E Michael Jones- The Silencing of Dissent and Tech Oligarchs Flex Their Power

This is our third episode with Dr. Jones of www.culturewars.com. He was formerly a Catholic professor at Saint Mary’s College before being fired for being pro-life. Since then, he has been documenting the culture change and destruction of Catholic and Christian institutions for several decades. His latest book “Logos Rising” has been removed from all internet stores, except his website, because of tech censorship.

Dr. Jones argues that the public consciousness is rising, and people are starting to believe that no institution represents them anymore. He has warned about this for years. He has openly supported our quest to keep freedom of speech and accurate journalism alive. Today, we need that more than ever.

Big tech has silenced and marginalized large groups of Americans because of the actions of “accelerationists” at the Capitol. Currently, these monopolies and large media groups are flexing their muscles to silence/delist people who dissent from the “publicly acceptable” narrative. The mainstream media has willfully celebrated the censorship of any ideas and debate, and people are becoming scared that they have no one to speak for them.

We have firmly spoken about being anti-violence and the ruling class in America. This will only serve to accelerate the forming police state. We discuss the events at the Capitol and how it was used as a pretext to silence millions of people. We discuss the endless wars, Donald Trump’s legacy, and what that means for populism in America. While we have been warning that the tools of censorship have been going up for years, we ask that you support this mission to keep active journalism and opinion radio alive.

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1/17/2020- Today, there are millions of people who are scared because of the mainstream media and events at the Capitol. We have consistently tried to keep debate in the open because marginalizing large groups of people can lead to serious mental problems and anger. This will enhance the divide in America that already exists. It is either a recipe for total dominance or disaster.

We need your help. While the Capitol is protected more than the “Green Zone” in Iraq, the message seems clear. Their is an attempt to traumatize the average, patriotic, populist, American.

After four years of being browbeat about “walls don’t work”, there are enormous walls going up around America’s Capitol. While this could have been done before the events of January 6th, where Congress was breached, it has just gone up as a show of force.

At the same time, The President of the United States can no longer have access to any social media presence, now, or after he is the President. None of this happened while violent uprisings were happening around the world. None of this was used to calm the rhetoric of cities burning for nine months, so why now?

The tools of censorship and division have been building for the last several years. and they are aimed at you. Right now is an opportune time to utilize them and polarize the country more. Out of chaos comes a power vacuum, and it also silences any dissent. Putting people in a state of fear of their neighbors, family, or ideas will only hurt the social fabric that holds us together. We must continue to talk through ideas and spotlight what is happening, and we need your help to do it. Be bold. Contact us with tips.

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