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Melissa Sullivan: Co-Founder of Health Choice CT and Chair of the Connecticut NVIC

At a time when all of our American liberties seem to be at risk, it is only right to shine a light on people who fearlessly protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Melissa Sullivan is one of those warriors. She knows you have a right to choose what medication goes into your body, and she is standing in the way of the Marxist medical technocracy that seeks to medicate America by FORCE, while making billions in profits.

Mainstream media fear-mongering is at an all time high and outrageous narratives keep changing, but there is a silent agenda that has been marching forward in America. It is sponsored by the liability-exempt vaccine industry, and it is executed by our elected politicians, most of which do not hold any type of qualifications in the medical field, and all of which were elected to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

No one knows the exact amount of money, power, and assets the vaccine industry holds, but CNBC recently estimated that the industry is worth over 35 billion dollars collectively. Other estimates have put that number north of 60 billion dollars. All the while, there is no liability for any damages done by their products, which are more common than the industry is willing to admit. In fact, just reporting on the risks of certain vaccinations, or the damage caused by misinformation, may get you labeled an “anti-vaxxer”, subjugate you to harassment, threats, and social ostracism. This manufactured conflict started before the recent Covid-19 hysteria, but lobbyists and legislators have capitalized on recent public fears to rush mandatory vaccinations into law across the country.

Melissa Sullivan is just one person going against a multi-billion dollar machine, but she now leads a growing grassroots movement in Connecticut. Some of these programs are available nationwide, but activism was not in her life plans, and it is not her job. She is the mother of a vaccine damaged child, and the risks to her family were never explained prior to her child being harmed. She did not know there could even be risks, and therefore, she could not make an informed decision. This led her to go down the “rabbit hole”, as she calls it, to look for answers. She wanted to find out the actual risks, internal mismanagement, and false narratives being peddled by this government protected industry. Then, she organized others and made it her mission to warn vulnerable parents, educate legislators, create resources and legal help for families, and manage support groups. This led to the creation of one of the strongest groups fighting for personal freedom and information in Connecticut, Health Choice CT. She also chairs the Connecticut chapter of the National Vaccine Information Center.

She gave Liberty Sentinel an exclusive interview around Christmas 2019 to warn the rest of America about the medical tyranny that was happening in Connecticut. As she predicted back then, the same bills in Connecticut started appearing in State Houses across the country. Now there are bills in numerous American states that seek to eliminate all vaccine exemptions, medical or religious, and leave governments in charge of what goes into your body without consent. Our interview was buried, and we were not allowed to promote it.

Despite the hostile environment, tech censorship, and harassment of anyone who dares to speak out about vaccines on the internet, she was willing to grant us another interview as we start our new series. While others are afraid to speak out in these times, Melissa has been a strong beacon of hope for all of those who love freedom and liberty in America. She is an example of how much you can change by just putting in effort to things that matter to you. Because of her resolve, and the organization around her, the medical exemption has not been banned in Connecticut, and citizens are aware that they may soon be living in a medical technocracy.

Links to the full interview will be posted along with all resources in case this issue is meaningful to you. In a time where constitutional lawyers are saying “you have no Constitutional Right to NOT get vaccinated”, and Conservatives are telling Christians that it is their duty to take vaccines, you may find these interviews resourceful and helpful.

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https://www.nvic.org/resource-center.aspx for National Legislation on Vaccines

https://healthchoicect.org/ for Connecticut Support.

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