Epocalypse Revisited Part Three: Monetary Wars 

The new New World Order and its currency

It’s true that the globalist paradigm has to adapt to the new “New World Order” that US President Biden has proclaimed now that the West is battling Putin with sanctions just as the Everything Bubble is blowing up all over the world. Many are saying this forebodes a decline in globalism because nations will be pressed to depend on themselves and grab for all they can to save themselves from the shortages all of this will create.

Opposite of the many, I believe present events actually accelerate the path toward a global, digital currency. Many of the people I am reading seem to be jumping all-too-rapidly to the conclusion that the old globalism they hated is ending and being replaced by some form of multi-fractured nationalism and gold-backed or “commodity-backed” (read “oil-backed”) currencies … as if all the powerful globalists, including all the central bankers, would so easily walk away from their dream. I think that is wishful thinking with no evidence to support it

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Epocalypse Revisited: The Recurring Nightmare of Economic Collapse

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