Education Crisis: Who Do the Children Belong to?

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, if you know the header image, you’ll recognize it’s a depiction of the Old Testament account of King Solomon and the two mothers claiming a baby was each of theirs and not the other. If you don’t recognize this particular account, think about all the accounts of heated divorces where two parents were fighting over the same child. In both cases, a higher authority was sought after (or assigned) to solve the issue.
So, what happens when that authority figure is the federal government? Or, even worse, a public-private partnership (P3)? P3s, after all, aren’t American, they are a fascism tool to control the public with private agenda!

Recently, a P3 held a webinar which used the title of “Informed Learning Agents” to actually mean ‘parents’. Worse, yet, “Parents” looked like this:
‘Parents*’. Why the asterisk? Because the SYSTEM tied to the P3 (which includes education and funding) wants to redefine the definition of ‘parents’ to include ANY adult (blood related, adopted, or a student) who cares about the child to be known as its parent!

Wait, Lynne, this isn’t new, we’ve seen this move used before by the CCSS Machine (Common Core State Standards Machine). Yes, we’ve also seen phrases like ‘the village raising a child’. We’ve also seen, especially since ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), and Covid, the increased ‘interest’ (aka: in-home visits and family ambassadors) in how our families are doing and IF they aren’t doing what the SYSTEM thinks they should, then intervention ensue!
As I’ve pointed out before (and in the archived links I’ve embedded), these draconian moves are not reserved for public school children and their families. The roots might be a bit old, but the growth of the overreaches is growing quickly!
These moves are increasingly being visited upon families totally OUTSIDE the public school system. WHY?
The shift of using the school as a ‘community hub’ for total control of all families! The shift is to further assert that the government and its P3 partners are better parents than we are!

The “Informed Learning Agents” Webinar:

, the official title is “Building Parent Power: Fostering a Movement of Informed Learning Agents”. The P3 entity hosting the webinar is the (CGLR) Campaign for Grade Level Reading. I recently wrote an article about their undying support for another family encroachment move. This move contains P3s and families under the guise of caring about poverty levels, education ‘outcomes’ and family health. However, as we’ve learned any time we learn of such overreaches the freedoms we lose are never to be seen again.

The Parent Agent webinar is about 1 and 1/2 hours. The main presentation ends somewhere near the 32 minute mark, but be sure to start at the beginning and listen in. I’m hitting some of the key points for you, as well as using some screen shots I took to go in detail about what agenda points are left out or glossed over.
(*Note: CGLR will have more webinars in the future about further aligning parents to the SYSTEM.)

1) Why parent power needs to be used by the SYSTEM (see if you can notice the propaganda hype building with each point that was made):
a) ‘equitable learning recovery for all’ (meaning Covid harmed families so bad there’s no way you can solve the problems on your own. You need to attack the broken and corrupt education SYSTEM, but only if you do it in the way CGLR and its cronies lay out.)
b) ‘intentional partnerships between parents and educators’ (meaning the SYSTEM is using this to usurp and redefine who a parent is and what they can do.)
c) ‘systems are organizing parents, not parents organizing themselves’ (meaning the only groups of God-given parents the SYSTEM recognizes are those with political ties and/or philanthropic money. This also means that by and large, grassroots groups or like-minded citizens will continue to be marginalized.)
d) ‘by leveraging parents power, we (CGLR and its cronies) can fight and fix the SYSTEM’ (meaning if you follow their scripted steps and ‘best evidence’ actions, you CAN fix a broken and corrupt SYSTEM!)

This first screen shot (open all images in a new tab to enlarge), shows that the goal isn’t really individual parents and their power, but a COLLECTIVE community effort. When you listen to the webinar ask yourself, do they mean ‘community’ as were I live, or are they meaning a group of parents to be groomed for the SYSTEM? Why ‘groomed’, think about the label used to redefine parents: “INFORMED LEARNING AGENTS”!

This next screen shot shows how the ‘best evidence’ has proven to organize, but notice that while the CGLR and its cronies acknowledge your innate power as a parent (after all it’s God who gave you that power and responsibility), it’s also using the phrase ‘actionable demands’. Why is that important? Look up the word ‘actionable’. It means to bring about or have grounds for a lawsuit. If CGLR and its cronies really wanted parents to be in a position to change a broken system it would need to stress ‘taking actions’. Lawsuits, will be placed in yet another broken and corrupt government SYSTEM, the courts. Little to nothing from the courts, when it comes to education, truly favors God-given parents.

In this third screen shot, notice that the agenda points to using philanthropy groups and their money. Why? Because the SYSTEM won’t notice the philanthropy as much as the parents. Where’s the danger in this? Look at the myriad of philanthropic groups ALREADY inserted in education and everything related to it! Several of them, including CGLR and its cronies are ‘card carrying members’ of the CCSS Machine! You CANNOT trust the CCSS Machine group members to fix a broken and corrupt SYSTEM, when they are PART of that very same SYSTEM!

In the fourth screen shot from the webinar, notice the ‘hamster wheel cycle’. This is supposedly to point out that when parents use the scripted methods that change will happen, their transformation into an ILA (Informed Learning Agent) will be totally successful. However, think about what happens on a hamster wheel. When does the hamster escape the prescribed path? Why do CGLR and its cronies want you to transform? Because as a caring parent, you’re not doing enough for your child’s education. You must be collective in a prescribed community (again which type of community?) because ALL communities care about education!!

More Agenda:
, believe it or not, there’s more, but you won’t find it in the webinar. I am hopeful you will see the connections of what I’m sharing and connect it back to the out and out effort to attack parents, not a broken/corrupt SYSTEM as is being sold to us as propaganda.

Recently, my dear Warrior friend and journalist, Alex Newman wrote an article about an effort to license parents as ‘qualified’. What an absolute insult to even consider such a concept, yet IT’S NOT new OR exclusive to America! Alex’s article stressed that the thought is parents shouldn’t be allowed to remain in their God-given role or have their God-given responsibilities IF parents aren’t kowtowing to the SYSTEM!

So, where did the idea that ‘licensing’ parents should be put in place? Especially knowing that the government would allow or deny this God-given role? The roots will take you to the UN (United Nations) but there are also some outlying entities and ‘factors‘ being used against families to even support this totalitarian concept that parents should be licensed or even considered as some type of agent of the state.

Families Getting the Squeeze:

Warriors, remember when I reported about the ACEs? Those are the Adverse Childhood Experiences Assessments. These assessments basically have a child answer an invasive set of questions. Most of these are centered on how parents treat them. According to some other information I found, now an assessment for parents is being used as an excuse for more government overreaches into micromanaging families. The parents test is called a PBA (Parents Burnout Assessments). After reading some of the information, stress and the pressures of current cultures are causing parents to ‘fail’.

First stop, the NIH (National Institutes for Health):
Back in 2021, NIH (part of the US Dept of Health and Human Services) published a 42 country report. In the report it was suggested that one of the reasons parents couldn’t carry out their duties and responsibilities was due to burnout. Especially in the name of Covid. Here’s a quote from the website where you can access the full report “suggest that cultural values in Western countries may put parents under heightened levels of stress”. Warriors, it was in Alex’s article that the cultural values of existing parents was WHY a license is needed! You’ll also need to note that one of the key words used in the NIH report is ‘collectivism’ (as in ‘community’!)

Why is that worth pointing out? In the NIH Report it cites the following:
“However, several major sociological changes over the past few decades (including, but not limited to, the International Child Convention, 1989, and increased state regulation; Daly, 2007)”

, don’t miss the “International Child Convention of 1989”. Why? It’s where children’s rights were tied to the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights(1948).
In the 1989 document, you’ll read that “Recalling that, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has proclaimed that childhood is entitled to special care and assistance”.

The 1989 document DOES go on to mention ‘family’ raising the child, not necessarily a child’s parents. The document SUGGESTS children can be raised in the family’s ideals, but then the caveat following states, “Considering that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society, and brought up in the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity”.

Warriors, what if your family ideals, especially as parents do not want to instill the UN brands of peace/dignity/tolerance/freedom/equality or solidarity? The UN brands are 100% tied to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)! We also need to note that in the 1989 document, ‘state parties’ are in complete control of everything that goes on with your children! So, who, my fellow Warriors, is driving the parental narrative in the SYSTEM?!

One of the key points in the CGLR webinar is that in their agenda mindset, ‘educational systems are not rational, they are political’. The UN is 100% political! The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a political straitjacket of conformity for every member-state, including the United States!

Just look at the opening sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
‘Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world’. Nowhere will you see ‘parents’. You see ‘family’! Why? The government (aka ‘state party’ or ‘member-state’) is to be your ‘parent’!

, the attacks on parents isn’t new, it’s not going away, either. We were honored by God Almighty, or our Creator, in becoming parents in the first place. No government should have the power to redefine who you are or how you carry out your responsibilities of child-rearing. Should the government be the ones to define what a family is or how they should be raised? No!
That wasn’t included in America’s framing documents.
However, since America sold it’s foundation to the UN, we have a very broken and corrupt SYSTEM against us. It’s not going to take P3s to arm us to fight back, it’s going to take the prayer power of every parent to unite together. No philanthropic dollars, no social service, no agenda.

In the title, I asked “Who’s Child?”, Warriors, as far as I can help it, your children are yours! I will stand by and defend that privilege, too! I remain a faithful parent, myself.

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