“Fake” Communist Chinese Cops Busted …. in California!

California Highway Patrol officers arrested an Asian man driving a car marked with Communist Chinese political police insignia, sparking fears that Beijing’s brutal gestapo may be operating on U.S. soil.

The discovery of the supposed Communist Party of China’s People’s Armed Police (PAP) vehicle escalated concerns that the mass-murdering dictatorship may be taking its overseas operations, including the intimidation of dissidents in America, to a whole new level.

In a post on Facebook, the Golden State’s Highway Patrol said there had been several complaints of an Asian male driving a black Audi in the city of Irvine acting as a member of the Chinese National Police.

According to the statement, the suspect vehicle featured Communist Chinese police symbols and the dictatorship’s national seal.

Another photo of the car with Communist Chinese police symbols on it.

The driver was arrested and charged with impersonating a peace officer and possessing a fraudulent public seal, law enforcement said. It was not immediately clear whether the suspect was connected with Beijing.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that investigators were searching for a white Audi with similar markings. The online publication also noted that similar arrests had been made in Northern California, Washington State, and even Australia.

The one-party dictatorship has a long history of using agents abroad, sometimes with diplomatic cover (and therefore immunity from prosecution), to terrorize Chinese dissidents overseas.

David Kilgour, Canada’s secretary of state for Asia-Pacific, called the regime’s espionage and intimidation of dissidents abroad “outrageous.” Speaking of the persecution of the Falun Gong in particular, Kilgour warned years ago that it was “unconscionable for a repressive government to use the freedom of a democracy to project abroad its persecution of its chosen victims.”

Bill Gertz, editor of the Beacon and an expert on China, also noted that Beijing’s security and intelligence services are known to have conducted operations in the United States, including attacks and targeting of dissidents.

“For overseas Chinese, police cars marked as Special Police would be similar to cars adorned with Nazi SS insignia,” Gertz reported.

A report by the National Defense University made public in April warned that Beijing may be using the PAP to undertake operations abroad, including the protection of assets and Chinese people, Gertz reported. PAP is China’s political police and security force used for political control and nationwide police functions.

The brutal agency was dubbed Beijing’s “other army” in the National Defense University report. And apparently, it has troops, tanks, armored vehicles, and more at its disposal. It was recently placed under military control as dictator Xi Jinping consolidates power, the Beacon noted.

Just this month, Chinese operatives in Poland were caught on camera intimidating and terrorizing peaceful pro-freedom protesters on the streets of Warsaw.

California law enforcement is asking Americans with information on this crime in the Golden State to contact the California Highway Patrol, Santa Ana Office, at 714-567-6000.

But if it was a Communist Chinese operative in the United States, the U.S. government must take dramatic action to ensure that such behavior never occurs again.

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