Dollar Controlled Demolition, Calif. to Steal Kids; Pastor, Judge and Ed Expert Respond

On this week’s episode of Liberty Hour, host Alex Newman notes that the dominos are falling on the U.S. dollar’s position as the global reserve currency. Meanwhile, political terrorists in California are advancing legislation to let schools send children to live in mental institutions without parental consent.

Three incredible guests join the show, too.

First up, Pastor Paul Blair, former NFL player and the leader of Reclaiming America for Christ, explains how the loss of a biblical worldview has led America into the abyss. He also notes that pastors were critical in the founding of the United States.

Next, Judge Roy Moore, former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, joins to discuss the importance of keeping God in government. He also speaks about how the Deep State and radical left targeted him with false allegations to get him out of the Senate race.

Finally, Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) joins the show to discuss the facts about homeschooling and the ongoing surge. He explains that homeschoolers do better on every metric, and that the growth of home education will continue despite efforts by totalitarians to squash it.

In news this week, Alex covers:

-Brazil and China make deal to trade in own currencies and ditch US dollar

-California has a bill being considered, AB 665, that would give school mental health counselors the power to send children to live in residential “mental health” facilities without parental consent. In other words, the state will kidnap your children from you if, in the infinite wisdom of one of these quacks, your child’s mental health is not what it should be. This would be a good time to remind everyone that in psychiatry, people vote on what is going to be a disease and how it should be treated. There is NO objective test for determining whether a person actually this alleged disease they voted into existence. Bill was approved 7 to 2 in committee.

-Meanwhile, even efforts to supposedly protect parental rights are problematic, as critics warn that federal and state “parental rights” bills risk actually undermining parental rights. Last week the House voted on a parental rights bill, but a lot of the most constitutionally minded Republicans voted against it: Republicans Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, and Matt Gaetz Explain Why They Voted Against Parents Bill of Rights Act: ‘The Federal Government Should Not Be Involved in Education’. Even the state bills purport to grant parental rights to parents, when these obviously pre-exist and supersede government.

-House Judiciary Committee report found that found that Attorney General Merrick Garland had “no legitimate basis” to direct the FBI to “use its authority” on parents who protested at school board meetings, according to a report released last week. Local U.S. Attorney’s offices found that Garland’s directive was “very poorly received” and that local law enforcement did not “see any imminent threats to school boards or their members,” according to the Committee report.

-US Rep. Luna of FL wants justice for murder victims who were born alive in abortions. She showed pictures of the victims and entered them into congressional record.

-RESTRICT Act posing as tool to protect US from TikTok and ChiComs is actually a bill for incredibly Orwellian Censorship. Penalties include fines of up to $1 million or 20 years in prison, or both. RINOs supporting it include Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME], Sen. Romney, Mitt [R-UT], and Lindsey Graham.

-Senate voted 66-30 this week to repeal the unconstitutional resolutions purporting to give the president power to launch war in Iraq. It is the first time in over 50 years that lawmakers have reined in the president’s power to wage war… of course, only Congress has the power to declare war, but that hasn’t happened since WWII and they act like Constitution no longer applies.

-Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told lawmakers that he has “no regrets” about how the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan was carried out.

–After leaving almost $90 billion of military equipment for the ChiComs and the Taliban in Afghanistan and sending a lot of what was left to Ukraine, America is running dangerously low on ammunition that it would need to defend itself. Even fake media admitting now.

-Biden nominee to FAA Phil Washington withdraws nomination after being exposed as having absolutely no knowledge and even criminal concerns. Got 7 out of 7 aviation questions wrong when asked by Sen. Budd on Senate floor, though the media did not mention this.

-President Joe Biden is preparing a series of new executive orders to address climate change, according to recent comments by his special envoy on climate-related issues, John Kerry. Calling the Inflation Reduction Act a “huge leap forward” (Chairman Mao, pick up the red phone) he said: “The IRA is a package that in and of itself can get the 40 percent. But in addition to that, the president is issuing executive orders. There’ll be changes on automobile, on light truck, heavy truck, heavy duty—a number of initiatives that are being taken by states, subnational, cities. They really kept us in the game, frankly, during the Trump administration when he pulled out of the [Paris Climate Agreement].” I have it on good authority that a number of states are looking to file a federal suit Under Article 1 Section 10 to stop these state deals with foreign powers.

-Republican and Democratic members of the U.S. Senate voted Wednesday to repeal the Biden administration’s intensely contested expansion of what qualifies as wetlands that the federal government can regulate.

-Sen Ron Johnson condemns Dems for voting down his amendment to require Senate ratification for any pandemic agreement with the World Health Organization. Now we know Democrats are willing to relinquish U.S. sovereignty to a global entity. How sad.

-Mass murderer of children and Christians at TN school was trans activist, police will not release manifesto. Comes amid dangerous surge in anti-Christian hate being whipped up by media, government, and others.

-This hatred is being normalized. Professor Suspended After Writing That Killing ‘Right-Wing’ Speakers Is ‘Admirable’ – A Wayne State University (WSU) professor was suspended with pay after writing on Facebook that it is more “admirable” to kill a right-wing speaker than it is to shout them down on a college campus, The New Guard reported. It is “far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down,” he said.

-Press Secretary for fraud Governor Katie Hobbs in AZ just posted this on using guns against transphobes just hours after the massacre.

-Meanwhile, as parents mourn their children, fake media and LGBT alphabet crew warn about “transphobia” and wrong pronouns for mass murderer. Yes, seriously.

-Twitter is silencing accounts of conservatives including members of Congress who expose trans activists demanding a “trans day of vengeance” just days after the slaughter of Christian children by a trans activist.

-The John Birch Society has been in the news constantly for days, with the far-left media concocting wild conspiracy theories about JBS secretly controlling the GOP and the conservative movement as they frantically hunt for Birchers under every bed.

-IRS sent agent to Twitter Files journalist’s home on day of House weaponization committee testimony: House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan is probing an unannounced, in-person visit by the IRS to the home of Matt Taibbi on the same day the “Twitter Files” journalist warned of a sprawling “censorship industrial complex” in testimony before the subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government.

-NY Times publishes piece advocating for human rights for Great Salt Lake by Utah native and Harvard Divinity School’s writer-in-residence Terry Tempest Williams. “Why not grant personhood rights to Great Salt Lake, which in 2021 was voted “Utahn of the Year” in The Salt Lake Tribune? This is not a radical but a rational response to an increasingly wounded Earth.” Of course, regardless of your views on the lake and environmental issues, it is not a person. Unborn babies, though, are people, and yet the Times refuses to acknowledge their humanity.

-Speaking at the main rally against the judicial overhaul in Tel Aviv, transhumanist weirdo Yuval Noah Harari says civil servants and military forces must obey the courts and not the government, should Israel end up in a constitutional crisis.

-New report by Ed Dowd’s group Phinance Technologies found over 25 million injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 deaths in 2022 alone can be attributed to the injxcti0n at an economic cost of almost $150 billion.

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