers: This bill was signed just two days after the Washington Supreme Court lowered the standards for obtaining a licence to practice law in the state. The stated purpose is to license more “marginalized” people. Illegal aliens are becoming less & less “marginalized” every day. Indeed, if this trend continues, it will be Americans who will become “marginalized.”


Washington is a sanctuary state which signs up foreign nationals, legal & illegal, for Obamacare upon arrival. As of March 2021 the numbers show that 3.9% of Washington’s residents are illegal aliens, or roughly 300,000. This number does not include Biden’s Guests (or, as Biden calls them “newcomers”). Inslee’s office will not release current numbers, but it is estimated that at least 75,000 “newcomers” have arrived since the southern border was opened in January 2021. By the way, some sneak across the northern border which the state shares with British Columbia, Canada.

It’s difficult to estimate how many people might pursue jobs under the new licensing statute. However, representatives of several local universities told lawmakers the bill would benefit their “undocumented” students. University of Washington Tacoma Campus’ representative said the school enrolls roughly 200 “undocumented” students which is about 5% of the school’s student body.

Washington State is beginning the creation of a country where more & more residents are not citizens, thereby degrading & eventually eliminating the concept of American citizenship. Will this spread to other states? Where will America be twenty, thirty years from now?

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  1. I have a friend from Uzbekistan who now lives in the Midwest. She manages a trucking company. The former Soviet states are all highly corrupt. She told me that many Uzbek immigrants get govt jobs at the Dept of Licensing. They bring this corruption mind set with them to their job by selling CDL’s to people that did not actually pass the test. Her estimate is that about 80% of the Uzbek truck drivers paid for their CDL’s under the table.
    I see this new WA law as an expansion of a corrupted government.

  2. Washington State, you reap what you sowed! You wanted Democrats control, liberal policies and YOU got it. Either vote out these scums or live with the results. So glad we left that hell hole.

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    Wright G.D. Winger

    Where will America be twenty, thirty years from now?

    That depends on how quickly and forcefully Americans reacts to the domestic enemy that is destroying America and them from within.

  4. So glad to be out if this hell hole. It’s dangerous and dirty, all over- especially the west side.
    I rode the bus into Seattle for most of the last 25-30 years. I can tell you stories. It is spooky in town. The risk of something bad happening to you far exceeds the benefit of going there. Stick with Bellevue or Redmond, Renton, or even Lynnwood.

    Vacationers/visitors: Do not go to Seattle. If you must, arm yourself and be ready to use it.

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