EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Complaint Filed Against Biden Family by Former WH Stenographer

A formal criminal complaint has been filed with the FBI against Joe Biden and various family for extensive corruption involving Ukraine by former White House stenographer Mike McCormick, he revealed on this week’s episode of Liberty Hour on AMP with Alex Newman.

McCormick, who served in the White House for almost two decades and traveled the world with Joe Biden on Air Force 2, witnessed unbelievable things, including shady corruption deals involving Jake Sullivan, Hunter Biden, and Burisma Holdings, the former White House insider said.

When McCormick combined his personal knowledge and observations from his time with Biden with data retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop, he realized that a bizarre trip Joe Biden took to Ukraine to deliver “aid” for “energy” was very significant.

In fact, it happened right after Hunter joined the board of Burisma and met with “the Big Guy” at the White House. It was a “conspiracy,” McCormick explained. The corruption is obvious now, he said. And it must be investigated and prosecuted.

So far, the FBI has not acted on the complaint, even as the media and government officials speculate about the imminent arrest of Donald Trump.

Watch the full interview and this week’s full episode of Liberty Hour at: Trump Plan to Smash Deep State; Insiders Reveal Covid Conspiracy; Criminal Complaint v Biden

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