Even if Joe Biden Wins, Things Will Never Be The Same

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10/27/2020While the American political system was on the ballot in 2016, most people were not ready for the turmoil that came after over the next 3 years. Now there is a cry for stability, and the opposition to Donald Trump do not care who it is. Pre 2016, people believed the our Republic was starting to rot from corruption. The average voter no longer trusted the Presidency, elected governors, higher education, media, and even science. While the Presidency of Donald Trump signaled to Americans that someone actually was paying attention to their plight, there are still large pockets of people who would like to go back to before our oligarchs were exposed. They believe Joe Biden, the career politician, is the man for the job. Unfortunately, there is no going back.

Over the last 4 years, President Donald Trump has verbally exposed the corrupt institutions that were rotting our Republic. Some Americans were not ready for it. While none of our ruling class have gone to jail for things that average citizens would, there is no forgetting the rhetoric of the last few years.

Google became the main source of information on the planet with the help of American intelligence agencies. Then, they wielded that information to show their political bias and influence others. Amazon became the largest book dealer on the planet after taking out Barnes And Noble, then they starting banning books that did not conform to the views of our ruling class. Now after years of serving our political class, these tech oligarchs have become just as powerful as our politicians. Twitter and Facebook now tell us what is true and what beliefs we are “allowed” to hold as journalists, citizens, or activists.

The WHO and UN became hostile to the interests of average Americans. Most Americans could not name one function that they held before 2016 and did not even understand the politics of these unelected bodies. Now, they are forced to learn how much power they exercise over our lives. At times, they have shown our elected officials that they hold more influence over American policy.

Politicians were embarrassed on a weekly basis while average citizens felt like someone was finally on their side. President Trump’s knack for nicknames will forever haunt his political opponents. For example, Hilary Clinton will always be Crooked Hilary to the American people, for better or worse.

Colleges were exposed as influencing peddling operations that destroyed an entire generation with debt. Despite them getting rich working with foreign governments, our children will have to face that debt burden if this system somehow survives. A college diploma takes decades to pay back, if it even happens, and your child did not get the higher-education they paid for. Some children actually paid to be indoctrinated into a political ideology that aims to destroy American values.

The media, who we depend on to give us unbiased reporting, starting dividing neighbors for higher ratings and profits. They also became mouthpieces for megadonors who had an agenda to influence the population. Sometimes it was benign, and they just had something to sell you. Other times, they actively used their platforms to actively scare people into giving them money.

Even if President Donald Trump is the loser of this election, there is no going back to the old, corrupt system of politics. While we are free to debate if Donald Trump is what we expect from our Presidents, he has said and exposed too much to turn back from. There will never be a return to “normalcy”. The best we can hope for is that something better will form out of this turmoil whether he is re-elected or not.

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