“Give Your Life to Christ:” Brother of Murder Victim Forgives Killer

The brother of murder victim Botham Jean publicly forgave the killer, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, and urged her to give her life to Christ. The judge, meanwhile, gave Guyger a Bible and urged her to read John 3:16.

In a tear-jerking moment in the Texas court room, Botham Jean’s brother, Brandt Jean, said that if Guyger was “truly sorry,” he forgave her for killing his brother.

“I know if you go to God and ask Him, He will forgive you,” the victim’s brother declared, taking the opportunity to display God’s love and forgiveness amid horrors and trials.

“I am speaking for myself,” Brandt told Guyger. “But I love you, just like anyone else. And I’m not going to say I hope you rot and die, just like my brother did.”

“I personally want the best for you,” Brandt continued, saying he did not even want her to go to jail. “I don’t want anything bad for you.”

Brandt also said that his late brother would want the best for her, too. And that includes having her giver her life to Jesus Christ.

“The best would be, give your life to Christ,” he said.

Brandt then asked the court if he could hug Guyger, and Judge Tammy Kemp agreed. The two embraced as tears began flowing among those present in the courtroom.

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After the impact statements, Judge Kemp went to her chambers. She came back out and gave Guyger a Bible to read.

“You can have mine. I have three or four back home,” the judge told Guyger. “This is the one I use every day.”

Judge Kemp then gave Guyger an assignment. “This is your job for the next month right here: John 3:16,” she said before embracing Guyger.

The relevant verse declares: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

During the embrace, Guyger whispered something in the judge’s ear. And then Judge Kemp spoke again.

“It’s not because I’m good, it’s because I believe in Christ,” the judge told Guyger. “You haven’t done so much that you can’t be forgiven. You did something bad in one moment of time. What you do now matters.”

Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted by a jury of first-degree murder. She inadvertently entered the wrong apartment and ended up fatally shooting Brandt in his own home.

While a number of haters and fake Christians expressed outrage at the situation, true Christians across America celebrated brother Brandt’s forgiveness and kindness as an example of truly living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If America had more people like Brandt and Judge Kemp, it would be a far better place for everyone–even the haters.

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    George Peters

    Wonderful story. One that is hardly, if ever reported on. Also, what a wonderful testimony to the power of Christ Jesus’ love, forgiveness and hopefully regeneration and restoration to the damaged woman.

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