Exposure of the Deep State Goes Mainstream

Rarely does a book genuinely exposing the Deep State in a major way break into the mainstream, but Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life did. Freedom-loving Americans everywhere should celebrate this giant truth bomb dropped on the forces of tyranny and their agenda to control humanity. 

Written by crack researcher Seamus Bruner at Peter Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute, Controligrachs might be one of the most significant, in-depth works to break through the censorship wall in recent history. Despite the book being featured all over Fox News and other “mainstream” outlets, Americanists and others who value liberty and civilization will find it to be a powerful and highly informative resource in the battle to expose and stop the globalist insiders.  

From the outset, the book hammers various taboo topics that the establishment would prefer to keep hidden in the shadows. The very first chapter, for example, deals with the infamous “Good Club.” This network of billionaire population-control zealots was formed to use its members’ fortunes — and hijack your tax funds — to embark on a crusade to reduce the number of people on the planet. Attendees at the inaugural meeting in New York City included David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Michael Bloomberg. 

Unfortunately, as Bruner shows, many of the most rabid controligarch-backed advocates of coercive population control remain in positions of influence. They have billions of dollars at their disposal. And their horrifying history of advocating for atrocities such as “sterilizing agents” added to the public water supply and even forced abortion have been largely swept under the rug, even as children today are castrated or given hysterectomies under the guise of controligarch-backed “gender-affirming care.” The links are direct and obvious, as Bruner documents.     

Even the eugenics zealotry of earlier generations of controligarchs is exposed in detail. These historical facts might seem less than relevant today and have been largely forgotten by the freedom movement, but Bruner makes a powerful case that understanding global elitists’ mindsets and agendas requires a deeper understanding of these long-forgotten but scandalous schemes.   

In fact, Bruner connects the earlier pseudo-scientific quackery to the modern transgender madness, the abortion industry, and even to perverted sex-fiend Alfred Kinsey, who helped mainstream and normalize every conceivable perversion with his pseudo-scientific “sex research.” The damage done to families, morality, and civilization by the promotion of these evils, often with Rockefeller money or funding from other controligarchs, is incalculable.      

Perhaps the most profound insights to be gleaned from the book surround the modus operandi of the controligarchs. In particular, Bruner does a masterful job showing how these oligarchs, in their quest to control the world, use and strategically weaponize intellectual property to monopolize key industries. From the early days when the Rockefeller dynasty hijacked “medicine” and the pharmaceutical industry to Gates’ more recent computer-code empire, these industry titans were not competing fairly in a free market, as Bruner shows. 

The chapter on the “War on Farmers” all by itself is more than worth the price of the book. One of the dots that Bruner connects so well in the book involves the drive to eliminate not just independent farmers and ranchers, but even crops and livestock with natural DNA produced with traditional methods. While the controligarchs pretend to be concerned about human welfare, the book shows the real agenda: They want to own the entire food supply by owning the patents on the genetic material. 

If the plan is not stopped, Gates-backed fake “food” will replace real food, and the entire supply chain will come under the control of controligarchs. With control of food comes total control over people. What could go wrong? Well, everything, of course. Bruner makes a compelling case that this is not a fight just for farmers, but one that all Americans must join if they hope to remain free. 

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has received a great deal of attention in the establishment press lately. He has been touted as an authority on everything from public health and alleged man-made climate change to agriculture and food systems. And yet, very little critical information about him is known. Thankfully, Controligarchs digs deep into the eccentric billionaire’s background, including his connections with infamous child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. 

Bruner also reveals how Gates made and expanded his fortune, often through abusive practices and shady dealings with former associates. One of the key revelations in the book on this front is what Gates learned from his father, a Planned Parenthood bigwig and corporate attorney specializing in intellectual property. This is all hugely significant to truly understanding how these establishment billionaires operate, and yet the facts are almost entirely unknown to the American public. 

Billionaire “Open Society” pusher George Soros is also placed under the microscope. The chapter on this infamous controligarch goes into depth on his fortune, how he weaponizes it against liberty, and why he is so dangerous. Even more interestingly, Bruner exposes Soros’ role in overthrowing governments, “color” revolutions, and crashing whole economies. The book does a great job tracking his influence across law, academia, culture, media, and many other critical fields where this godless individual has deployed his fortune as a weapon against the people. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the well-documented role of the Rothschild banking dynasty in bringing Soros to prominence, though his insider trading is highlighted as important.   

Also fascinating is the exposé on how Gates, Soros, and other controligarchs stash their fortunes in “tax exempt” foundations and nonprofit “philanthropic” organizations. From there, they use the money to expand their unfathomable fortunes, all subsidized by taxpayers. In short, “philanthropy” is just a cover story. If this fact alone were broadly understood by Americans, the ability of these Deep State moneymen to loot the middle class while sheltering and growing their own ill-gotten treasure would be limited at the very least. 

The growing efforts by controligarchs to dominate the narrative through censorship and media manipulation receive extensive treatment in the book, too. Bruner offers valuable insights not just into the why, but also into the how. He gets into the massive (and very deliberate) consolidation of the media industry, and even delves into the role of shady U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, in manipulating the information Americans receive. 

Even the terrifying techno-tyranny future is laid out in a way that is understandable and credible to the average reader, and yet insightful enough to be informative for those who have already studied the issue. Bruner masterfully exposes and sounds the alarm on World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the effort to fuse mankind and technology, and the metaverse being constructed by Big Tech billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg. The insights on this are far beyond what is available in establishment sources, and the implications of allowing it to continue unchecked are spelled out in horrifying detail.    

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Seamus Bruner (facebook.com/seamus.bruner)

Another one of the most significant elements of the book is the damning revelations it offers into the controligarchs’ role in the Covid pandemic. In short, this was used by a powerful global network of billionaires who had long been preparing for just such an event as a way to radically increase their wealth. This included shutting down the competition and looting middle-class taxpayers. 

But the pandemic was much more than a tool to fleece humanity — it was the excuse for instituting totalitarian policies around the world that would have been unimaginable even a decade ago. The book does an excellent job exposing these policies as the fraudulent power grabs that they were, having nothing to do with promoting “health” and everything to do with stealing liberty and wealth.  

The Great Reset, announced during the height of the panic, is also exposed in great detail, and in ways that might be new to the vast majority of Americans. This segment alone is important enough that the book should be considered essential reading for all freedom-loving Americans.

The increasingly obvious synergy between the mass-murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Western controligarchs is explored in great detail in the book. This close relationship between the butchers of Beijing and supposed “capitalists” in the West, including the “stakeholder capitalism” model promoted by Schwab, is one of the most significant dangers on the horizon. In fact, it represents a mortal danger to liberty, prosperity, and peace. 

And yet, besides in the pages of publications such as The New American magazine, there has been astoundingly little scrutiny of the ties between the CCP and the controligarchs. The facts in Bruner’s book suggest the United States is dealing with an unprecedented and potentially existential national security crisis that must be urgently addressed. Again, broader public understanding of this threat alone would be a game changer.  

The establishment’s peddling of real and imagined crises to promote its agenda is covered in depth. For instance, Bruner shows how, long before the “global cooling” narrative shifted to “global warming” and “climate change,” the controligarchs were peddling precisely the same solutions under a different pretext: resource depletion. Somehow the solution to all crises is always the same for the controligarchs: less freedom, less prosperity, and more government control.  

Continue reading at The New American.

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